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  1. Steelers 21 Seahawks 10 F-off.
  2. Which one of you writes for SpongeBob

    I watch Spongebob all the time and I have no children.
  3. Which is worse?

    Good info here.
  4. 2007 NHL Playoffs

  5. 2007 Mystery Huddler #4

  6. 2007 Mystery Huddler #4

    +1 What a flaming homo.
  7. A Song For Jeffrey

    We needed something to move and fill up the space we needed something this always is just the case jefrey with one f jeffery took up his place sat on a carpet and with tablas in hand took up the chase jefrey with one f jefrey now it occurred to me as he drove away d= r x t spacious (he's so) spacios space (i belive in ) space jefrey with one f jeffery now i'm going to sing the perry mason theme (he's so) spacious spacious (he's so) spacious (he's so) spacious jefrey with one f jeffery jefrey with one f jeffery jefrey with one f one f.
  8. 3 weeks until the Masters.

    Big time. I'm hoping, with the course supposedly playing like a British Open course, Justin Rose makes it happen today.
  9. Pittsburgh Pirates

  10. The Master's

    I took vacation days today and tomorrow just to watch the Masters, and those wascaly wabbits don't have it on TV until 4. Bastages. I wouldn't bet against Tiger, but I'd like to see Ernie or Darren Clarke win.
  11. 3 weeks until the Masters.

    I don't see DiMarco making it happen. Probably be another Tiger show. I'm hoping Ernie wins. Because I like him, and he's on my fantasy team.
  12. I should of...

  13. Let's play "cool or uncool"....

    Definitely cool.
  14. Tournament of Babes - Round 2

  15. so what is your favorite ABBA song?

    Waterloo is my favorite, but.. is highly entertaining.
  16. Favorite Rolling Stones and Beatles song

    Not a Stones fan, and for the Beatles it's hard to pick one, but I'll go with: Beatles: Rain Stones: Miss You
  17. REM

    +1, big time. Life's Rich Pageant is my personal favorite.
  18. Daylight Savings Time

    I totall f-ing hate daylight savings time.
  19. Squeegie grab your passport.

    Please cite your source for this "FACT." You have not thus far. You've only cited to sources that say that there is no link between smoking and meso. I will wait patiently while you fail to find anything relevant to your claim.
  20. 10, 000

    Awesome pics! Congrats on 10K!
  21. Squeegie grab your passport.

    To what lung cancer site are you referring? Oh - and did you notice from any of the sites linked in this thread that mesothelial cells line a number of organs in the body? People also get peritoneal mesothelioma (lining around the stomach) or pericardial mesothelioma (lining around the heart). Pleural mesotheliomas (lining around the lung) are the most common, as the asbestos fibers usually enter the body through the lungs.
  22. Squeegie grab your passport.

    It is a cancer that attacks the lining of organs (the "mesothelium"), not the organs themselves. Cancer of the lung, which is most comonly caused by smoking, is cancer in the lung itself. So, yes, I am saying that meso is not a lung cancer.
  23. Squeegie grab your passport.