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  1. Rodgers wants out of GB

    It’s not just that they traded up to get a project QB, it’s that it was possibly the best and deepest WR class ever and they didn’t draft one at all. Look at Tyler Johnson, he was a 5th rd pick and contributed to the Bucs last year even with the depth they have at WR. He may have very well been a starter as a rookie for Green Bay and he was a 5th rd pick
  2. 2021 Draft Chat

    As a Vikings fan I hate it
  3. 2021 Draft Chat

    I hate the Vikings. They should have taken Vera-Tucker. Our GM doesn’t understand that quality is greater than quantity. The Vikings now have four 3rd round picks and four 4th round picks. No doubt they will use some of that to get a 2nd round pick
  4. 2021 Draft Chat

    Probably didn’t think there would be any chance for them to grab a guy like Fields
  5. 2021 Draft Chat

    They must have wanted Smith. Giants would have taken him otherwise
  6. 2021 Draft Chat

    I can’t believe one of the QB’s might be available for the Vikings.
  7. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    Yeah I can’t imagine why anyone would want a 32 year old that’s constantly banged up and has that contract.
  8. Trevor Lawrence will be a 'bust'

    He’s never tasted a bad losing season. He may be able to say these things because he’s never struggled. Like purple said, if they struggle mightily this year maybe we’ll find out how he really feels. It might light a huge fire under his butt, or maybe he will realize he doesn’t care. My guess is he’s a competitor and he’ll realize he cares maybe even more than he realized he does.
  9. Who should my keeper be?

    That’s why I asked if there is any cost cause I agree with you. If it’s a free keeper I’d keep Kittle
  10. Who should my keeper be?

    What does the keeper cost you? Kind of important if you want advice
  11. NCAA has its day in the supreme court

    Outside of basketball and Football most college teams don’t turn a profit, or in fact lose money. Most other sports in college are only possible because of the money generated from the Football and Basketball teams. There is no way the schools themselves can pay players. But allowing them to make money off of their name seems totally fair. There is no reason that Trevor Lawrence shouldn’t be able to sign a shoe deal or a Pepsi deal when he’s in college. And he should get a cut of his jersey sales etc
  12. NHL ref caught making bogus calls

    I was listening to the radio and they were talking to a former NHL coach. The coach was saying this basically happens in every game you just don’t hear about it because it’s either not said out loud at all, or the ref isn’t dumb enough to leave his mic on when he says it.
  13. Interesting take by Florio. However is image and reputation are probably already irreversibly damaged even if he settles all these suits
  14. Agreed, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but unless it is proven that all of these allegations are false I don’t see how he plays again. The backlash would be too much, and rightfully so
  15. I find it very hard to believe that he is innocent at this point. I’d say it’s unlikely he ever plays in the NFL again, and if these accusations are true he should be in prison. If it was only 1 or 2 women I could see the possibility of a money grab but not when you’re pushing 20 lawsuits