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  1. I grabbed a couple of hail mary WR's at the end of my draft. St. Brown and Callaway. Not gonna risk starting them today in my main local(although losing Week 1 and getting up on the first weeks waiver priority isn't necessarily a bad thing), but do have them both plugged in at low end buys in DFS. Also have Cooks sitting on the bench in favor of Gage. I think I've changed it back and forth like 3 times already and will more than likely change it a time or two more. Someone has to catch the ball in HOU. Week 1 (especially this year) is always fun to see if you drafted as good as you think you did and made the right line-up decisions.
  2. The race to one million

    How the hell did that happen? I can't be that old. Pad
  3. The race to one million

    :deliverance: "Paddle faster" :/deliverance:
  4. Is this lying?

    I have to go with Sky on this. Where I work I constantly hear people trading info back and forth on other people who know said info will get back to the person involved. The power mogul guy probably knows you guys are friends and he knows you'll probably go to your friend with the info. The "can you keep a secret" stuff was just him trying to sell you on the idea.
  5. Whatcha listenin to

    Listening to The Cure right now while I relax with my coffee. Have to mow the yard later so I have my Ministry mix for that ordeal.
  6. Grunge music was king. Sad, depressing and plodding. (No offense Cap'n ) Girls dressed down so much it seemed like it was a crime to look hot. I was married for almost the entire decade. I'll take the happy New Wave, coke infested, short skirts, hair metal days of the 80's.
  7. HEAT

    Your obviously delirious from the heat.
  8. iTunes

    Actually there are a ton of bands not on iTunes. Not only that there are a lot of bands that have only limited songs on iTunes as well. Many older bands only offer "best of's" and "greatest hits" type things. A perfect example is Bad Co. I have a couple of their CD's in my collection but my favorite song "Good Lovin Gone Bad" I do not have, iTunes has some Bad Co. releases but not all and of course they do not have the one with that song on it. Last year I was lookin g for a few Evenesence songs but they didn't have them at all. Now they do. From what I hear, they try to secure rights from record labels and artists on a case by case basis. You can e-mail iTunes and suggest music, especially older more obscure stuff and if they get enough suggestions, they will add it to their library.
  9. Future Hall Of Famers

    I would think Jason Taylor will be a lock by the time his career is over. Zach Thomas should be in as well.
  10. The Newbie Welcome Thread

  11. I Need Some Songs In The Vein Of...

    Here's a good one for you loaf One of my absolute favorites from that genre.
  12. AC/DC is best served loud

    I think it's great that the simplicity of AC/DC's music can transcend through the age's. I was in high-school (11th grade I believe) when Back in Black was released. Easily the most played keg party album of the next two years +. My son is born in 1986 and as he grows and discovers music in his early teens, he gravitates towards AC/DC and Zep. While I think it's great, he tells me that all his friends listen to AC/DC and it still makes appearances at keg parties. Now I have a 13 year old nephew and HE loves AC/DC! He's an iPod junkie and whenever i ask him what he's listening to, he usually replies AC/DC or Van Halen. I think there is just something in the music that makes you move your head and bring a smile to your face no matter how old you are.
  13. Where's Old Glory

    Mine is on my dock.
  14. My house is in a war zone

    Both my dogs freak out as well. While your not "supposed" to shoot off fireworks in our city, my 'hood is loaded with cops and their families so pretty much anything goes around here. Checking myself this morning it seems like I only have a couple of 2nd degree'rs from last nights festivities.