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  1. 12 team PPR and I’m currently 4-5 so I need to string some wins together. My RBs are Kamara, Barkley, Swift and Hunt and I’m thinking about moving Kamara. Between Ingram returning, losing Winston, Taysom potentially taking over and now a rumored injury I think I’m just ready to cash in and move on from Kamara. That said, who is fair value in return? Chubb has COVID, I play the JT owner this week and the Ekeler owner wants the moon. Is someone like Najee fair value for Kamara? Any other RBs you’d suggest or would you just keep AK? Thanks in advance
  2. Trade Away Kelce?

    You’re definitely hurting for a WR and that will be even worse when AJB is on bye in week 13. Pick up Knox and see if you can move Kelce for one of the elite WRs. I’d start with Adams or Tyreek and see what you get there
  3. Straight Up.

    I think I’d take DK. He had more points on the year than Diggs even with Geno throwing him passes for several weeks. Now DK gets Russ back. Their remaining strength of schedule is virtually the same as well
  4. 12 team PPR. Currently 4-5 Current WRs are AJB, Thielen, Mike Williams and Toney WR has been a giant crater for me all season. I basically haven’t had both WRs play well together in any match this season. Who are some WRs you are trying to trade for before league trade deadline? I’ve been thinking of going after CeeDee or Keenan, but I was curious who else the community likes who may be under the radar or considered “second half sleepers”.
  5. Trade Kamara for JT?

    Full ppr. Dropping to 2-4. Team is: QB: Dak, Heinicke WR: AJB, Thomas, Thielen, Toney, Higgins, DeVonta RB: Kamara, Barkley, Swift TE: Seals-Jones (dropped Fant this morning) Am I just having bad luck or is this team just manure? My WRs are an effing disaster. Entertaining the idea of moving Kamara for some other pieces. Thoughts on a trade of Kamara + Thielen for Jonathan Taylor + DJ Moore? Open to other trade suggestions too
  6. 1-3 in one of my leagues.10 team PPR. Team is: QB: Hurts, Tannehill WR: AJB, Kupp, OBJ, Shepherd RB: JT, JRob, Gaskin, Pollard, Jeff Wilson Jr. TE: Kelce This team just struggles so bad to put up points and has had some guys underperforming. Looking to move Kelce in a 2:1 to get some starters. Would you rather move Kelce for something like Hock + JJ/Metcalf or would it be better to pair Kelce with someone like JRob/JT to pull a major RB upgrade?
  7. Are people trying to trade for Ridley?

    Swift for Ridley still an overpay?
  8. Are people trying to trade for Ridley?

    Yeah, the main reason I thought to offer Barkley was just because one only start 1 RB each week and I thought maybe it would get the trade done easier than Swift.
  9. Are people going out to acquire Ridley right now and what is he being viewed as moving forward? Would offering Barkley for Ridley right now be an overpay? My other RBs are Kamara, Swift and Gaskin
  10. Fix my team?

    That’s fine. We only start 1 RB anyway so I’m willing to move Barkley to get a top end WR talent. Obviously Adams, Hill or Hop would be ideal, but what’s the cutoff? Would you go any lower than Ridley or Diggs?
  11. We only start 1 RB and the flex is a Superflex
  12. 12 team ppr. Offer Barkley for Diggs? Other RBs are Kamara and Barkley. WRs are AJB, Thielen, MT, Claypool and Rondale. I feel I need an upgrade at WR and Diggs is maybe the easiest to get? Open to other suggestions
  13. Fix my team?

    12 team PPR. 0.5 per rush with Superflex. QB: Dak WR: AJB, MT, Thielen, Claypool, Rondale, DeVonta Smith RB: Kamara, Barkley, Swift TE: Fant I guess my team is trash. I’ve had some bad luck in matchups, but overall I feel my starting WRs are unreliable and I dislike my TE. This will be the 3rd week I miss projections and I’m looking at 1-2 Thinking about shipping Barkley or Swift off for a top tier WR? I figure Diggs or Ridley might come on the cheaper side, but thoughts on paying up for Adams or Tyreek? Or should I be looking for improvements elsewhere? Kelce owner is starting JT and Davis, so maybe he’d be open to a package with Barkley?
  14. 12 team PPR. We start 1 RB per week CMC owner has zero RBs behind CMC, the ww is empty and there’s zero chance he gets Hubbard. Thoughts on offering Fant + Swift for Kittle? My other RBs are Kamara and Barkley
  15. Can I drop Sermon now?

    I’d probably rather have Sermon over Latavius. Even then, it would be better to try and trade him for something rather than just dropping him outright