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  1. Kevin Jones may be the best 2nd Rd pick ever

    Good thing I drafted Caddy as insurance...
  2. Caddy Hurt?

  3. Caddy Hurt?

    Play under review

    Well not really. Yes he passed for 2 touchdowns but if it were not for his fat offensive linemen holding Simeon Rice, he would have been flat on his ass like the rest of the game. Give the Bucs some credit.
  5. Of the "suprise" TEs

    Gruden really does like how Alex Smith plays. He coached him in the senior bowl and raved so it was no surprise when he was drafted. I dont expect the 2 touchdown performance to continue but he will still get his fair share of looks. The only other TE worth noting on the roster is Becht who is mainly a blocker.
  6. Cadillac!

  7. Pittman vs. Willie Parker

    Pittman is one twisted ankle away from being a fantasy starter. He played well (fantasy wise) last season and could be big if Caddy goes down. But that is a big IF...
  8. Caddy news from Gruden

    Gruden has specific packages called the "rocket backfield" that uses both Pitt and Caddy in the backfield. Most of the time it calls for Pitt to motion out to the slot, forcing a Linebacker to cover him. This creates a mismatch and also opens up the box a little. The Bucs would be stupid to just leave Pitt on the bench because he probably would have ran for 1200 yards last season if it were not for his suspension. He is still a good runner and a very good pass catcher.
  9. Player you absolutely hate.

    Tom Brady
  10. Galloway

    I agree with you DKF. Galloway and Griese had good chemistry at the end of the season. With Clayton and Caddy getting all the attention, Galloway might be worth the gamble.
  11. Who is the top backup QB in the NFL?

    Kitna, Volek,
  12. Hey Bucs fans.....

    Quarles but that could change at any moment because Ruud has looked amazing in the preseason.
  13. Anyone watching the Texans game

    Tampa's offense is finally coming together...
  14. Sports Illustrated Predictions

    It's amazing what a team full of steroid users can do...
  15. Please citique my team

    14 team auction draft with performance scoring. Starting 1 QB, 1 or 2 RB, 3 or 4 WR's, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D. Let me know what you think and what I need to do to get better. I personally think I have a solid team as long as Palmer improves and Kevin Jones stays healthy. QB- Carson Palmer QB- Patrick Ramsey QB- Jon Kitna RB- Keven Jones RB- Cadilac Williams RB- Michael Pittman RB- Moe Williams RB- Najeh Davenport WR- Chad Johnson WR- Roy Williams WR- Levernous Coles WR- Anquan Bolden WR- Keenen McCardell WR- Muhsin Muhammad TE- Jeremy Shockey TE- Chris Cooley K- Mike Vanderjadgt K- Olindo Mare D- Carolina D- Tampa
  16. Please citique my team

  17. Brian Griese

    He has played about 2 quarters so far this preseason and he has looked good.
  18. Falcants in trouble

    Go FalCANTS!
  19. Rookie Running Backs

    Well if you looked at those numbers then you must have looked at the fumbling numbers as well? He lead the league is lost fumbles even though he had a shortened season.
  20. Rookie Running Backs

    By the way, Caddy is the only one of the Big 3 that has signed a contract and is actually in camp ONTIME. That has to account for something.
  21. Brian Griese

    Greise was signed to an extension but it bascially is several one year contracts. If he does not do well the Bucs can simply drop him with a minimal cap hit. All word leading up to training camp was that Greise will start and Simms will be the backup. However, word out of camp is that Simms is once again lighting it up and Gruden has been quoted as saying that Simms is competing for the starting job. Personally I think Greise will start the season as the starter.
  22. Rookie Running Backs

    Caddy has already jumped ahead of Pittman on the depthchart as of the 2nd day of training camp. The Bucs did not draft him that high for him to sit on the bench or split carries. Like I have said before, Pittman and Caddy will BOTH be in the game alot with Pittman coming out of the backfield as a WR. News out of Bucs camp is the Caddy has been making 20 yard runs out of nothing and looks like the real deal.....Only time will tell.
  23. Michael Clayton is inured?

    Clayton has been practicing. One some days he is being held out of the afternoon practice just as a pre-caution. The surgery he had in the offseason was just to clean up his knee a bit from an old college injury. The Bucs are taking it slow on him because they obviously cant afford for him to get hurt. There is absolutly no reason to not draft him or have any worries about his knee. Some of my buddies went to training camp the other day and saw him play as well. They said he was giving the defense fits and they basically had no answer for him. Also, they said he gained some muscle over the offseason so he now has a TO type frame with deceptive speed. Hope this helps!
  24. Cadillac rolls into Bucs camp

    Bucs get him signed before the rest of the top 5 runningbacks. Now it's time to learn Grudens playbook. Link