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  1. Which WR to start this week

    I agree that a case can be made for any of these guys this week. I'd love to start Stokely, but just can't shake the feeling it's not going to be his turn this week.
  2. WDIS @ RB

    Tennessee and San Diego have given up the same amount of rushing TD's this year. The Titans have allowed 460 more yards rushing though. If Blaylock is going to be the man on Monday night, I'd go with him. Especially with all the injuries on the Tennessee D. If not, Pittman is a safe play with an equal chance at seeing the endzone and virtually no competition for PT.
  3. Starting one of these guys this week, just can't decide which one. Stokley @ Houston...can he put up big numbers 3 weeks in a row? Johnson v. Indy....weak Indy D, but he's not had a big game in weeks. Moss v. Seattle...think I'll sit him until he gives me a reason not to. Bennett v. KC....not consistant, but going against KC. I'm leaning toward either Johnson or Stokely right now. 1 pt. per 20 yds receiving 4 pts. per TD Thanks for any input.
  4. Original huddle members

    Never have posted much, but I've been around since '98.