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  1. Single best album rock ever produced

  2. The Island

    I am not a big Scarlett fan as some of you might remember, but she looks sexy in this one...
  3. The Island

    Thanks for the reminder, I will rent it this weekend
  4. Priest Holmes new top 5... 1. LT 2. Priest Holmes 2. Gore 4. LJ 5. Jackson
  5. Baseball question...

    ok, how about running for 2000 yards in a way I could do that...
  6. Baseball question...

    I would think hitting a hole in one on a par 5 would be harder
  7. In case you missed it.....

  8. trek decking

  9. :uponsoapbox:

    For some strange reason my wife and I cannot get enough of the fat people favorite is Inside Brookhaven...I love that NY dude that lost 800 pounds and became skinny and then got fat again...
  10. stung by a wasp

    I think sandpaper and tabasco work well on wasp stings...
  11. On-line Dating sites?

    I too met my wife at the bar...didn't go home with her that night though...I wouldn't have married a slut afterall
  12. You are however allowed 4 pulls in a month from the same industry without losing points...they allow for "shopping" to some extent
  13. My Year Has Been Made!

    The guitar players little brother was mad at his other brother and drew a picture of the brother eating the entire earth titled "Jimmy Eat World"
  14. Animate yourself Simpsons style

    Won't load...