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  1. Burleson

    An MRI revealed Nate Burleson has a ''mild sprain'' in his left knee. ''I'm not ruling anyone out,'' coach Mike Tice said about this weekend's game. ''Mild is the word I got and mild usually means not too bad.'' If head coaching doesn't work out, Tice could always work at Webster's. Sep. 19 - 2:54 pm et This is from rotoworld.
  2. Burleson

    Mild sprain. What ever that means.
  3. LIONS @ Bears

    China doll, this guy is always hurt. 3yrs, 3 or 4 games.
  4. courtney anderson

    Is another good game for the te in order? Last week Baker had a good game against the chiefs, the only positive player for the Jets. Is this a weakness for the chiefs?
  5. My take on parker

    Any rookie that comes in and did what he did, is amazing, system or not. No hes not the next Peyton, or Culpepper, but someone to build around for sure. Look at how many Qb's come into this league, and are bust, or a 3-4 year projects.
  6. Make sure u get what he is worth, that was no fluke yesterday, He might finish a top ten back this year. Steelers are a run first team. Dont think for a second, when staley comes back , hes the starter. Wow, he was impressive!!!
  7. Michigan/Notre Dame

    What a nozzle
  8. Thats going to leave a mark

    Sgt. Ryan will be back, if his sooners beat texas. I knew he couldnt sit back and not say anything, I just never heard this tone before.
  9. Which Rb

    Willie Parker or Dom Davis Parker vs titans Davis vs bills
  10. Notre Dame Offensive Looks Amazing

    I hope your right, Michigan Defense better get going, they looked confused and lost out there. U cant count on turnovers, although that might be what decides this game. When Bo gets on defense, you know theres something wrong. They better start tackling better, and start bringing it, Or it will be a long day in AA.
  11. Kevin Jones

    Good move, that OL blows. The only thing worth taking on the lions is there kicker.
  12. Pick your National Champion

    I dont see any Big ten team playing for the NC game. If there is 1 team, it might be purdue. Iowa has MIchigan and Ohio St. Which I know the'll lose 1 of those games. Probably against Ohio St Ohio St, I think will run the table, with the exception to there last game. I dont think they can win in Ann Arbor. Michigan, tough games at Iowa and Michigan St. Probably lose both. Purdue at Iowa, there only tough road game, if they pull that game out look out. I have to go with Usc, and Louisville.
  13. My thoughts on Larry Johnson

    I took Johnson in the six round, my backs look like this. Rudi D.Davis Johnson perry w.parker If holmes goes down, wow, Im loaded. If he stays healthy, make a trade. With him. Thinking about doing it before the season even starts.
  14. Heisman

    1.Leinart 2A.peterson 3bush 4Ginn Something like that. Is there any defensive player that sticks out to anyone?
  15. AP Poll Released

    I dont care, where Michigan is ranked, If they win there games theyll be in the title game.
  16. When is Sarge coming back?

    I cant believe were even asking about him. Who cares! The only way we hear from him this year, is if His sooners beat texas. He wont be able to resist, just wait. Im kinda with theeOhioSt,(hard to beleive) it would have been nice to give it to him a little about last years title game. I think if u look at it from his perspective, he actaully won the bet, Who could brag about there team like he did(man did he ever come up with some bs) and walk away. By the way, is Jason White the Qb still for the sooners?
  17. RB's

    Was that a automative draft, or did u pick that team Just giving u a hard time, do u have a list of Free agent QB's available? l
  18. The Jones's

    I have the tenth pick, We draft tonight, If ethier 1 of them are there, Im taking them. Chances are, Kevin Jones will be gone, so Im going with Julius.

  20. I had duckett last year, hoping for a repeat, but Dunn seemed to carry the load. He was good for 40yds a game, with a td here or there. He did have a 4 td game, but he was on my bench. The only way Tj is worth anything is IF Dunn goes down. Then he would be hugh.

    Well guys thanks for the responses, just got full price for them. You guys kinda worry me, to think I come here to get some of your advice, and insight. Um sucks, yea another well thought out response.

    Did you think of that all by yourself? Go smoke a fatty with your boy Moss.
  23. Come Back player of the year?

    Nice Canman!!
  24. Who this year at TE, do u think will be the next A.gates. I like Jolley and Cooley. The reason I ask this, is well the past couple of years, there always seems to be a TE that, has that hugh breakout year, sure it could be said for other positions, but the TE spot, is hugh in My league, getting that position filled early can hurt ya.
  25. Steve McNair

    Is McNair a sleeper this year? Will Chows offense allow the Qb to put up big numbers? Is he a starter in a 12 team league? Other than injurys, I dont see why he cant. Look at what Volek did at the end of last season. Hugh numbers!!!! Im curious what everyone thinks, I may wait on a Qb, and may target McNair. Unless someone falls to me, where I cant resist.