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  1. A face to the name of DMD

    I wanna know more about those baby making parties the host mentioned.
  2. Anyone here have Lasik surgery?

    Had it done here 4 years ago. Best money I've ever spent. Your regular eye doc should be able to point you in the right direction. DO NOT SHOP FOR PRICE, shop only for latest technology and a quality surgeon. If money is an issue, stick with glasses/contacts.
  3. Someone should've "plugged the hole in the dike" before this got out of control.
  4. What is your post count ?

    It's the number of posts you have made at the Huddle, but that's not important right now.
  5. Michael Turner

    Looks like maybe a swap of first round picks + a second. Turner + 1.30 for 1.16 and 2.16
  6. Michael Turner

  7. Michael Turner

    Rumor is a deal is all but done for a 2008 1st round pick. Probably the Titans. Stay tuned.
  8. Chargers 2004 draft

    Actually, they have that draft as the 17th best. It's the 4th one listed, but they counted down from 20.
  9. Rick Spielman was on the Radio today

    The Battle of Wits has begun.

    In! Thanks Russman!
  11. Attention All Women Huddler's

    I like women.
  12. Michael Turner

    I think it's in AJ's best interest to trade him now so he can control where he goes. If he ends up siging with a division rival (Denver ) in '08, he'll be doing a whole lot of .

    How about if I buy yours, and you can upgrade?