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  1. Returning?

  2. Impressive double 'Ship! I pulled off the feet myself in 2018, I know how difficult it is. You are now in the elite, the HOF of Dynasty owners. Congrats on a stellar season. Too bad it has an asterisk
  3. Why can't I see if you're online or not? I'm really not "into" you.

  4. Whatcha listenin to

    A mix of those two CDs or just any ol' mix? If you don't have either of those CDs I will definitely pick out the best tracks and mix it up for ya - might take me 2 CDs though - there aint many bad tunes on either of them.
  5. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    Dang - nothing gets past you
  6. Whatcha listenin to

    Lonesome Crowded West & Building Nothing out of Something are their 2 best albums
  7. Whatcha listenin to

    I love that song by Sujfan Stevens called "Casmir Pulaski" - good stuff. You and I have an eeriely (sp?) similar taste in music - you must be uber cool
  8. Whatcha listenin to

    I got lost in Itunes the other day and downloaded a band called "Islands" - really great stuff, I highly recommend it They only have one album, they must be new or something - I have never heard of them until I discovered them on the ol' ituneage.
  9. I need a math expert please

    Wow, that is sad. Wiegie's claim is sadder.
  10. Greatest American Rock Band

    Looking at the poll results - I suspect there are a lot of Camero owners in the house
  11. I need a math expert please

    Discovering an equation that explains emotion takes a math expert. Figuring a percentage with two given variables is 3rd grade math
  12. Scheduling Tool?

    Thank you - much appreciated!
  13. Scheduling Tool?

    Does anyone know of a site that can set schedules for one of my leagues? We run one of our leagues through ESPN but they are not equipped to do what we are trying to do (4 divisions, 2 conferences) I am not the comish so I don't know the specifics - the comish asked me to post a message asking for help - I guess he's having a hell of a time trying to set our schedules. We are a 12 man team so each division is 3 teams. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. chicago huddlers

    Agree with all above. I can't imagine any hotel around Wrigley being safe, usually hotels uptown are "shady" at best. I'm guessing if you get a room downtown, parking will be included but I can't say that for sure. You will want to be as close to the redline as possible - that's the train that will take you right to Wrigley (Addison stop), so when you shop around for hotels get accurate distances from redline - they will probably all say "within walking distance" but you don't want to be 8 blocks from the redline if you're going in and out a lot (8 city blocks is 1 mile, fyi). I live just a tad north of Wrigley and I work downtown so let me know if I can help in any other way. If you plan on going out for steak - I recommend Gibson's steakhouse - it is the best steakhouse I have ever been to, a little pricey but worth it. I also recommend trying to go to the Shedd Aquarium but buy your tickets online before going because the line is huge if you just go there to purchase. If you buy online prior you get to stroll right in and laugh at all the suckers waiting in line!! Good luck and have a blast!!
  15. Pacman Jones in Trouble Again

    Adam Jones has to be the dumbest MO. FO. ever to grace an NFL uniform.