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  1. WDIS RB and WR - Bad Choices All Around

    Any other advice???
  2. Which QB2.....

    I would go with McNair. Good Luck!
  3. Help picking my #3 WR!

    I would not change at this point. Good Luck!
  4. WDIS...QB, WR, RB

    Favre Tiki McGhee Caldwell Jennings
  5. Trade deadline?

    Our trade deadline is week 10.
  6. Standard performance league with no points for receptions. RB (Pick Three) Wali Lundy @ OAK Sammy Morris vs JAX Ladell Betts vs ATL Justin Fargas vs HOU Cedric Houston @ GB WR (Pick One) Mark Clayton @ CIN Marty Booker vs JAX Lee Evans vs SD Greg Jennings vs NYJ I need to score as many points as possible.
  7. Vick or Favre

    favre and drew
  8. WDIS

    Got to go with Betts, he has the most to play for. The only caveat is the rookie QB.
  9. WDIS: Running Backs

    Got to go with the A Train. He is playing for a contract next year.
  10. Changes Needed? Please Help

    I would stand pat.
  11. Which D/ST to start?

    I like Carolina, better scoring opportunities. Denver scares me, they disappear fanatsy wise and I benched them this week for Seattle.
  12. Critical WDIS at WR Pick 3

    Andre, Driver and Holt. Good Luck
  13. Standard performance scoring league with no point for catches: RB - Pick 3 Ronnie Brown vs MIN Ladell Betts @ TB Anthony Thomas @ HOU Wali Lundy vs HOU WR Pick 1 to start along side Andre Johnson Mark Clayton vs ATL Greg Jennings vs NE - Will he make it through the whole game? Lee Evans @ HOU
  14. WDIS Choose 3

    Sit Fitz, he will be limited in his first game back.
  15. WDIS at WR-#85, Coles or Fitz?

    Stick with CJ over Fitz and Coles.