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  1. I'm looking for all Chiefs homers

    Can't wait till I see L.J. rocking the dome saturday
  2. WDIS at RB

    OK, who is Denver's running back -- or can you trust any of them to get the majority of carries? I have Mike Bell vs. SF who is the 30th run D. My other options are Travis Henry playing NE and Rudi Johnson v. Pitts. One pt for every 10 yds rushing/receiving. 6 pts for TD. I'm playing Gore at Denver but who should be my other RB?
  3. WDIS at QB

    I have Pennington in but thought I would check it out with the Huddlers.
  4. WDIS at QB

    1 pt every 25 yards passing, 6 pts for TD, - 2 fumbles and interceptions Pennington at Miami Leinart at SF Hasselbeck at home vs SD Playing for 1st place -- 1st game of 2.
  5. TO spits in Hall's face

    D.Hall got beat, what a tattle tell, i don't like tattle tells, being a baby, be a man, stop t.O. and he could not do it. I think what T.O. was wrong , but was it D.Hall place to call it out, i mean really dad.
  6. WDIS

    any Huddlers out there tonight?
  7. Play-Offs Start Which 2 RB's

    I don't know about the 2nd one but I would go GORE FOR SURE.
  8. colston updates ?

    John Hansen reports that he thinks he will play. Oops, subscriber site.
  9. WDIS

    I made the play offs but I'm playing the top guy with LT this week. I have Steven Jackson at home but against Chicago. Chester Taylor did OK against them last week. Of course he has Hutch in front of him though. Ahman Green at San Francisco which has the worst run defense. Willis McGahee at Jets with the 29th worst run defense. Pick 2 of these. 1 pt for each 10 yds rushing/receiving 6 pts for TD
  10. WDIS

    Come one guys -- thoughts about Rudi?
  11. WDIS

    I have Rudi tonight against Baltimore or I could plug in Travis Henry vs the 30th run D in Indi. 6 pts for every 10 yds rushing/receiving and 6 for TD.
  12. some D help

    OK thanks guys. I'll stick with em.........................
  13. some D help

    OK, the only D I have is Baltimore but I'm thinking the matchup is not that good for them tonight - Cinci at home. Oakland is on my waiver wire. Should I pick them up at home against Houston for this week?
  14. WDIS at QB

    No reply, what gives.
  15. Which D to go with?

    KC does not turn the ball over much this year, so I would go seattle.