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  1. Colts/Pats Sig Line Bets

    I don't have a dog in this hunt, but if the sig line doesn't involve something about manning stepping up and brady not able to handle the pressure at crunchtime, coltsfan is losing out on a nice opportunity!
  2. Wayne and Harrison have a feild day.

    Hmm...I dont think he can kick 9 field goals in one game
  3. Is Mike Bell done in Denver?

    Shanny is an arrogant bastard, usurped only by Bellichek and that smart mf in Baltimore. And maybe Denny Green. Hell, they're all arrogant.
  4. Portis in locker roome

    broken hand, will not return per the doc on the field, tony saragussa
  5. From 9news.com PITTSBURGH - Investigators said two local college students of Middle Eastern descent were caught trying to break into Pittsburgh's Heinz Field overnight. According to authorities, the two men tried to climb the walls around the stadium, but were caught on surveillance by two security guards who work at the field. The attempted break-in took place around 2:30 a.m. Pittsburgh time. State police, the local bomb squad and the FBI were all called to the scene. Authorities alerted every NFL team of the break-in attempt. The Steelers are set to take on the Denver Broncos this afternoon. The game will go on as scheduled according to authorities. Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper is planning a news within the hour. We'll bring you developments as they occur.
  6. You think Kornheiser's bad?

    Hoping the Sirius people read this...he's horrid. He's the weak link in what I think is a great lineup. Pat Kirwan/Tim Ryan are great, the Barber shop is fantastic...But whenever Jerry Rice is on, I have to turn it.
  7. no lamont?

    all crockett and now fargas? Man, i could have started Wali Lundy!
  8. I don't have one, but that is hilarious.
  9. I honestly considered dropping Randy Moss this morning for Mike Furrey. MIKE FREAKIN FURREY! I didn't in the hopes that someone like the Pats would trade for him. I have no idea what to do with Moss.
  10. Trade Advice

    If i'm deep at RB's and need a TE bad...I think thats probably a fair deal. You both get something you want. Hopefully he can see beyond preseason rankings and whatnot
  11. Defense bye week filler

    Same situation! AZ receivers scare me too much in a def points for low score/yardage league. I'm going with NE. Culpepper has been sacked a ton and I figure NE's upside may not be as high, but you're going to get a few sacks and a couple turnovers for sure.
  12. Haynesworth SUSPENDED

    Never! I'll drop it after this. I played a little college football. I was a right tackle. I would say that in an average game a defensive lineman would break the "non football work law" about Mmm...5 times. Usually attempted shots to solar plexes--an occasional groin shot or elbow to the throat while on the ground. Obviously he'd be in jail if he did it to the Nancy, office secretary. I in turn would counter that with shots to the adam's apple. I'm not even sure that either were particularily illegal. No flags were ever called on punches/groin shots/throat shots. Should law enforcement investigate these? This Haynesworth case was on tv and particularily bad. He was fined 500k (missed games) I'm sure the stomp wans't unprovoked. If it's found out that he was hit in the nads a couple times or a lucky throat shot got through under his facemask, should the 'victim' be charged too? Its better to let the NFL take care of it and not mess with the game by getting law enforcement involved. Thats a can o'worms I don't want opened. I'm done! I just hate to see all the freakin political correctness.
  13. Haynesworth SUSPENDED

    One involves premeditation and the other involves normal equipment. There's a difference. And you won't see me resort to immature name calling.
  14. Haynesworth SUSPENDED

    If he'd have stashed a machete in his jock, and wacked him, I'd agree with you. I'm just not going to hold him responsible for having legal foot wear on. I'm not justifying what he did....just think 5 games suspended is a good penalty.
  15. Haynesworth SUSPENDED

    One involves a knife and one involves a shoe!