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  1. Thanks for the input. I was slightly in favor of the deal before, but now I'm pretty sure I'll do it.
  2. Thanks Hugh! That's all the validation I need. Good luck this year!
  3. Welcome back Hugh, I posted this separately but I'd like to hear your thoughts. I'm considering offering D.Rhodes for T.Jones. It would basically be a handcuff swap trade. Here's the situation: Scoring: 1 pt. for 10 yds. rush/rec. and 6pts for TD. My RBs are D.Rhodes, C.Benson, M.Bell, C.Taylor. My potential trading partner has J.Addai and T.Jones along with S.Alexander. I know he'll accept Rhodes for Jones if I offer it. Basically I'm taking the CHI running game for the IND running game which may not be a great deal but I need more potential production at RB and I know he won't give up Addai so it's my only option. It does offer me a virtual lock on whomever emerges as the #1 back in CHI. What do you think?
  4. Scoring: 1 pt. for 10 yds. rush/rec. and 6pts for TD. My RBs are D.Rhodes, C.Benson, M.Bell, C.Taylor. My potential trading partner has J.Addai (sp?) and T.Jones. Would you offer D.Rhodes for T.Jones? I know he'll accept it if I offer it. Basically I'm swapping handcuffs and taking the CHI running game for the IND running game which, now that I say it doesn't sound like a great deal but I know he won't give up Addai so that's my only option. It offers me a virtual lock on whomever emerges as the #1 back in CHI. Thoughts?
  5. No link but I just heard

    Sad day for Pats fans. Whatever his physical attributes and his short and long-term outlook, the fact is that with the departure of Adam, the Pats have lost some their swagger. He was as much a part of the heart and soul of that team as anyone. How comforting was it to see him warming up on the sidelines with the game on the line (as a Pats fan, of course)? I'm having a hard time picturing any other kicker out there in the same situation. The Pats play a game where points are at a premium. Without Adam's consistency they will need more production out of the offense to secure those victories that they would have eked out by a few points (like a field goal) in years past.
  6. Hollow victory for Pitt. I didn't even have an interest in this game and I'm sick over this. Sorry SEA fans...you wuz robbed.
  7. Charter Cable Customers

    I'm trying to do the same with Cablevision. I'm in Northern NJ. Cablevision customers, you can send a suggestion to Cablevision to add the NFL Network here: http://www.cablevision.com/index.jhtml;jse...=suggestion_box And send an email here: http://cablevision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ca...enduser/ask.php
  8. Congrats Steelers

    congrats steeler fans. that was an incredible run, on the road, through the afc. good luck in two weeks.
  9. 2006 NFL Tickets

    I know, but I'd much rather try to get them at face value if possible. So I suppose I should start paying attention in April?
  10. 2006 NFL Tickets

    Does anyone know when tickets for the 2006 season go on sale? Every year I promise myself I will try to snag some single game tix and every summer I realize that I missed the onsale :doah: Anyone know? Is it team by team? Is there a resource I can check? Thank you.
  11. Congrats to Denver fans

    As a Pats fan, I feel compelled to post. I think it's part of the healing process. The Broncos have historically been a very difficult match-up for the Pats. I don't know why things work that way, but some teams just seem to consistently get the better of other teams. The Pats have been fortunate enough to have IND and PIT as their main foes during their SB runs. They seem to get the better of those matchups. But DEN usually has our number. It was a very tortuous way for the streak to end. But end it must. It's been an incredible run and it's certainly not over, but that veneer of invincibility has been tarnished. I know it's illogical and just plain greedy to have expected it to last forever, but it's very difficult to see it end nonetheless. Congrats to the Broncos. Good luck the rest of the way. It's going to be strange not having the Pats in the AFC Championship or the SB. I might have to focus on work again!
  12. a TIE for COMEBACK POY?

    disclaimer that I am a Pats homer. But I have to say I'm pretty neutral about this and I don't understand the outrage. To be honest, I never even knew this award existed until this season. So here's my questions: 1) What, if any, are the stated criteria for this award? "Comeback Player of the Year" could be pretty subjective. Does it mean the player with the most remarkable comeback? Or the player who contributed the most a year after being a non-factor for whatever reason? 2) What do the awardees get?
  13. Champions Sign In

    In my third visit to the finals I finally won it all in the only league I play! I didn't have any superstuds, but my team was consistently solid all around and I got big production out of key players when I needed it, i.e. Chris Cooley in the semifinals catching 3 TD's to put me into the finals over a team with LJ. Here's my championship lineup: QB: C.Palmer, C.Simms RB: M.Anderson, D.Davis, C.Martin, C.Houston, M.Barber WR: C.Johnson, E.Kennison, I.Bruce, L.Evans TE: C.Cooley, J.Stevans K: Vandy D: TB Now I'm left with a difficult decision next summer in my two-keeper league. C.Palmer's a keeper. And I'd like to keep C.Johnson as well, but can I really go without a keeper RB? Can I let D.Davis go? Oh well. I'll worry about it come July. Things may change by then. Congrats to the other winners!
  14. FF Advice

    Thanks for your prompt and sound advice. Happy Holidays!
  15. Edge or Lewis

    I like Lewis for the reasons you cited. He has the hot hand, and the news out of INDY is not great.