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  1. Throwing a Game

    I wouldn’t do it. 4 times I my 12 team std league that I run I’ve made the championship game with the highest scoring team and best team on paper and lost. Many times I’ve seen the lowest playoff seed win it all with what I’d call the weakest roster. IMO always set your best lineup and try to win. There is no way to know what will happen
  2. Tough to drop either of those two but Brady’s playoff schedule is really juicy
  3. Who's your personal FF MVP?

    For me it really has been a combo of 3 guys all equally important. I’ve been able to survive without CMC and still be in first place thanks to J. Robinson, Justin Herbert, and Dk Metcalf. First two I got off the waiver wire. Robinson before the season started and Herbert after week 2
  4. Week 12 Chat

    I will survive Hill’s minter day thankfully. when will the Rams finally realize that Henderson and Brown are nothing special and start using Akers more? He could be a league winner if they make him the starter.
  5. If they forfeit, none of the players from either team get paid for the game. That’s why they’ll play if they can
  6. MNF needs (close ones)?

    Already done.
  7. MNF needs (close ones)?

    12 team std league I have a .5pt lead. I have the Rams D going and my opponent has Godwin. I have a chance as long as Godwin doesn’t get a td
  8. Week 11 Milk Carton

    It sucks when you have to say that your kicker getting 0pts is probably going to cost me the win. Ugh
  9. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Prater, 0 pts killing me
  10. Need 2: claypool, Higgins or Jefferson

    Clay pool and Higgins. Jefferson doesn’t get TDs
  11. Calvin Ridley or Cooper Kupp?

    Ridley every time