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  1. ESPN Chargers Defense Scoring Fiasco

    No I’m not. I’m luckily already locked in with 8 wins. It’s just odd to me how they keep going back and forth over the span of over 5 days. It can’t be that hard to make a decision on it.
  2. I wanted to see if anyone else was dealing with this. To set it up, Team A and Team B in my league both had 6 wins prior to last week. 8 wins is a lock for playoffs, and with 7 you need to have some other people lose or to outscore other 7 win teams. Let’s just say that the winner of this matchup is significantly more likely to be in. Team A beat Team B by about 1 point on Monday night. Wednesday morning I check, and they’ve taken away a point and from Team A, making Team B the winner. They took a point away from the Chargers we think because the punt team took a safety on purpose changing the score from 26 points to 28, which is a 1 point difference in ESPN. I check yesterday and they changed it back to giving team A the point making him the winner again. Then this morning they take the point away again making Team B the winner. Needless to say it’s quite the roller coaster of emotions. I have no idea where this will land.
  3. Traded Gibson for Derrick Henry

    Hey if it makes you feel any better I traded Gibson and Higgins for Sanders on Halloween day. Seemed like a great trade at the time, but boy has Gibson gone off.
  4. Brandon Allen Starting QB for Bengals

    Yeah I’d probably go Shepard and Reagor, although Reagor is a gamble with how Wentz has been lately. But it is the Seahawks this week I believe. I would wait a week to see what the Bengals look like sans Burrow before I played anyone. Plus the Giants secondary is sneaky good so it was already probably not the world’s greatest matchup.
  5. Who to flex this week?

    Oh shoot. Or Jonathan Taylor vs Tennessee. I think I’m leaning CEH right now. Having a lot of startable players is certainly a good problem to have but it’s also hard every week to figure out who to play. Also because if someone has a bad matchup or hasn’t been doing much I bench them, I miss out on points a lot of people would have gotten by playing guys out of necessity. Like CEH had a combined 19 carries combined the 3 games before last week, I bench him for Sanders and Claypool and he gets 20 points. That’s happened all season with Moore as well. I never seem to play him when he actually has a good game.
  6. Trading Kamara

    No I’d stick with Kamara. If you can pull off Henry I would possibly do that because the schedule in the playoffs is so good, but Kamara’s is pretty good as well. Chubb has already been injured this year and was out for quite a few weeks, so I don’t think I’d want to roll the dice there. Honestly I think I’d rather have Kamara rest of season over Chubb even if he had never gotten hurt.
  7. DTS Playoff Stash

    Yeah the Hawks do have a good playoff schedule for sure. Just a matter of if the secondary can hold up. What I’ve been doing for the last 3 weeks or so is playing who I want this week and grabbing a team with a great match up for the week after on my bench. Usually targeting the Jets, Broncos, Giants, Cowboys and a few others. You can now target Philly and Cincinnati as well. Doing this allows you to have a have a great matchup and spend no FAAB or waiver picks because generally people aren’t looking ahead a week. I’ve had generally good results but this past week I played the Vikings vs the Cowboys which did not, but I think I was a little overzealous on the Vikings being good enough. Had I stuck with the Saints or grabbed the Browns instead though it would have paid off. I think if you pickup whoever is playing the Jets you should almost always get a pretty good week.
  8. Who to flex this week?

    Assuming the following are locks: Metcalf vs PHI Kamara vs DEN McLaurin vs DAL Sanders vs SEA Who should I flex between these three? Edwards-Helaire vs TB Claypool vs BAL Moore vs MIN This flex choice is one of the tougher ones I’ve had all year. CEH finally got the work and showed out last game but that Tampa run defense is probably the best in the league so I imagine it’ll take work catching the ball. Claypool has been fantastic but Baltimore is a tough matchup. There are a couple Baltimore players out with Covid but none in the secondary. Moore I still have this lingering bad taste where I feel like he’s going to burn me, but the last two weeks have been very good and he’s gotten a lot of targets.
  9. Dereck Carr worth adding?

    Thanks for the advice. I dropped Ryan and added Carr. I think that’s the move I should have made. After this week for the playoff schedule: Ryan: NO, LAC, TB, KC Carr: NYJ, Indy, LAC, MIA Tannehill: CLE, JAX, DET, GB I can play Carr vs Atlanta and the first game of playoffs against the Jets and then Tannehill has great matchups the last 3 games. I feel like I’m asking for it if I play Ryan anymore. He had a high ceiling IF Julio is healthy but his floor is single digits and he’s done that 3 times this season. That’s way too much of a liability for the playoffs. I need more consistency even if they don’t have the ceiling. The rest of my squad is solid enough I just need to not get killed by low QB production.
  10. I’m very low on FAAB at the moment compared to others in the league. I’ve currently got Matt Ryan and Tannehill and am in the playoffs no matter what, so this week is not a must win and may only change my seed. Carr has Atlanta this week and the Jets next week. Ryan obviously has LV and then NO again next week. Tannehill has Indy this week and Cleveland next week. My drop candidates would be either QB, Chark or Murray (Kamara owner as well). I do have a free spot in my bench, but I’ve been trying to keep it open to stay 1 week ahead of getting the best possible defense for free.
  11. Defense for week 13

    Any other thoughts? Basically LV defense vs Jets or KC defense vs Denver
  12. Defense for week 13

    Man I don’t know if I’d ever use Seattle. Maybe against the Jets, but they tend to get worked every game.
  13. Defense for week 13

    I’ve recently cleared a spot on my bench for taking a Defense a week ahead. My FAAB is low compared to everyone else so this allows me to get good matchups a week ahead for minimal cost. This week I’m set with the Saints against the Broncos. For week 13 the obvious candidates are the Chiefs against the Broncos, The Raiders against the Jets, or I could stick with the Saints against the rematch against the Falcons. I think either way i grab the Raiders or Chiefs to block them from being played against me the first round of the playoffs.
  14. I hate Matt Ryan

    I don’t disagree but predicting when he’s on is the hard part. He could get you 30. He could also get you 5, and matchups seem to not matter. Hopefully I can pull out this win and I’ll be in the playoffs and it won’t matter. After Indy though Tannehill does have a very easy schedule so I’m leaning towards going with him. He’s at least been more consistent. I think my skill players are good enough that if I get 18-20 from my QB I should be in pretty good shape. I’ve gotten 20 or more points from my QB only 3 times all year and will likely be 8-3 after tonight. Don’t ask me how.
  15. I hate Matt Ryan

    So I also had the Saints defense but benched them for the Vikings. That did not go well. Also had Moore, CEH, Taylor and obviously Tannehill on my bench. One of the worst start/sit results I’ve ever had. I’m up 82-54 and my opponent has Tampa defense and Kupp left, so I’ll most likely win but anything is possible. If I win tonight I’m a lock for the playoffs and whatever I do next week is gravy and just possibly getting a different playoff position. If I lose I have one more shot to get in but the other guy’s team can put up some serious points so that’s a tougher deal. Fingers crossed nothing crazy from Tampa or Kupp tonight.