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  1. Pedro Martinez to the Mets

    I don't see the Sox stepping up to a 4 year deal for him. Nor should they. Good luck to him and the Mets though. Anything that sticks in the craw of the Yankees is all good to me.
  2. Hello ... my name is Blitzkrieg ...

    The Antonio Bryant situation is pretty damming, isn't it? There he was right under their noses all that time. And in godforsaken Cleveland of all places (pardon me, loaf), he springs into life. Go figure. Sometimes that Parcells magic works the wrong way. I know Bryant's no angel, work-ethic and attitude wise, but how could they have failed to get even a quarter out of him what he was worth all this time? That's a head scratcher, that one.
  3. Could Drew Henson really be ANY worse than Testy?

    I think Warner might be available next year...someone get on the phone...
  4. Could Drew Henson really be ANY worse than Testy?

    Please see the Kurt Warner vs. Eli Manning thread. Yes, he apparently could be worse than the veteran, given the notion that Manning > Henson.
  5. Congratulations? When did we start....

    Any excuse to crack open a bottle of the bubbly is good enough for me.
  6. Eli Manning ... is he a bust?

    Was Shockey making any noise this year with Warner under center? I don't own him anywhere. Tiki was the #1 scoring RB in my dynasty league until the Hick got the job.
  7. Eli Manning ... is he a bust?

    He could eventually be the second coming of Peyton, but I will never forgive him for singlehandedly ruining Tiki Barber's season.

    I won the only playoff game I'm in yesterday. All my other games have No Fantasy Impact.
  9. Andre Johnson

    Isn't Johnson injured? I thought he was questionable to play today. Maybe he's not in as much as usual.
  10. I expect Edgerrin James

    Seriously, someone should remind Peyton that he could actually throw the dam ball to Edge. That would satisfy us all.
  11. Dillon

    Dillon has a lot going for him today. He only needs 129 yards to make his next incentive level, which is worth 500k and it would be sweet to get it against the Bungles, I'm sure. On the other hand, if the Pats go up by a lot early I'd expect them to use Dillon more sparingly in anticipation of the playoffs, etc.
  12. I expect Edgerrin James

    From your fingertips to Peyton's ears, I'd like this to be true.
  13. Before you post take a look...

    Let me explain. No, there is no time, let me sum up: Jamal Lewis will start Reuben Droughns is currently expected to play, but has a hand injury David Givens and Daniel Graham are out Corey Dillon is in Darrell Jackson will reportedly start, as will Jerry Rice
  14. David Givens inactive!

    The report I heard said that he aggravated a muscle pull/strain in warmups.
  15. Givens out!

    I'd guess that really bumps Branch up, not sure about Patten. I did bench Patten last week to my detriment last week though...
  16. Weis to become Notre Dame coach

    Local news last night said there were still a couple issues to be ironed out. Presumably when he'd start is one of those issues. He's supposedly going to be working on putting a staff together this week. I have a hard time seeing the Pats let him leave before the end of the season. That wouldn't be right.
  17. Weis to become Notre Dame coach

    This is a really huge loss for the Pats. Charlie deserves his shot as head coach, though. Just never thought he'd go to the college level. Then again, he's been passed over by all the teams looking for a new head coach for the past few years. It was a great move for Pete Carroll to go to USC, though, so who knows?
  18. Darrell Jackson news?

    Has anyone heard whether Jackson will play this week? I understand there was a death in the family or some such. I desperately need him to have the game of his life this week.
  19. Darrell Jackson news?

    I sort of had them mixed up, BJ. Jackson's dad has cancer, and Jackson flew home to be with him. He's expected to join the team in MN.
  20. For Squeegie

    Classless, Selfish Basturd Named Sportsman of the Year
  21. For Squeegie

    Hey, I'm not sure I think he deserves it either, but I knew it would get under Squeegie's skin.
  22. 4000

    WTG Fraz, those girls of yours will thank you for years for quitting now. Well done!
  23. Julius Jones

    My season has been in the tank from week 1 thanks in some part to Kevan Barlow. Things are already looking up for next year now that Julius is running, and running so well.
  24. Tom Brady is a classless, selfish basturd

    Thank you. Sheesh. These Manning lovers need something to hold onto while telling themselves and the world that it's not all about Peyton's stats this year.
  25. News on Onterrio

    Hear, Hear!