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  1. Henry Owners Support Group

    I'm actually hoping for maybe even more. Although we haven't seen much of Boone, maybe a little PPR love will go his way.
  2. Henry Owners Support Group

    I've had AD on my bench all year for just this moment. I'm sad to see him go when I need him most, but I was preparing.
  3. Tom Coughlin fired

    Shut yer pie hole.
  4. Lamar Jackson

    In my local (12 team PPR redraft, 1 keeper) he's put up 455 points in 15 games. I'm a long time FF player (about 25 years give or take) and I KNOW all the rules about drafting and keeping QB's in redraft leagues. "Draft late, you can get value at the end of the draft" blah blah blah. (I actually GOT Jackson in the 10th lol) But how can I leave that much potential to the dogs to feed on next year and not keep all those (potential) points for myself? I don't trust RB's from year to year and WR's are such divas and delicate they will always let you down. He's young, he can do it all over again I just know it. (Yes, I know the Mahomes story line). As I look at my SB playing team, they look NOTHING like what I drafted way back in Aug. Mostly timely FA acquisitions and a trade here and there. I always consider myself a pretty decent roster manager and I seem to be able to snag really strong FA's along the way. I figure I can build a team around LJax no? Man, it's gonna be a long off season.
  5. This. I don't even look for bye week conflicts. I just grab whoever I'm targeting as my turn is coming up. Trades, injuries etc.... seems to make everything work out though.
  6. What team(s) took you to the championship game? ?

    12 Team PPR, 1 Keeper QB L. Jackson (10th Round) RB D. Henry (2nd Round) RB R. Mostert (FA) WR D. Adams (Keeper) WR AJ Brown (FA) WR D Slayton (FA) TE Z. Ertz (4th Round) I panicked when Kelce went right before me lol Def Pats (17th Round) Bench (as of today) QB Darnold RB's A.D., Mattison, Samuels WR's Boyd, Gage, Pascal, *Special shout out to WR C. Ridley (8th Round) who was having a really solid year and helped me go from 2-5 after Week 7 to 8 straight wins and my 3rd FF SB in a row. Sorry to see you go CR.
  7. Dallas solves problem.

    Apparently while at a hospital visiting sick kids. JJ, always doing it right.
  8. Calvin Ridley out for season.

  9. Bold Predictions Week 11

    Tyler Boyd goes for over 100 and at least 1 score.
  10. Ertz officially safe to drop

    Not me. I only run one TE all year so he's in until the wheels come off.
  11. D. Adams is active

    Been waiting all afternoon for this. Was gonna have to add Lazar or Allison at the last minute. Whew. Expecting 7-84-1.
  12. Gave up Drake for Edmonds last week

    DMD = Debbie Marie Downer? lol
  13. Chris Conley

    I think it all depends on Westbrook. If he's healthy, then Conley goes back to his boom or bust role. If Westbrook sits, then I see him as a decent WR3/Flex this week in London. I snagged him this week and plan on getting up early to make sure Westbrook sits or starts before I plug him in. Remember, it's a 9:30 a.m. EST start.
  14. Cam newton

    If he's healthy, he's getting his job back. Greg Olsen needs him bad. Reallyyyyyy bad.
  15. A.J. Green

    I know in my league (12 team) the FA wire is pretty dismal. If you have the room, I would keep him. Or if you need players, maybe dangle him out for trade bait. Some are more optimistic about his return and his effectiveness in that putrid offense.