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  1. The 'Over 45' FFL

    Correct. I had my last birthday about 12 years ago. I'm 29 forever. Really.
  2. The 'Over 45' FFL

    I'm not old enough for something! Woo hoo! EDIT: Will this be like the two guys in Trading Places? The loser will pay the winner one crisp new dollar bill? You did say it won't be a free league...
  3. Darius innocent?

    Is Ferguson out of the hospital yet? I've never particularly been a fan of his (owing mostly to rooting for Walker instead), but I have to give him major credit for taking that massive hit and holding onto the ball! And giving the crowd a thumbs up even though he had no feeling in the lower half of his body as they carted him off the field. Whatta guy!
  4. Smack Bowl

    I can't wait! And for the record, RNGD was in the FBRO BOTH league this year and stayed pretty much at the top of the heap all season. Well until this week anyhow. He has now been relegated to the pile of also rans. Right, Nick?
  5. Pedro Martinez to the Mets

    Hasn't been officially announced but it's headlining's site right now. 4 year $50mil deal.
  6. Corey Dillon - Stud RB

    I saw the limp too. Right after that stupid ref blocked him from a TD.

    Yeah. What he said. The Dolphins have always played the Pats tough in December. This used to be the annual Pats choke game. One for old time's sake last night, I guess.
  8. Why do Patriots go bothways?

    They've always had some first stringers play on ST. That's not new. Troy Brown playing DB is new this year. The Pats secondary has been decimated by injuries this year from the get go pretty much. When a guy like Earthwind Moreland gets significant playing time, you've got problems. Brown knew his time as the #1 WR was done and they found a way for him to continue to contribute. If Tyrone Poole and Ty Law were healthy, no way you'd see him out there at DB, but there you go. They've also had a few plays here and there on offense for guys like Vrabel. Seymour is pretty new getting into the act.
  9. Bulger set to return

    Hmmm, Bulger, Kitna or Carr. What to do, what to do?
  10. Julius Jones

    I agree and disagree. I believe he IS that good. However, because of his poor supporting cast, you can't count on him to do the kind of damage he should be able to do, week in and week out. 25 carries for 80 yards against the Philly D is pretty good for a rookie on a lousy team.
  11. Drumroll....

    That was one of those hits that make you go "eeewwwww" when you see the replay. Nasty. Even if there are no broken bones, how long would it take for ligaments to heal? Ouch, ouch, ouch.
  12. Monday Night...

    You know, I bet people would pay good money for me to keep you there too.
  13. Monday Night...

    I have Dillon, Patten and McMichael. I'm up 2.5. My opponent is done. I need to enjoy the game! In another game, I have Patten, Brady and Harrison. I'm down 35 or so. I need a miracle.
  14. this feeling sucks

    Yeah, it stinks. On the other hand, the (real) playoffs are coming and with them comes the Smackbowl. Oh and of course Mystery Huddler.
  15. Tom Jackson

    Irvin as Riff Raff
  16. Who sat Mason?

    I didn't even consider him today. I took him out of my lineup and never looked back. Oops.
  17. Tom Jackson

    What's worse is that the shade of brown matches his skin too. No contrast at all there. Still, it's better than Michael Irvin, who usually looks like he's got his jammies on. Either that or he looks like Riff Raff from the old Underdog cartoon.
  18. What I saw from the Giants today

    Maybe Kevan Barlow can help them while he's choosing a bunch of O linemen in the draft next year. To give the Giants O line a wee bit of credit, the Washington D has been pretty stout this year. Several times they broke right through the O line and were in the backfield by the time Tiki touched the ball though. Ouch.
  19. P Price Ball Repellant Spray!

    And he shared with Colbert tonight too. Either that or Muhammed sprayed a little Chanel #87 into Delhomme's eyes tonight.
  20. Patriot CB done for the year

    He hasn't ever feasted on the Pats' decimated teams in the past couple years, I don't see why this year would be any different. Please recall that last year was the year the Pats set a record with the highest number of players to start during the season due to the ridiculous number of injuries they had. The key, IMO, to any future matchup between the two teams will be whether Indianapolis' own defense can step it up enough to hold the Pats down in a shootout. Thus far, this has not been the case.
  21. Boller over Culpepper

    I scooped Boller up off the waiver wire yesterday, but I don't know if I have the nerve to use him. Then again, my only other option is David Carr.
  22. Pedro Martinez to the Mets

    This morning's story is that the deal isn't quite done, and hinges on the content of Petey's physical. MRI or no? How in depth? If this deal blows up based on the physical, poor Petey's value will plummet. Maybe he shoulda just taken the Sox' offer. And he's so high maintenance. By year 4 of that contract, he'd need a month in the Dominican to recuperate between starts. And permission to show up late and leave early...
  23. Tatum Bell not as bad as was feared

    Bell: It's just a flesh wound...I'm getting better!
  24. Anyone else feel like a dumb a$$ today?

    No more so than any other day.