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  1. Jon Gruden

    Like all bullies who pile on, you address nothing I spoke about, just more insults. I’ll be the one smiling as you get your 12th booster and complying with every mandate they throw at you. Keep licking those boots!!
  2. Urban Meyer

    At least I don’t act like a teenage girl in my 50s. I’ll take “train wreck”and wear it as a badge of honor. Anytime you want to discuss in person I’ll be here. But you’re just a coward who slings insults from a computer. Same as it ever was.
  3. Jon Gruden

    How judgemental of you. What does my vaccination status have anything to do with it? Why do you care about my vaccination status? If I’m against the Covid vaccine, does that make me anti-vax? If I made a personal decision to remain vaccine-free, why does that bother you? Worry about your damn self.
  4. Jon Gruden

    And you’re 100% douchebag. Instead of addressing the topic, like most condescending ingratiaters, you attack the person. You’re 100% of the problem in this country. I served and I care. What do you do other than sling insults on a message board when the topic gets to heavy?
  5. Jon Gruden

    I have no privilege. I am an ally to every human on earth. Just because you don’t understand the fight yet doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The Holocaust manifested over time. I highly encourage everyone to watch the very insightful documentary The Last Days to really understand how the Holocaust unfolded for the people who lived it. Anyways, I do stand with you and everyone EQUALLY but I’m not lost in the trees like many of you. There are millions of people standing up to Tyranny right now over Covid mandates and restrictions. Have you seen what is happening in Australia, Canada, France? If you only pay attention to msm then probably not. Let me assure you, in some cases like Australia and Canada it’s very ugly and evil and inhumane. Blatant tyranny. That’s what I’m fighting against. If you’re getting caught in the weeds of race, gender, politics, religion, what makes you cum and everything else they manufacture to keep us divided and distracted, then consider my annoying posts as your wake up call. There is a bigger battle we need to win and it’s 98% of the world vs the other 2%. We have the numbers. We must UNITE and realize the challenge we’re up against which is worldwide tyranny under 1 unifying dictatorship control. That is the end game. Educate yourself if you care at all about the future of humanity. If you’re a lost soul who thinks we simply live and die, I will pray for you.
  6. Urban Meyer

    I just keep it 100 all the time. I don’t sugar coat and I don’t comply to my master’s wishes like the sychophant you are. Sorry, not sorry. Society has hit an absurd level of obediency and compliance. Compliance to other humans who do not, cannot and will not provide anything positive to society. My passion and intolerance for tyranny will only get stronger. And my disgust for those of you who are too scared to face the harsh reality and who continue to support/comply with tyranny will grow stronger as well. We live in an era of hyperbole like the poster above easily demonstrated with his exaggerated “pop you in the grill” background. I did say that ONE time and that was probably 15-20 years ago. How do you react when dozens of people pile on just because you’re saying something people don’t agree with. Anyone with dignity and passion would react similarly. I don’t claim to be perfect. I only claim that I’m in a constant search for truth. That’s what I write many of my so gs about and that’s how I live my life. 100% real all the time. No fluff. No b.s. Back then I was ridiculed by many with little to no supporters, all because I was predicting a depression and subsequent stock market crash because of my knowledge and understanding of fractional reserve banking. I was talking about econmic freedom and the evils of central banking way before anyone in the main stream was talking about it. It turns out I was dead right. I was right about how money works, how fractional reserve banking decreases all of our purchasing power, how a dollar gets devalued... I said all that stuff over 10 years ago on those these forums before it was common knowledge and got ridiculed, shamed and piled on by a bunch of entitled white dudes making 6 figures a year. Today if you talk to almost anyone who is into cryptocurrency, that banking knowledge I was so highly criticized for is pretty much common knowledge and even among finance people in general. In many ways I haven’t changed. I’m still a complex individual who has endured great traumas and I’m still surviving, thriving and fighting tyranny daily. We all have trauma and I’m not trying to say mine is worse than anyone elses. What I am saying is: WHY DO YOU CARE? WHY COMMENT? WHAT THE F ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT OTHER THAN ACT LIKE A TEENAGE GIRL ON A MESSAGE BOARD? At least my posts have good intentions. What do you bring to the table?
  7. Jon Gruden

    Great post. We all need to listen to each other more, that’s for sure. Instead of wishing harm on and calling people selfish because they won’t take the Covid jab is one example. Thanks for posting. We need more of this. More compassion, more listening and more worrying about ourselves and not so much about others.
  8. Jon Gruden

    Finally a voice of reason. Thanks for your post.
  9. Jon Gruden

    My connection with God.
  10. Jon Gruden

    I've received more hate DMs than you can imagine but not because of my sexual preference, usually because of my passion for freedom. Why do you think anyone cares about your sexual preferences? I don't. Nobody should care but again, it's the media that has made our personal sexual preferences into a public forum and all of you indoctrinated sheep fall right in line. Why do you feel the need to label yourself from that angle? Also, based on your profile pic (guessing that's you) it seems you were also born a white male, no? Even though you can't confirm my gender and race on this board (my profile pic is NOT me), I will admit I am a white male but I did not decide that fate for myself. I had no option. If I had to pick, I would've picked black male all the way. So now you are spewing disgust on me based on my gender and race? Or does it not count because the labeling you choose to identify with is even more of an outlier than the one you identified me with? I think that's how the media wants us to behave right now, please correct me if I'm wrong.... white males get no voice anymore cuz.... we're all white supremacists and entitled. Is that right? Oh no wait, only the white males who voted for Trump are racist white supremacists and entitled. Certainly not all my liberal white male friends with college degrees and 6 figure jobs... no, they can't be racist because they voted Biden. Wow, that was easy!! All I can say to all you huddlers who think I'm wrong or that I'm way off base or whatever.... Learn about history. Learn about fractional reserve banking. Learn about government tyranny. Learn to think critically again. Unite with your brothers and sisters and ignore the media. Turn off your TVs!! Limit your cell phone use to under an hour a day. Take your shoes off and feel your feet touch the earth. Remove yourself from electronics periodically and get in tune with nature. Humans in general (there are exceptions of course) are kind, loving souls who just want a peaceful easy life. Unfortunately, the people we call leaders in this world are mainly comprised of psychopaths. The few people who are born as psychos usually find themselves in positions of power while the rest of us 98% only crave life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Don't let the 2% of psychopaths dictate the future course of humanity. We can win but only if we UNITE. United we stand, divided we fall. I will not be replying to anymore posts in this thread.
  11. Urban Meyer

    You still live near Chicago? I'd be happy to have this discussion in person. We don't need to clutter this board with personal nonsense. But I would LOVE to meet you in person to discuss our differences.
  12. Jon Gruden

    There are always going to be people like that, it doesn't mean that is the core of Americans. The media picks and chooses what we get outraged about, what we get excited about. C'mon man, you're really going to let the media guide your emotions that easily?!! Until the media started blasting us with all the 'hate' going on in this country, nobody had this take. In the late 90s, early 2000s nobody was screaming racism!! So we've moved backwards since then? No, the media is ramping up those stories to cause friction and divide us. The globalist/tyrannical playbook has always been the same: Divide and Conquer. The media literally dictates where the outrage is focused in this country. People are too busy and distracted (this is by design) to look into things for themselves, pretty much everyone relies on some media source for their 'takes' and 'stances' on issues. Hardly anyone has an original take anymore, everything is just regurgitated bull poop. I guarantee all of you screaming "RACISM" the last few years were never screaming that 20 years ago. You've been brainwashed, indoctrinated and DUPED. It's ok to admit it. Admit it so you can start making real change, organic change for the betterment of humanity. Otherwise you and everyone else will just continue being the loud voice for a globalist agenda that most definitely does not benefit humanity.
  13. Jon Gruden

    At the end of the day, your brainwashed takes are going to be the nail in the coffin of freedom. "that's how the real world works" is not good enough justification for me. I don't agree that the masturbating pizza maker should have a job while words shared over email cause someone to lose theirs. It's the same poor argument that vaccine cultists use. "You've been taken vaccines your whole life" doesn't mean diddly poo. If you do something or accept something for a long time then eventually come to the conclusion you no longer want to do or accept that something, then you stop immediately. It has "always been that way" is not justification to continue with said action. LOL at thinking we live in a free market. It would be great if you could catch up on some history, monetary policy, central banking, state provided education (indoctrination) and the role of media as a propaganda machine. I'd also encourage you to study Austrian economics vs our flawed Keynesian model. That way we could have an actual discussion on facts instead of the regurgitated takes you have been handed from following listening to the media.
  14. Jon Gruden

    Nah, I don't agree. This is a brainwashed take. Hate is a strong word, a word used by indoctrinating entities to get you to believe what they want you to believe using strong words to get you there. 95% of people want to fit in. This 95% will change their behavior, change their principles, change their political stance, do anything to be included in the group. Governments know this. The media knows this. They use this knowledge to get people to comply. On the surface, cancel or 'consequences' culture (LOL) seems like a positive step forward for society but the reality is that its not. You can be sure that anything spear-headed by the propaganda machine we call the media is sure to have an end-game result that is a net negative for humanity and a net positive for more government control, coercion and ultimately tyranny. This whole premise that we live in a racist, homophobic country is complete b.s. There are some people that are those things but that is not the core of Americans, not even close. It's time to wake up. Stop putting your faith in the government. It's been hijacked by globalists who desire full control and they use the media to shape public opinion. I don't want to live in a world where every detail of our lives, how we talk, who we talk to, what we say, what we do in our free time... all those things are micromanaged by government and our employers. Why would anyone want to live in that world. Government consists of people just like you and me. No other human can decide for yourself. No other human has authority over yourself. We need to stop pretending government is a ruling body assigned by God. It's man-made and attracts people who seek control and power over others. Government and media cares nothing about us as individuals, only their global agenda for mass control. It's time to start thinking again for ourselves. People need to start reading books, specifically history books to understand the devastation of humanity created by governments throughout history. The pattern and trend are clear, the end goal is always tyranny and we're getting close again. Let's not let it happen on our watch. Let's not let all the soldiers who fought for our freedoms die in vain.
  15. Jon Gruden

    I don't have an argument. I provided a social commentary. I also don't presume he is innocent, it seems clear he said something in that PRIVATE CONVERSATION, although what he said exactly doesn't seem to be printed anywhere online. It's clear based on the two NFL reporters I heard talk about the subject that he was essentially forced to resign, that there was "No other option". He was forced to resign.