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  1. Buffalo receivers

    Someone actually 'laughed' at the above post of mine. Imagine laughing at the notion of respecting each other's personal medical decisions. Whoever laughed (probably @irish the gigantic pecker head) doesn't deserve this country.
  2. Buffalo receivers

    Thanks for your post. I wish everyone had this view. It’s a risk either way. Respect my decision and I’ll respect yours! Sounds like the basics this country was founded on. I like it. More people need to adopt this attitude.

    The whole system is corrupt beyond repair. We need a full reset. Quitting corporate America 2 years ago was the best decision I ever made. Government, Corporations, School system... the whole thing is broke and we need to start over using the Constitution as our guide. I’m urging everyone to start voting for third party candidates or this assault on our freedoms will never end!!

    When you say "support all citizens appropriately", you really mean support citizens you agree with and those you don't treat them with shame, ridicule and name calling? Because in the other thread where we were discussing freedom of choice, you made a huge assumption that anyone advocating for bodily autonomy is a dumb Trumptard. I'll point out that your assumption was massively incorrect because I certainly did not vote for nor support Trump ever but I do value freedom of choice and freedom in all aspects of my life. So let's call you out for the gigantic Pecker Head you are and that is someone who only supports citizens who agree with you because clearly anyone with a differing opinion than YOU must be a dumb Trumptard and not worthy of an opinion or a voice. For clarity sake, I don't believe that everyone who did NOT vote Biden is a dumb Trumptard, those are your words along with all the other lefty cultists out there throwing shame on anyone who doesn't vote blue. There are many of us who value freedom who support different political ideologies. I for one would never vote for ANYBODY running under red or blue these days. If we want REAL change in this country, we need to stop voting for the Banker choices (red or blue). You want corruption to end? Stop voting for the SAME TWO PARTIES who have hijacked our country's freedoms!! Also, @irish is an enormous Pecker Head - FACT. This is fact that cannot be disputed. I had my fact checkers verify.
  5. Saturday Night Poker

    Talk about a BLAST from the PAST.
  6. One song

    Boybz - B-Wut
  7. Buffalo receivers

    Try again, you judgmental prick. I remember years ago when you mocked me and my singing voice then when you got called out by many, you backtracked and apologized and faked nice. The post above shows your true colors, that you judge others and make false assumptions. Your post shows how political this has become. Science or logic doesn’t exist. I didn’t vote for Trump and I’ll never get this vaccine. I haven’t had a shot since my military days. Never get flu shots nor do my kids. I know 6 Trumpers who are all vaxxed. Every lefty cultist I know has been vaxxed. The difference is the Trumpers don’t judge me like the far left cult does. So yeah, you can spot a far left cult member easily, they judge and want to tell you how to live your life. No thanks. Take your cult behavior and preach it to your cult friends because everyone else in America is fed up. If you want actual change in this country you should vote any party EXCEPT red or blue. If you vote either red or blue you’re voting for more of the same. FACT. ALSO FACT — Irish is a gigantic pecker head.
  8. Buffalo receivers

    I appreciate your balanced stance and reply. I have not once in my 47 years of living had to show proof of vaccine for anything as an adult. Not for a job or to get into a restaurant or do any normal daily activity. This is a new and terrible precedent. The fact that so many don’t see this as what it is (1984) is baffling. That said, assume your post is accurate, that still doesn’t make it right. Whether people are just realizing that now or not has no bearing on whether it’s right or wrong. “It’s always been that way” is not a sound argument for ANYTHING.
  9. Buffalo receivers

    Forcing individuals to sacrifice "for the greater good" is how you destroy a society. You can only build a healthy community if you pursue the individual good 1st. Sacrifice has to be voluntary on an individual level in order for the greater good to be ultimately served.
  10. Buffalo receivers

    Do you still write for the huddle? If so, I’m surprised DMD doesn’t discourage staff from engaging in such a sensitive subject. Because this is the sort of conversation that will cause a customer like me to leave forever. That’s bad for business.
  11. Buffalo receivers

    I wasn’t old enough nor aware enough to battle previous policies on vaccinations and I’ve never had to prove vaccination for anything so that’s inaccurate. I didn’t take you for another freedom hating government cuck. Study history and get back to me. You’re on the wrong side of this, I assure you. Why do you and all the other vaccination cultists think that you can tell other people what to do with their bodies? You have no right. None!
  12. Buffalo receivers

    What’s it like to hate freedom and still live in America? The NFL has no right nor does the government or anyone for that matter. NO ONE PERSON OR ENTITY HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL ME WHAT TO PUT INTO MY BODY. God people like you piss me off. You don’t deserve to live in the country I volunteered my life to defend!!
  13. Buffalo receivers

    Yeah, if I wasn’t boycotting the NFL I’d buy a Cole Beasley jersey. Good for him! We need more players speaking out!!
  14. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    USAF from 1992-1996
  15. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    I appreciate the support from Opie and Euchre! This needs to end ASAP. We are more powerful United! If you support authoritarian leadership where people are forced into giving up bodily autonomy then you don’t deserve to live in this country that I volunteered my life to defend. It’s time we all speak up d and speak out!!