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  1. picking the #1 slip of paper is nice. but there are more years where the #10-12 win it all. LT at #1 - yes harrison and owens at 2 n 3? i'd like to think SOME skill even drafted mcnabb and brees. over a dehlome or brady or bulger, or U get the id. but again... dont matter much when it coms to FF, i'm down 1 with him having westbrook and me TO. the pundits say RB over WR 9out of 10. guess i'm done. 2nd is ok. no
  2. don't be a playa hater #1 draft pick: took LT over LJ and SA for all those NON-LT owners. don't hate just admire one of the greatest FF seasons ever. and learn to take consistency over short term success( LJ) and a questionable O-line (SA). personally, I felt LT at the #1 was a no brainer that being said, his performance yesterday was not up to par, and i honestly believe he's disappointed as well. out here in the SD/LA area he's known for acknowledging the fantasy football world. i felt like he was pissed about not getting a TD yesterday. i'm down by 1pt, with TO to go. he has Westbrook. the guy i'm playing got into the playoffs at 7-7 and with a tie breaker and now has a chance to take it all. that's FANTASY FOOTBALL good luck to the other LT owners.... we need it
  3. What do you need...

    down by 1 with TO to go . he has westbrook 10yd/1pt TD: 1-9yd - 6pts;10-39 - 9pts; 40+ - 12pts all i want for xmas is no westbrrok
  4. champ or playing for championship...

    brees (had mcnabb) LT (turner) Dillon Owens Harrison Crumpler (WR/TE) Nedney MINN Week15: was up by 5 with Harrison going and my opponent having Wayne and Chad. Thought I was done... but I guess having two of the most humble guys in the league (LT and Harrison) surpass my TO negativity and I got the good karma!
  5. Best Transactions You've Made This Year

    my draft! pick #1 and grab LT over SA and LJ then go WR/WR for Owens/Harrison THEN grab my QBs in the 5th and 10th McNabb and Brees i did trade Jones for Jordan and Turner
  6. Buckhalter TD ruled a McNabb Pass

    thanks theohiostate. i can't see why they (cbs) wouldn't. with everything else going wrong with their site (have you seen their internal grading page?) i would expect them to make every effort to be accurate. btw: good luck this weekend
  7. Buckhalter TD ruled a McNabb Pass

    anyone know if will update, or is it because their site is "powered" by they won't update? with that being said... with fantasy sports being BASED on stats wouldn't it be the right thing to be accurate with those stats and score appropriately?
  8. Please suffer a dumb Question

    nothing like taking a good bump
  9. What does it take to get a response from you guys?

    i agree. dunn played well, but jordan will get the touches start jordan
  10. still have to draft!

    i have the #3 pick and fully expect SA and LT to be gone. obviously this has been a often discussed topic, but being that most everyone else has drafted, i thought i could benefit from YOUR '2nd guessing' holmes or manning or EJ or willis, etc? right now i'm leaning towards manning with the expectation of getting a jordan or westbrook maybe green/JJones/rudi as a #1rb and a caddie/cedric/brown(s)... i like fragile here maybe WR here? walker or horn if you took manning or if you didn't how did it work out for you? would you have done anything different? how'd the next few picks work out? thx 12 team 20yd pass/1pt 10 yd rush&rec/1pt 6pt/pass & run TD bonus points for longer TDs bonus for #of rec
  11. still have to draft!

    yeah, i know i'm trading off guaranteed manning pts for my #2RB headache i'm just not comfortable in taking the remaining RBs at #3. i see them as crap shoots, albeit big payoff, but feel i can possible play the same crap shoot with the 2rd RB pick and still get the manning monster points. think it works for my scoring hopefully, i get some owners who bail out on the RB run, pick pepp or a couple of WRs and a JJones or rudi falls to me
  12. Grits?

    "Meet him at his dojo after school... " daniel-san
  13. Jamal Lewis or Mike Anderson

    lewis. they say he's 80-90% ready? both wil be sharing, but i never trust Ratboy in Denver, and you gotta think lewis is chomping at the bit to play in the NFL instead of the Cell block league
  14. still have to draft!

    definetely depends on the RB shake out. is the drop from manning to the other QBs (less pepp) worth the tier drop in RBs as your #1? thanks
  15. still have to draft!

    tradition. we like to draft as close to opening weekend as possible (injuries), and planning for labor day weekend was always tough. anyway, gotta fit the round of golf in before the draft! 1 game played... hooray to the owner who gets the known points, but there are still 7 other positions to fill. the points were going to be scored regardless. everyone likes it. 6 yr old money league.
  16. Trade help..

    gd trade. i might have stuck with taylor, though it was pretty much a coin flip between these two fallen stars. i just don't see green performing well with everything going on (new O-line) and fred playing beyond everyones expectations but again, getting holt, having JJ alreay, you're looking good
  17. wr

    i agree, though i don't know about 'clicking'! rod will get his, while the other you're hoping the QB can get the ball out of thier hands.
  18. still have to draft!

    thanks draft today. would appreciate other people's opinions RU regretting taking manning?
  19. still have to draft!

    really? no one? are drafts that far gone, like a Xmas tree sitting on the curb on Dec.26?
  20. J. Jones or W.Parker?

    JJ go for the more proven in WEEK 1!
  21. Possible trade

    what do u start? right now, i say no. LT is #1 for a reason. you'll be sweating every week with a pissed off westbrook and a young JJ brooks will get you your 230+/1-3 td game start LT and consider it TWO less spots to fill
  22. who do I start?

  23. Who to start?

    TJ. nice Wrs
  24. still have to draft!

    yes its a 12 team. to me manning is the next sure thing after LT and SA
  25. JJ Arrington

    you're good. edge and jj are a nice combo. who's your QB? did you pick 3rd?