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  1. Do I play Felton?

    Thanks for the info. Only reason I’m thinking about it is the Cardinals are playing Houston so I don’t see Edmonds getting much action either.
  2. Do I play Felton?

    Well that’s kind of why I want to play Felton. I’m assuming they will be playing from behind and Keenum will be checking down a lot, which would be to Felton
  3. Do I play Felton?

    I picked up Felton in my .5pt ppr league. It’s with sleeper so he has wr/rb eligibility. My WR’s are a mess in this league. I’m playing Patterson in one of my WR spots and was going to play Cooks in the other. I’m having this gut feeling to play Felton instead of Cooks. Or I could play Felton instead of Edmonds in my flex spot. Would you play Felton over Cooks or Edmonds, or neither?
  4. Baker Mayfield OUT, now what??

    To be honest this might not be a horrible thing. Keenum is a more of a gunslinger. If they let him throw the ball it could be good for the WRs this of course is for fantasy purposes. For winning a game it’s not a good thing
  5. Barkley trade

    Yes, barring injury it appears Kupp will be a stud all year and probably finish as WR1 on the season.
  6. M Carter for M Thomas

    I don’t have much faith in Thomas being useful this year but it is of course possible. If you can get him for Carter, who you say you probably won’t use at all, then yes the possible upside of Thomas is worth it
  7. Trade Rodgers for Pittman?

    If Pittman is the best you can get for Rodgers, then I’d just keep him
  8. Chase for Hurts

    If you can get Chase for Hurts I’d do it for sure.
  9. Trade Mixon for Kelce?

    In your situation no I wouldn’t do it
  10. What do you need tonight - Week 6 MNF

    Already have my wins wrapped up. I would like to see Julio score some points though
  11. Week 6 Chat

    Coming alive in the 2nd half
  12. I get McLaurin, I give henderson.

    Your WR are fine, you need Henderson
  13. McCaffery or Mattison?

    Mattison is not useable for fantasy if Cook is a full go
  14. With Chubb out WDIS