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  1. Lineup help

    And if lamb starts? Play both
  2. Lineup help

    Wdis. 10 team full ppr qb Burrow wr Dev Smith, Lamb rb Cmc, Mixon te Waller flex 4net, Henderson jr bench Gallup, Ingram, Bateman, Em Sanders, Hopkins, Wilson and collins
  3. Time to use #2 waiver?

    Now it seems lamb may play. Should I start both if I get Gallup and lamb plays?
  4. Currently sitting 4-7 in 6th place 10 team full ppr It seems Lamb is not likely to play this Thursday. Thinking of grabbing Gallup Wr Lamb, Hopkins, Dev smith, Em Sanders, Bateman, Hilton Thinking Gallup is gonna be Dak go to guy with Cooper out and Lamb not declared out but probably going to be Thoughts Pick up Gallup drop Hilton
  5. WDIS

    Lamar is out. Smith is in
  6. WDIS

    Full ppr 10 team qb Burrow wr Lamb, Dev Smith rb CmC, Mixon te Waller flex 4nett, Ingram Bench Russell Wilson, Em Sanders, Collins, Henderson jr, Hopkins, Bateman and Hilton do I start Bateman for Smith if Lamar plays?
  7. Burrow or Wilson

    Burrow at Raiders Wilson home with Cardinals i do have joe Mixon so there’s a chance I can double dip on td passes to Mixon
  8. Lineup help?

    Stick with Wilson or start Burrow?
  9. Lineup help?

    Wr and rb on waivers
  10. Lineup help?

    10 team full ppr Lineup pending Hopkins status. I can see him missing this week and coming back after the bye week and what about burrow instead of Wilson at qb? Think the rust is off for Russell? I have the number 2 waiver claim but I don’t see anyone that i would start over what I have
  11. Should I make a trade????

    I knew I should of went with my guy ahhh hate fantasy football sometimes lol
  12. Should I make a trade????

    So Sanders over smith is the consensus
  13. Start Wilson?

    Start Wilson in the snow in gb or stream a qb free agents Mac Jones teddy b Heinicke Trevor Lawrence Jimmy G McCoy
  14. Grab Landry?

    Landry is on waivers. He worth a claim at #2 priority? current receivers Lamb, Hopkins, Sanders, Smith, Marvin Jones, Bateman 10 team full ppr 3-6 record
  15. Should I make a trade????

    Deadline is the 27th