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    Hey Pettite pitched a terrific game tonight. I think that as a team, the Yankees are a reasonably likeable group (Garcia and Nelson excepted). It's not them I have a problem with.

    Hey Pettite pitched a terrific game tonight. I think that as a team, the Yankees are a reasonably likeably group (Garcia and Nelson excepted). It's not them I have a problem with.

    I propose that the jester icon be renamed the Big Ernie. It's a good fit. cool_thu

    Thanks for proving my point. I knew I could count on you. BTW, I don't think the Sox are cursed. I just hate Yankees fans. cool_thu

    It's funny how Yankee fans pin so much on the supposed Curse. Wouldn't you rather believe that your team is good? It's like you're saying you'd never have beaten the Sox all those years without it. Funny. thinking The reason people hate the Yankees, I believe, is that Yankee fans are among the smuggest and least classy anywhere in sports. Witness the attitudes found here. Were they good sports about their ongoing successes, I'm sure more people would root for them and feel some connection to them. The sense of entitlement trickles down from crazy King George I guess.
  6. lost login/password

    Thanks much! thumbs_u
  7. The missing links

    The links to the 2002 schedule info on the front page aren't working.
  8. Whining Canadians????

    Alright I admit it, I can't stand the Canadiens, never could. But it was very clear when it happened and in countless replays that the man was moving under his own power. He moved his hands. I don't think they thought his neck was broken, is what I'm saying. That's what was confusing to me. I saw him move. He felt up to his face like he was checking for blood, etc. Then the trainer comes out and then he's apparently unconcsious. Despite the fact I hate the Canadiens, I hate to see somebody get seriously injured in the course of a game. A broken nose and a broken cheekbone is no picnic. McLaren will very likely get a suspension out of it, and he probably deserves it. [ 04-26-2002: Message edited by: Czarina ]
  9. Whining Canadians????

    They were treating him as though his neck was broken, is what I'm saying. Now it's entirely possible that he did pass out afterwards, but he appeared to be talking to the first trainer that came out onto the ice. Couple minutes later, they tied his skates and his hands together and isolated him. Now, did he pass out or become incommunicative? It's possible. But isolating his head the way they did probably indicated to the crowd that his neck was broken.
  10. Whining Canadians????

    I was watching that game. It was vicious, but McLaren was skating backwards toward Zednick and turned just as Zednick arrived. I'm sure he meant to hit him, but that was a bit much. On the other hand, Zednick clearly started to move on his own, reaching up to feel his nose before he crumpled back down on the ice. I think it was a bit of gamesmanship by the Canadiens the way they acted as though his neck was broken. The Canadiens's coach was seen to be threatening Guerin and Thornton on the bench. Tune in Sunday at 1pm for the remake of Slapshot.
  11. I just got this, figure you guys know what to do with it. Tried to open zero sized thread 010682 in forum 1 at /usr/local/etc/httpd/sites/ line 762. Please inform the board administration of this error so that they may fix the problem. Thank you!
  12. Password input?

    Wow I hope this is fixed soon... I have found though that if I hit cancel, then page back to the previous screen once the failed authorization message comes up, it goes through.
  13. Who's online?

    One of the other sites has a feature where when you sign in, you can see what other members are online at that time. I thought it was the same board software as this, but I see now it's not. Is this feature available -- or would the buddy list option for PM work that way?