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  1. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Thanks so much for telling us what we should think is funny. 🙄 If you’re going to school us, try using the right “too.” Hi all! 😊 LTNS
  2. What did I miss?

    Hey me too. ¡Hola!
  3. Treated lumber

    I just used Cabot Clear Solutions on mine. Cedar tinted. Looks awesome. I only had to do the railings though. We used a synthetic for the actual decking.
  4. America's Got Talent

    This contestant doofus who styled himself the Human Action Figure. He was all set to leap over 8 metal folding chairs to start his routine, but his foot caught the first one, he plowed through the remainder and was out like a light by the time he hit the floor. I assume he's really alright since they showed the whole thing on tv.
  5. America's Got Talent

    I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I know what happened. He knocked himself out cold, and didn't wake up for close to five minutes. They carted him off the field and took him to the hospital. My son was enthralled.
  6. the wii

    Agreed, but then the crowd is not their target demographic. Zelda is very good. We got it at Christmas with our Wii. Mario Party 8 looks like it's a souped up version of the Wii Sports type games. These days my kids are chowing on old Gamecube games that will also play in the Wii, since they never had a Cube. We were a PS2 family up til now.
  7. What Housing Bubble?

    Housing sales are in the toilet up here. Houses are on the market WAY longer than before and prices are down.
  8. Nutty Professor, indeed.

  9. Czarina has the coolest Huddle Buddy of them all.

  10. Prayers Needed

    Best wishes
  11. I gotta ask...

    I use self checkouts whenever it's an option. Then it's up to me how fast I get out of the store.
  12. I love old black and white movies. My favorite all time might just be The Philadelphia Story. Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart in one movie. Of course, I'd watch just about any movie with any of those three in it.
  13. When beauty goes bad

    Call me crazy, but that picture looks faked to me. Her legs look very different from each other.
  14. I was watching the other night when Sunset Blvd. came on and I was because all I could think of was how great Carol Burnett's spoof of 'Nora Desmond' was. That and her Gone with the Wind spoof as Vivian Leigh, making the gown out of the drapes and then saying, "I saw it in the window and I just had to have it."
  15. I ask, I beg...

    You're all missing the point here. It's so Fracking ridiculous that 5th graders graduate from anything.