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  1. Hardest Pick in the Draft

    Until LJ's situation clears up, I think the #3 slot will be a tough spot to pick. Do you pull the trigger on LJ with a hold-out, with a rebuilt OL, with an unproven QB, with a tough running schedule to start the year? Those are a lot of bad vibes to take at #3. All that being said, if LJ doesn't hold-out for a prolonged period, I think people are nuts to jump off his bandwagon so quickly. As for #4, Gore is the pick.
  2. *** NFL Draft Contest ***

    1 QB, Russell, LSU 2 WR, Johnson, Georgia Tech 3 RB, Peterson, OU 4 OT, Thomas, Wisconsin 5 DE, Anderson, Arkansas 6 DT, Okoye, Louisville 7 QB, Quinn, Notre Dame 8 S, Landry, LSU 9 OT, Brown, Penn State 10 DE, Adams, Clemson 11 ILB, Willis, Ole Miss 12 CB, Hall, Michigan 13 CB, Revis, Pittsburgh 14 OG, Grubbs, Auburn 15 DE, Carriker, Nebraska
  3. Did Housh get injured?

    Just saw he is back in. sorry.
  4. Did Housh get injured?

    Saw on a clicker he was hurt on a play in late 2nd quarter. Did he return to action?
  5. calling all champions

  6. That famous NFL Fantasy Football commercial from pre-season was right for me: Houshmandzadeh = Championship.
  7. Fantasy Football week 17

    We play a free for all in week 17. It determines draft order selection for 2007. The team with the highest score gets to chose his draft slot first, the team with the second highest score of the week chooses second and so on.
  8. 1 pt. for 10 yds, 6 pt TDs, no pts for receptions. Bonus at 100 yds. I am starting Betts and Barber I think. The choice really comes down to Ronnie Brown or McCallister. Thanks for the help.
  9. Lawrence Maroney?

    Did he practice today?
  10. Lawrence Maroney?

    anything new?
  11. Dillon or M. Barber?

  12. Dillon or M. Barber?

    No points for receptions, bonus at 100 yds, 6pt TDs. Can't decide between the two. Thanks for the help-
  13. Cable companies vs NFL Network

    I tried to do the dance with customer service at Time Warner. I spoke to two customer reps and went as far as setting up a time to cancel service. The only thing they would offer as incentive to stay with Time Warner is they would lower my bill by $20 for a year, BUT they would have to lower my internet bandwith to that equal of DSL. Not much of a bargain there, dsicount for lesser service. Every angle I tried they deflected away and they were more than happy to lose my business (no surprise really). Has anyone else had any luck with Time Warner and a discount for staying with them?
  14. Rivers or Kitna?

    6 pt TDs, 1 pt every 25 yds passing. Bonus at 300 yds. Which is the better week 12 start