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  1. Need to pick a WR: Aiyuk @JAC Toney @TB E Moore vsMIA NON PPR
  2. Tough drop situation.. Help

    I prefer Carr or Ryan for ROS they’ve already had their BYE. Carr edges out Ryan for me due to schedule. I would drop OBJ but if you want to hold and see what happens in LA it won’t hurt you to drop Darrel either. You’re deep at RB
  3. Bench Stash

    With Kittle back and past his Bye I have no need to hold a TE2 on my roster. Who do I stash ? NON PPR SCORING Free Agents: Dillon J Wilson Eno Benjamin Bolden AJ Green T Patrick DPJ Gage Renfrow Gallup
  4. Happy Sunday Irish! non ppr scoring roster question Im hurting at WR (Hill and Toney), should I add DPJ? I would have to drop B Scott Moss Pollard or Hubbard. If so, which one do I drop for DPJ (FWIW I have Chubb and Mixon also)
  5. Add Wilson?

  6. PPR Flex

    Slim pickings this week. Which one do I start? J Crowder @ IND Agnew vs BUF Gainwell vs LAC E Engram vs LV PPR Scoring and FWIW I’m also starting M Carter
  7. Add Wilson?

    Non PPR Scoring Jeff Wilson Jr is a FA. Should I drop one of my players below to stash him? RBs are Chubb Mixon Hubbard Pollard Scott Moss I also have Kittle and Gesicki, so with Kittle possibly returning, Gesicki is an option to cut as well
  8. Sit 1

    Need to fill 2 Flex spots PPR Scoring K Raymond vs PHI M Carter vs CIN Gainwell @ DET which 1 do I sit?
  9. Drop 1

  10. Drop 1

    10 team Non PPR Need to free up a roster spot for a Kicker, who do I drop? Prescott, Hurts Chubb, Mixon, Hubbard, Moss, Gainwell, Pollard Hill, Julio, A Robinson, Toney Kittle, Gesicki *******Update******* My opponent had D Hop in his lineup, so after TNF I’m projected to win by 16. Should I stand pat and not play a K this week?
  11. Flexxin’

  12. Which TE this week?

    Gesicki vs JAX (London) RSJ vs KC H Henry vs DAL standard scoring
  13. I have no idea who to start...

    Rondale Felton Collins
  14. Flexxin’

    Which 1 to Flex this week? Standard scoring Gaskin vs JAX (London) Toney vs LAR Pollard @ NE
  15. Which TE?