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  1. Keep Your Fork

    A friend of mine gave out forks and this poem/story to her friends a few years ago when she was celebrating the end of her lymphoma treatments.
  2. If I go back to clinical work, I'll be working with kids again, preferably elementary or middle school aged. If I end up going back to school, it will be for special education. I might look into taking on a couple of private clients at some point. The liability issue makes me :shudder: though. If I dove into doing private practice, I would absolutely work on a practice in which I didn't have to accept insurance. I'd work for a lot less not to have to deal with that whole rat's nest. At the moment though, on a whim, I'm looking into some university based work, nonclinical.
  3. Been there, done that. Although frankly, I think I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a fork than do couples therapy. I may be returning to the biz after several years hiatus this fall. To be honest, I'm not thrilled about it but it's a money thing. And I'd be working as a visiting professional to some local public schools.
  4. OK, lawyers, what's your take on this one?

    If the guy was clearly intoxicated -- and apparently he was -- then I can see the bar/restaurant having some legal liability for continuing to serve him. In some states at least, the establishment has a responsibility to cut off anyone who is obviously intoxicated. The rest would be hysterically funny if it weren't so damned pitiful.
  5. $1000 for a new set of car keys?

  6. 24

    Meh. They wrapped things up a bit, which is fine, but it didn't have me on the edge of my seat by any means.
  7. I'm so glad you went to visit. I'm sure it was a boost for Polks in this most trying of times. Additional prayers sent for the Polks family. Keep your chin up, Polks.
  8. Party Idea

    Wow, did this thread take a turn down Disaster Street for CEO.
  9. You probably have to search the internet for instructions on how to open it and the bottles mysteriously crash to the floor for no apparent reason.
  10. They'd be sitting at their desks looking at porn and chatting on the huddle. So it's not like you'd be gaining any productivity.
  11. New addition to the d3 family...

    VERY cute. A friend of mine had a black lab that was absolutely insane. :shudder:
  12. Point Break 2

    It IS a joke. It's just on the producers.
  13. What book are you currently reading?

    He has a new book out about professional golf. The title has Q School in it. Heard him talking about it on the radio the other day. I'm finally reading George RR Martin's Feast for Crows.
  14. Prayers Needed Desparately

    I hope you get good news. I know only too well how these things shake you to your foundation. Prayers sent.
  15. Survivior Fans

    Agreed. Yau blew it completely. Dreamz was one of those dumb like a fox kind of guys. He was so unpredictable, so random that people couldn't tell if he really was stupid or if he was playing them all. Whether accidentally or on purpose, he did play both alliances all the way through, destroyed one of them completely, got Yau out of the game, got the car and made it to the final. He knew that giving up immunity meant that he was getting voted out, since Cassandra was way easier to beat in the final than he would have been, had he given up the immunity. He had to know that he wasn't going to win, but he would get a share of the runner-up money. I'm baffled as to why he didn't try to press Yau into voting Cassandra at that last vote. He was pretty tricksy getting Cassandra and Earl to vote for Yau though. For a season that was pretty boring most of the way, it was pretty entertaining the last couple weeks. The thing I was most surprised about is that Yau didn't get one of those 'reunion show' cars or a duplicate million bucks.
  16. Bad news for the Steelers

    You can't throw this bit in there and then not tell us who it is.
  17. Bad Luck Date

    My bad luck date is 2007. I shouldn't say that though. I'd like to think the winds of change are finally shifting our way here. :fingerscrossed:
  18. To all the huddle Moms

    Aw, thanks. All the best to Mrs. Whomper too.
  19. Kansas Huddlers

    I've been a little too absorbed in my own life these days and I've been meaning to ask. I know we must have a few Huddlers from that region. Have we heard from them? The pictures of the devastation those storms left behind is .
  20. A serious topic that I'd like some comments on.

    The job of principal tends to attract people who are Little Napoleans. It's the nature of the beast. Situations like this one are why teachers unions fight for things like tenure, because one nutjob can cause serious damage to your career.
  21. A serious topic that I'd like some comments on.

    Even if he doesn't have tenure, they can't just fire him without cause, can they? It was good that he got approval from the parents first..but I guess he should have also run it by the principal. What this comes down to is that you should never, ever, make your boss look stupid. They abhor being blindsided by anything and having to answer for stuff like this.
  22. Number 5 has arrived...

    Congratulations! I am in awe of anyone who can handle more than two short people in the house. I can't play zone defense, I guess.
  23. Vegetarianism seems to me to be a weak excuse for this sort of behavior. If anything, I think that people who appear to think that much about how they eat tend to be a bit more -- intellectually curious -- than to simply assume that soy milk and apple juice would suffice. Even if they spoke to friends who are also vegans, they'd have learned differently. Even soy baby formula would have done the trick, obviously, so I think the early money is on something more than stupidity.