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  1. Which FF Site is the best?

    MFL they have the best customer service, you get answers real fast sometimes with in the hour.
  2. 63 years ago today

  3. YouTube Videos

  4. YouTube Videos

    Larry Bird Bill Walton Jerry West Pete Maravich Nash Laimbeer
  5. Click for your country!

    they have to be cheating, 1st hungry has 607,464,197, 2nd japan has 478,065,744 3rd poland has 2,324,797. and we just have 577,077
  6. YouTube Videos

    I dont know what to call this? Free pron, hurry before DMD see's this! The Pistol Shrimp!
  7. New Professional Football League

    the NFL is 4-1 vs rival legues, (AAFC 1946-1949, AFL 1960-1969, USFL 1983-1985, world football league 1974-part of 1975 and the XFL 2001) looking at the trend it looks harder and harder to make the league last. With the football season being only a 5 month season, you have 7 other months to have an alternite season. i think that is a big mistake.
  8. New Professional Football League

    I hope it works out for them, nothing wrong with more football. but i don’t see how they can claim to be able to sign 2nd round draft picks from the NFL for more money. I think its a smart move to have a team in México city especially with a large Mexican and Latin group of people here in the US. I wonder if they will try to get a team in Canada. i think they will have all 4 games on fridays because the nfl can't
  9. Lendale misses camp

    he is definitely setting a pattern with his behavior and its not good.
  10. Homer sites?

    do they have Head to Head leagues?
  11. 88 years, 48 days

    was it the longest time that went by since 2 pitchers faced each other for the 2nd time. 17 years, 230 days between head-to-head
  12. Prayers Needed

    good vibes sent. hope all goes well.
  13. If they did nothing I would just be in the little town and nobody would know. Now all of the internets know about this.
  14. People who use DVR

    Good stuff! cant wait to set that up. Also with the DVR you cant go online and set recordings like you can with TiVo
  15. Toshiba Laptop Advice

    I just checked consumer reports for you and these are the 2 best buys according to them Best values: Toshiba Satellite A135-S4427 $900 Acer Aspire AS5610-4537 $850