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  1. Lineup question for tonight

    Yeah our league takes a point away for a missed field goal. That’s ESPN standard I guess because as commissioner I didn’t set it that way intentionally.
  2. What are my chances?

    Well that’s over. Congrats!
  3. Thanks Everyone

    It was a fun year despite all the craziness. You know I’ll be back! I’ll move on to other stuff for a while but then come August the addiction starts all over again!
  4. Thanks Everyone

    To echo what some others have said in different threads, thank you to everyone who has helped throughout the year. Especially Montana and League Champion who take the time to answer virtually every question for us. I’m up 237-192 going against Singletary and the Bills Defense. Nothing is guaranteed in fantasy but given my large 42 point lead it seems all but certain I take home the championship. In the 7 years I’ve been playing in money leagues, this one will be my 4th championship in that span while only competing in one league per year. I attribute a ton of that success to this board and getting great advice from people in tough start/sit, trade, and waiver situations. Thank you to everyone who helps out on here and takes the time to answer questions. Best of luck to all on this board and I hope you have a great 2021.
  5. What are my chances?

    You’ll be good I think. Especially with 6 point per passing touchdowns. I’d put it at like 75-80% if I had to give a percentage.
  6. Need 15 points from Josh Allen

    Yeah he’ll get 15 for you I’m quite sure.
  7. Lineup question for tonight

    Yeah I’m actually cool with sitting a Defense in cases like this BUT the odds of getting negative points between the defense and the kicker has to be extremely low. You should be fine.
  8. Josh Allen or Jalen Hurtz

    If you need the floor, I’d go Allen. If you need the ceiling I’d go Hurts because of the matchup. I personally would play Allen because I’m a believer in playing the guys that got you to the championship (for the most part). I think the results will be very good with whatever direction you go so I wouldn’t stress about it.
  9. Anyone Sit Kamara today? lol

    Still have to contend with Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, Waller, Godwin, and possibly James Robinson, Bills D so I’m not celebrating yet but I’m in a crazy good spot now.
  10. Anyone Sit Kamara today? lol

    Going into Monday’s Pittsburg game (best of two weeks) I was down like 105-104. I was surely going to lose. He played Ben and Juju. I was miraculously only down 11. He then pivoted and played Brees and Emanuel Sanders tonight and I played Kamara. Now I’m up 257-232 having played no one else and his QB having very bad game. Talk about a turn of fortunes.
  11. Championship Lineup Advice

    Happy holidays to you as well!
  12. Championship Lineup Advice

    Julio if he plays. Gaskin either way. Sanders being the one to bench.
  13. Final Matchup Lineup Help

    You guys really like Goedert this week. I liked Fant because they had a great week and I believe Chargers are pretty bad against TE. I haven’t watched Hurts play since coming in for Wentz. Has he been targeting Goedert a decent amount? I know Dallas is not great in general on defense.
  14. For the 4peat: Diontae or Godwin

    I’d do Godwin because of that matchup