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  1. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Yes, but that's a separate issue from whether Bond's performance belongs in the record books or not. Going by the rules of baseball, it looks like it does. Hank Aaron can get pissed about it, fans can dislike him as much as they want, he might even get busted by the cops, but what he did seems to be within the rules of the game. He won't be the first SOB who has a bust in Cooperstown--Ty Cobb being the classic example. Even on the legalities, you could argue that any pitcher who ever threw at a player or any guy who ever charged the mound could be brought up on assault charges--technically if they did it with an intent to harm then it's a crime. Go throw a 98 mph fastball at your neighbor's head after his dog craps on your lawn and see where you end up.
  2. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Vick's lawyers will move to stretch it out though, because they want to get the trial as far away from the current media circus as possible. More time also helps set up a deal where Vick will turn state's evidence against other dog-fighting operations in return for some kind of slap on the wrist and a note from the Justice Department saying that he is a good citizen who payed his debt to society.
  3. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Not sure the NFLPA wants PETA and the ASPCA picketing outside their offices for the next year. Vick's placed everyone in a bad spot, and people basically just want him to go away and be quiet.
  4. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Yeah, unfortunately I can't complain about what Barry Bonds did, because it was within the rules of the game at the time as far as I understand it. If we nail Bonds, Scosia and Mcguire for steroids, do we start putting asterisks in the record books next to guys like Cy Young because he probably threw spitters and shine balls simply because he played when it was legal to do that? The real perpetrators in the baseball steroids scam were the owners, who wanted to get people back into the stadiums after the 1994 strike, the fans who payed to watch home run derbies instead of baseball without asking questions and the sportswriters who didn't ask any questions.
  5. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    416 carries last season and just plain lighting up the league the season before deserves a lot more than the Chiefs are putting on the table. The Chiefs are being dumb on this one, they should pay the guy franchise back money or at least really sweeten his take for this season.
  6. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Depending on how bad things get: 1. Michael "Sick" 2. "Dog Pound" 3. Icky Ookie (supposedly Vick gets really uptight when people who are not old friends call him "Ookie" so if any of you are looking to start chants at games to get under Vick's skin--now you know where to go.) 4. "Rick James's Bitch"!! (Admittedly it would work better if Rick James were still alive and having his run-ins with the law) 5. Michael "How screwed up?--consider that even Hitler loved dogs" Vick 6. ConVick
  7. Vick Indicted

    If that dog isn't bit, you must acquit!!
  8. Vick Indicted

    Mark Schlereth was on NFL Live yesterday saying that if Pacman Jones was suspended when he was never even charged, then Schlereth couldn't understand why Vick would not be suspended when he is under indictment. But yes, some guys on ESPN were handling this with kid gloves. I think that they want to protect their investment in airing the NFL games and it's "most exciting" player.
  9. Culpepper released

    Still, this was a guy who pretty much went neck and neck with Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb as the best QB in the league for 4-5 years running. Now maybe he was helped mightily in doing that in having Randy Moss on his team, but he did do it. I don't watch the cap room situation much, but if I were the Falcons I would be looking at him to potentially fill in for Mike Vick. If I were the Raiders I would be looking at him to provide Jamarcus Russel with some time to season himself before he is thrown in the game. If I were the Bears I would be looking at him because Rex Grossman may have to be replaced. Jacksonville needs a reliable QB. Baltimore can maybe use a new QB.
  10. Vick Indicted

    That still sounds like "ex post facto" prosecution to me, though I am not a lawyer. The U.S. Constitution forbids ex post facto prosecution, meaning that you cannot pass a law after someone commits an act and THEN prosecute him under the new law for his pre-existing act. So if you are dog-fighting, and there is no law on the books, and you STOP dog-fighting before a hypothetical new law comes on the books, then legally you can't be charged under the new law. If you start dog-fighting again AFTER the new law is passed, then you are fair game.
  11. Vick Indicted

    The offense occurred before May of this year, so I would think that prosecuting him under the law would constitute "ex post facto" prosecution, and wouldn't be possible. However, there might be older, less harsh statutes on the books that would apply.
  12. Culpepper released

    The Atlanta Falcons are suddenly on the list of interested teams... Jacksonville, Chicago, Oakland, Cleveland, maybe even the Pats could be good fits. And seriously, if Vick gets busted by the NFL (not sure how he will avoid that now that he is indicted) the Falcons will need help.
  13. Vick Indicted

    Michael Vick is writing his memoirs from the last couple years, entitled "If I was really into Josh Gordon, dog fighting and civil suits for infecting women with STDs"
  14. Vick Indicted

    In a related event, Roger Goodell announced that next week he and Mike Vick were going to be having the "most exciting" meeting in the NFL!!
  15. Tennessee RBs

    Lendale White will rack up some serious yards if the Titans can somehow manage to have their offense play downhill every Sunday. Other than that, his biggest threat to opposing teams is that he might break into the opposing locker room and empty the courtesy bowls of M&Ms that are left out for the sports reporters