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  1. The Cleveland Guardians (baseball)

    I actually like Rockers. Just put a electric guitar on the hat, that would have been awesome
  2. The Cleveland Guardians (baseball)

    Should have revived the Cleveland Spiders. Would have been much better. The new Guardians logo is ugly
  3. Forfeited games

    I tend to think so too, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they sacrificed one game to make a point
  4. Forfeited games

    It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. It was a lot easier to move games around last year when there were no fans in attendance. My thought is they may go as far as forfeiting a game the first time this comes up just to really drive home their point.
  5. Forfeited games

    Sounds like there is a real chance of forfeited games this year. Might just be tough talk to get everybody vaccinated but if you read this article it sounds like they aren’t going to bend over backwards to move games to Tuesday and Wednesday again because of COVID issues. They are saying if a game is cancelled because of an outbreak from unvaccinated players they are going to hold that team financially accountable as well. And if an outbreak from unvaccinated players causes missed games all player don’t get paychecks. Thats a good way to cause issues in the clubhouse
  6. It's time. Goodbye CBS......

    Check out Sleeper
  7. Cam Akers out for 2021

    Well SOB, he was going to be my free keeper in both of my leagues
  8. Draft results - do you agree?

    I hear you on that, I thought you were just comparing the 2 backs based on where they were picked. If you are just questioning Akers going 2.1 I totally get that. I think he’s going way too high too. But if Akers and Dobbins were going around the same spot I’d take the chance on Akers every time
  9. Draft results - do you agree?

    Not that surprising really. Gus Edwards and especially Lamar steal a lot of opportunities and scoring from Dobbins. The way they used Akers the end of last season shows they intend to make him their workhorse back.
  10. The Haskins story is bizarre. The story says they were married in March and were in Vegas with friends to celebrate and renew their vows. Who renews their vows 4 months after they were just married? Then they are celebrating and she beats the hell out of him. Sounds like this will be another short lived marriage
  11. Tough keeper decision to make

    Thanks guys, I agree with you. In this league there are usually no useful RBs left by half way through the second rd. As nice as it would be to keep Kittle or Metcalf I think Akers has to be the one.
  12. Tough keeper decision to make

    Sorry I should have given a little more info. Every team only keeps one player. You can’t keep first rd picks from the prior year or guys that were keepers the prior year. So essentially everyone of the top picks will be available in rd 1. I don’t know where I’m picking yet. Starting line ups are QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 flex
  13. I’d like some thoughts on my keeper situation. Please see below league is a 12 team non ppr league. I can keep one of these guys for 1 more year and it doesn’t cost me anything. Help me choose one Kittle - I like the thought of keeping him because as we all know top tier TE’s are slim Metcalf - Like the thought of keeping him because obviously he is a stud and I think still ascending but there are lots of good WR’s C. Akers - Came on nicely at the end of last season and is primed for a workhorse role. After the 1st two rounds all of the RB’s are gone J. Rob - I don’t really think he is in consideration anymore, just too many question marks. Being that it doesn’t cost me a pick I think value wise Akers is the choice seeing as where he has been going in drafts. I think Metcalf is the safest, I don’t have to choose now obviously and I don’t know where I’m picking yet either. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
  14. Julio Jones to The Titans

    I think the impact his presence will have on the offense is more important than his stats. Obviously this is a fantasy site so we are more concerned with numbers. If he’s healthy and out there opposite Brown it’s going to take pressure off the run game and coverage off of Brown more than Davis was. This isn’t breaking news or a hot take I know, but as far as what he cost them in picks and contract they must have thought it was worth it.
  15. Agreed, I came extremely close to taking him #1 overall last year in my 12 team std league. Took CMC instead and still finished with the best record and 2nd highest scoring team. Ended up losing in the semi final, would have won the league if I had drafted Henry