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  1. The Red Sox win the World Series

    Wow. Who the hell is Derek Lowe channeling these days? This isn't the same guy who pitched himself out of the rotation this summer. Cross your fingers for no injuries out and about in the city tonight.
  2. STOLEN HONOR: Wounds that never heal

    This is a sport now?
  3. Red Sox will beat the Cards...

    I wish I had that type of confidence, but the Cards have a pretty killer lineup and the Sox have not traditionally done very well in interleague play. Pedro is slipping, Curt needs that weirdo stitching just to take the mound again. Wakefield is very good..but he needs a lot of run support and the Sox bats haven't exactly been smoking of late.
  4. Any of you Red Sox fans

    Naturally I'd love for them to win it all. However, I have my doubts that either of the AL teams could beat the NL team this year. Just a hunch, but I think the emotional let down from this week is going to hurt them a lot. For me personally, the humiliation of the Yankees is enough. I'm not that big a baseball fan.
  5. Any of you Red Sox fans

    Ridiculous. I know that the Sox payroll is the second highest, but you do realize that the Yankees' payroll is nearly $60million higher, right? That's enough difference to have practically the entirety of either the Astros or the Cards on their rolls as well. That's huge.
  6. Original huddle members

    I'm a newbie. I didn't arrive til 2000.
  7. BoSox win in 14

    You could fit the entire payroll of some teams within the difference between the Yanks and the Sox. Next year the Yanks will be sporting Pedro too, it would seem.
  8. BoSox win in 14

    No way Schilling belongs in that game. I love him, but jeez. The man should be having his surgery ASAP.
  9. Who's Your Dealer?

    Red Sox chant to Sheffield tonight. Yeah, I know he's been killing us (right along with the rest of those high priced hookers called the Yankees), but it's still funny.
  10. Any of you Red Sox fans

    Through the eyes of a child tonight: My 9 year old walks into the room while the Yankees are up at bat and says, "What's that old guy doing out there?" It was Tony Clark.
  11. Any of you Red Sox fans

    I'm pretty sure that Dale Sveum (?sp) is on the Yankee's payroll. That man oughta be shot. He's been doing this to the team all year long. Incredible.
  12. The New Skin

    Wow, I'm not having page loading troubles at all. Go figure. It was slow during all the changeovers, but now it's fine.
  13. Ugly Tuna...How bout a wager?

    Yep, the Dolphins will dominate.
  14. Nomar to the Cubs

    Nomar is a big fat, lying liar. So there. If you'd seen any Red Sox games this season...from when he finally came back that is, you'd have seen Nomar hanging around looking like someone just kicked his puppy all the time. He was very clear in his actions and attitudes that Boston was the last place on the planet he wanted to be in.
  15. Username

    I checked around the profile settings, but can't find where to change my display name. Can this be done now? I'd like my old name back.
  16. Coach K to the Lakers??

    IMO, he'd be stupid to give up his very cushy job for that rat's nest. He strikes me as the type of guy who's used to having his players do what he tells them to. No chance of that happening in LA. lol
  17. PISTONS WIN!!!

    Chauncey Billups, why can't the Celtics get a guy like that? doah Rick Pitino ruined basketball in Boston.
  18. ARod to Yankees?

    They were able to pull off the deal because Soriano is so much cheaper than Manny was. It made it possible to have Texas eat some of the ARod contract. It's all about the cash and ARod's desperation to get out of Texas. The Yankees will now implode from the collective weight of their egos. lol How do you think ARod will hold up under the intense scrutiny of the NY market? Has he ever played in a fishbowl like this? Jeter better have a career year, or they'll be calling for ARod at shortstop by the All Star break. Best of luck, hope it works out for you!
  19. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Huh, I never posted in this thread. I guess that's because I've been ignoring it. wink Who: Czarina, a very happy Pats Fan What: Clinical Social Worker, currently doing hospice work part-time. I spend the rest of my time chasing my two boys around. They're 8 and 5. When: 40 ::argh:: Some day soon I'm going to have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Where: New Hampshire Why: Why? You have to ask why? Fantasy Bio: Been playing FF for about 5 years or so. Grew up watching football, started kibbitzing over hubby's shoulder several years ago when he started playing. Got my own team and it hasn't been the same since. Won my local redraft Super Bowl last year, came in 2nd this year. Finally had a decent season in the PnH dynasty league this year. I think I became addicted to the Huddle boards during the 2000 presidential campaign, the Tailgate was hopping those days. thumbs_u
  20. Screw Pete Rose

    So this year he admits generically he bet on baseball. In his next book, he will admit he bet on the Reds to win. Finally in his 3rd book, he'll admit that he screwed the team all the way around. Let him keep on swinging in the wind.
  21. 2003 Huddle Awards

    You know, I might have voted for the huddle challenge -- if I'd been invited to play in it. :P Thanks to everyone for the mentions. I think Kid Cid wants to take his vote for me in the tailgate back, as I recently posted a song from Year Without a Santa Claus over there. brow
  22. 2003 Huddle Awards

    Best Huddle Game - Smackbowl Best Username - Frozen Head of Ted Williams Best Sigline - Policyvote's still makes me chuckle whenever I see it. OR any sigline written by Chavez when someone is unlucky enough to lose a bet with him wink Best Fisherman - least I hope he's fishing.. Most Respected - Big John. He's a little scary at times, but you gotta give him credit for that omniscience thing he's got going on. Most Hated - Most Annoying - Best use of Graemlins - Best post/thread - ANY that don't mention WDIS? Who you'd most want to have a beer with - I'm sorry I hate beer. Could I have margaritas with some of you instead? brow I choose the Skybox crew. Who you'd most want to talk football with - Ditto the Skyboxers Best Fantasy Advice Forum Advisor - Hugh One Tailgate Award -(for those who like to spend their time there)- Chavez, who never fails to make me chuckle Newbie of the Year - Newbie Tool of the Year - MVH - Most Valuable Huddler - I'll throw that to those guys behind the curtain who make it all run.
  23. Ideas from the huddled masses

    And by the way, it looks like someone took a broom to the place on Friday morning. thumbs_u Thanks
  24. Ideas from the huddled masses

    I'd recommend Big John and yes, even Blitz. You might need more than one. Just someone or two who could, without rancor, move threads to the advice forum when appropriate. No big discussion, time outs or wagging of fingers necessary. wink Of course Big John would keep detailed stats, but he does that already anyhow it would appear. big_shoc

    I'd forgotten about this thread. Baseball surely has its problems, but the playoffs this year were fantastic entertainment. All the series were full of excitement and good "stories." Young Josh Beckett pitching a complete game shutout on 3 days' rest to win the WS, in NY against the Yankees, well that was just the icing on the cake. jump This Marlins team was a pretty likeable bunch. At least you know this time out they didn't buy the series like they did before. Lots of scrappy young players on that team.