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  1. Problem is I tied with like 400 others, so my split was $567.92. I seem to always at least break even in the big FanDuel tournaments. I always do about 6-10 entries in the $1MM Sunday tournament then do a handful of the 1 gamers like the $700K Sun NFL Primetime Showdown ($150K to 1st) which I FINALLY placed 1st!!! This was a good weekend overall as I did $71 of entries and won $650. I mean, I play these enough to know that the one gamers rarely if ever have 1 sole winner but it was still disappointing to see the final payout. This is the first time I've placed first in a big payout tourney like this. I've placed 2nd-4th a few times in some of the mid range tournaments where grand prize is like $20k. Tonight was a whole new level of uber excitement quickly shot down to disappointment. I'm happy to have won some $$$ but I play those big ones for the BIG payout potential. Thanks for letting me brag a bit.
  2. FA BID: Alie-Cox, Mo IND TE - Faberge Wins

    3 years please
  3. Faberge Legg Warmers Gives: O.J. Howard, TBB TE Mr. Big Gives: Mark Ingram, BAL RB $15 LLD
  4. LLD 2020 Roster Moves

    Drop: Ryan Griffin NYJ TE (1 year)
  5. LLD 2020 Roster Moves

    Please initiate the following: Saquon Batkley - IR Kyle Allen - drop (2 years)