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  1. Wentz to Colts for 3rd and...

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter · 7m If Carson Wentz’s playtime is at or above 75% next season, the conditional 2022 second-round pick would become a first-round pick, per sources. The second-round pick also.could become a first if Wentz plays at least 70 percent of the plays and the Colts go to the playoffs.
  2. Apparently Wentz is being traded to the Colts for a 3rd this year and a conditional 2nd next year that could turn into a 1st. Can’t find a link yet but heard it on the radio
  3. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    @gopher exactly, a lot of the people complaining about the officiating are people who thought the fix was in before the game even started.
  4. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    I watched the whole game and did not care who won, all I wanted was a good game. Like I said even Romo made the point very early in the game that after watching film he noticed that KC’s D did a lot of holding and that it may cause them problems in this game. If the game was close I can see why people would want to talk about the calls. But with the butt whipping that KC took I think it’s pointless to suggest it’s why they lost
  5. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Romo said early in the game that after watching film he noticed that KC’s defense does a lot of holding and it could end up being an issue for them in the game
  6. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Yeah it’s crazy, Tampa looks like the better team today all around and it’s not close. Mahomes is lucky he hasn’t gotten hurt
  7. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Tampa’s Defense is the real MVP of this game. You knew Tampa would score points but holding The Chiefs down like this is a surprise even with the o-line injuries
  8. Nothing to see here

    I knew that’s where he was going with this, but had decided to not comment. Rajn, please tell me you don’t think it’s comparable to bountygate
  9. Maybe it’s just me but I think this is being blown way out of proportion. I’m sure he was nervous, lost his train of thought and it snowballed. The Detroit coach with his biting off knee caps speech is worse.
  10. Head scratcher no doubt. Not surprising from that franchise though
  11. Dan Campbell hired as new Lions coach

    I don’t know anything about the guy, I was just poking fun at his news conference. It was pretty ridiculous
  12. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    I can’t remember where I heard this but apparently kicking the field goal gave them a 2.5% better chance to win than going for it on 4th down. That’s just the football math which of course doesn’t take any consideration into the fact that Aaron Rodgers is the QB of the team and that Tom Brady is the QB you are giving the ball back to. There are a lot of reasons why it was the wrong choice, and not enough to reasons that it was the right choice. I know it seems crazy but that may have been the nail in the coffin for Rodgers and Green Bay from what I’m hearing. Here is the simplest explanation to me why it was the wrong choice. Aaron Rodgers is going to be the league MVP this season. The offense is the strength of that team and their own coach said that Rodgers is the leader of the team. So in absolute crunch time you put your season in the hands of your defense instead of the offense. Doesn’t make sense to me.
  13. Dan Campbell hired as new Lions coach

    I bet they were just thrilled with the hire after they heard his introductory news conference lol!!
  14. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    So what am I missing with all of this will Rodgers be back talk? He has two years left on his contract, and at minimum will be playing there next season due to the numbers involved with moving on from him. Highly doubt he’ll be traded so I’m not understanding this talk
  15. Report: the Lions plan to trade Matthew Stafford

    Great fit for Indy, if the price is right.