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  1. Who is the odd man out for me this week?

    Wellllll that Williams for Cooper trade only for him to use Williams against me sure backfired.
  2. Rodgers or Hurts?

    In a vacuum it’s Rodgers but the matchup of Dallas is way too favorable so Hurts edges it out for me.
  3. Trade CEH?

    What are your other backs like? Keep in mind that McCaffery is only out a few weeks and the SF background is far from settled. The Fantasy Footballers made a good point that Shannahan might have a bit of an ego and has to prove that he can play a million different backs and they all work in his system. If you need a TE and you’re covered at back without CEH it’s probably a good trade.
  4. Who is the odd man out for me this week?

    I was already likely to play Godwin. It’s probably going to be Cooper or McLaurin who sit. I don’t like that Buffalo matchup with McLaurin but I don’t like the bruised ribs on Monday night with Cooper either.
  5. I think I like what you have. Zeke could possibly be on the downtrend and Polled starting to emerge. Aaron Jones has quite frankly looked like the better running back just watching them play the last few seasons. Kittle definitely better than an unproven Pitts. Obviously Allen is better than Cooks but I don’t think it’s enough that I would personally make the trade.
  6. Who is the odd man out for me this week?

    That’s a good point with Cooper’s bruised ribs and it being a Monday night game. 🤔 We’ll see what the reports say before the Sunday games start.
  7. Rondalle Moore still available. Who to drop?

    I’d rather hold Hopkins and deal Moore if you want to trade. My preference is to always end up with the best players. If you got an elite back out of Hopkins then possibly.
  8. Carr, Herbert or Prescott week 3?

    Some people aren’t great at fantasy and only know the most obvious of names in the NFL. I had a friend shoot down trade talks because he’d never even heard of DJ Moore or Damien Harris.
  9. It’s a 10 team standard league and I’m having a hard time deciding between 5 guys. Aaron Jones is a must start but the decision comes down to 4 of these 5: Carson Gibson Cooper Mclaurin Godwin i just acquired Cooper in a straight up trade for Mike Williams. Some may disagree but with Williams injury history and the Cowboys offense being so good I thought it was the better decision for the full season. To me it’s down to Cooper or McLaurin but some may have a different opinion. Here’s my full team and thanks in advance!
  10. How did I do?

    Yeah I agree that you need a 2nd WR that’s better. I’d look for someone with too many WR and week at RB. Depends how weak they are at WR and who you’re looking to get. I’d try and deal Gaskin though.
  11. For some perspective on Gus, I don’t like him better than James Robinson, Chris Carson, David Montgomery and that range but once you start getting to Mike Davis, Kareem Hunt, Darrell Henderson, Damien Harris I prefer Gus because of the offense and volume. My guess is he’ll go round 4 in a 12 team.
  12. Ah got it. You may end up in the Keenan Allen, Ceedee lamb, Terry McLaurin range but that’s fine too. I like all those guys. Plus there’s a ton of value at receiver through like round 6 or so.
  13. I’d recommend downloading the Fantasypros Draft Wizard. You can literally run an entire draft in 5 minutes. If it’s 10 team and you take two backs early (which the elite ones go in the first two rounds like usual) you very well could get Jefferson or AJ Brown in the 3rd. Depends on what you want to emphasize on your team though. Waller and Kittle are usually gone by the 3rd round. Andrews, Pitts and Hockenson who are the last 3 really good tight ends are gone by the 6th normally. Players to target for value IMO: Gus Edwards Mostert or Sermon Corey Davis Laviska Shenault Antonio Brown Jamaal Williams Marquez Calloway Darnell Mooney Trey Lance as a dice roll for a late backup QB I’d say running even a handful of those mock drafts in the draft wizard will give you a feel for how the draft will in general.
  14. I hate it

    I think that’s a good team. The most elite receiver, a solid second and three very solid backs. Top 5 QB. I like the Davis, Williams, and Brown depth picks. Definite upside there.
  15. Get Jarvonte Williams?

    Likely worth the upside. I’d do it. You’re getting the most valuable asset for sure.