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  1. Something that's never happened to me...happened

    This is so true. Comcast's preferred method is an "off-site meeting." They'll rent out a conference room at a nearby hotel and bring people in a couple at a time to meet with the HR person and a supervisor. They have your severance materials all right there, they collect your stuff and send you away. You don't get to go to the office at all. For my husband, his boss called him at 5pm Friday for a meeting off site first thing on Tuesday after a long weekend. So we stewed about it all weekend...and then it happened. It took them 10 minutes.
  2. Something that's never happened to me...happened

    Mike, that sucks. Sorry to hear you're going through this. My husband was similarly laid off from Comcast after 17 years with the company in January. Luckily we have severance for the time being, but it really sucks. I don't know if you're the sort who can appreciate the 'time off' until you find something new, but it's driving my husband NUTS. Being in the business/marketing end of things I would hope you'd find the job market pretty open. Good luck finding something new and better.
  3. RB Michael Bush is healthy again

    I believe he made a predraft visit to NE this week...
  4. Bye bye basement

    No doubt, but first I need a job. And so does my husband.
  5. Bye bye basement

    It's probably a good idea to have someone come take a look at it. Luckily, the water itself never made it more than about 2" deep and it's all on concrete. We don't have any drywall down there. As soon as I can get all the crap out of there this weekend, I can get to scrubbing it out. The weather is supposed to turn terrific by Saturday.
  6. Bye bye basement

    Much as I'd like to nail them to the wall, our loss in terms of possessions is minimal. The cost of repairing this basement properly though, ouch. I think we'll know more by the weekend when we can get all the stuff out and hopefully the water will stop running. I'm hopeful that Hugh will be all set -- assuming his policy is written the way mine is. Mind you, his pumps didn't break...but they did FAIL to remove the water.
  7. Bye bye basement

    This was the rant I had on the phone with the agent today. My house was whole two days ago, today it isn't. I have never filed a claim with my insurance in the twelve years I've lived in this house.
  8. Bye bye basement

    I feel your pain, Hugh. They've already told me we're not covered, despite the fact that we've had a basement that's bone dry since it was built. It's now got water pouring through the foundation all around like a freaking river. The jerkoff agent read me the exclusion wording over the phone. I'm SO not loving homeownership at all these days. They told us that if we had a sump pump that failed, we'd have been covered. Hopefully, this will work in your favor. Since we had none at all -- because we didn't freaking need one -- we're screwed. Thank God the furnace and washer/dryer are safe. Luckily, our basement is not finished (and now probably never will be either). We're renting a Dumpster so we can throw everything away. I'm going to have to fix it with hydraulic cement and we're going to Drylock the beejeezus out of it and hope for the best. We can't afford to do anything major right now.
  9. If you like to sleep around, read this

    If it really is the flu though, there IS no point taking antibiotics for it. Antibiotics don't fix viral infections. When I was sick I really hemmed and hawed about going to the doctor because I figured it was the flu. When it was continuing to develop after 3 days with fever, chills, cough, etc. it was time to go in. Good thing I did too, since it was pneumonia.
  10. If you like to sleep around, read this

    Having nothing to do with STDs..I got a shot of Rocephin at the hospital when I had pneumonia. That stuff kicks ass, but OH the side effects.
  11. Imus update

    Yeah, I know. I didn't either. But my mom is a big college basketball fan and I saw a little coverage on ESPN.
  12. Imus update

    You know, maybe it's putting too fine a point on it...but did any of you even hear the original comment in its context? He was talking about these fine upstanding young women from Rutgers and basically how thuggish they appeared as compared to some other team...North Carolina maybe? The Rutgers girls are covered in tattoos, etc. He said they looked like nappy headed hos compared to the other girls. Is it a rotten thing to say, sure. Did he say those girls from Rutgers ARE nappy headed hos? Not so much. Did any of you watch any of the tournament? I actually thought those girls were sporting a rather thuggish look myself, though I wouldn't have turned quite the phrase that Imus did.
  13. Imus update

    I was just reading (ok, skimming) an article at that says that Imus' show represented about 20 million in ad revenues to CBS...and that that 20 mill only accounts for about 1% of their revenues. I think they could have chosen to ride out the storm of negative publicity if they'd have chosen that course of action.
  14. Imus update

    I think it's ridiculous he's losing his job over this. I'm no huge Imus fan or anything, but the man stood up and took responsibility for what he did and apologized (over and over and over). Enough already. CBS knew what they had in Imus when they hired him and they've been more than happy to be making money from airing his show all these years. Now that the Sega! hits the fan, they cave to the Sharpton and Jackson crowd like a bunch of cowards. Pfft.
  15. 2007 Mystery Huddler #5

    This guy is clearly a kidnapper. Look at that poor baby trying to call for help in picture 4.
  16. Maybe you could put lifts in your shoes.
  17. I'm trying to decide...

    Excellent point. At your age, most people are looking for the person they want to settle down with, not someone to 'have fun with'. If after this much time you aren't sure, then it's probably time to cut her loose. If she's ready for marriage, it's not fair to string her along if you aren't ready too. Interestingly, she seems to think you're the one because she's sticking you have trouble making decisions in other facets of your life?
  18. Lefty

    :leftywave: I'm pretty strongly lefty. I use right-handed scissors, but that's about the only thing that's righty designed that I do that way. Sugar Magnolia, how do you know you're left-eye dominant, have you been tested? I was discussing this just recently with the OT at my school, in relation to some of the first graders who are having difficulty with letter reversal.
  19. The Pet Food Dilemna

    Government: Pet food recall expands further -- possibly for last time By Andrew Bridges, Associated Press Writer | April 5, 2007 WASHINGTON --The recall of pet foods and treats contaminated with an industrial chemical expanded Thursday to include dog biscuits made by an Alabama company and sold by Wal-Mart under the Ol'Roy brand. The Food and Drug Administration said the manufacturer, Sunshine Mills Inc., is recalling dog biscuits made with imported Chinese wheat gluten. Testing has revealed the wheat gluten, a protein source, was contaminated with melamine, used to make plastics and other industrial products. Also Thursday, Menu Foods, a major manufacturer of brand- and private-label wet pet foods expanded its original recall to include a broader range of dates and varieties. Menu Foods was the first of at least six companies to recall the now more than 100 brands of pet foods and treats made with the contaminated ingredient. The recall now covers "cuts and gravy"-style products made between Nov. 8 and March 6, Menu Foods said. Previously, it only applied to products made beginning Dec. 3. In addition, Menu Foods said it was expanding the recall to include more varieties, but no new brands. The FDA knows of no other pet product companies planning recalls, agency officials told reporters.
  20. Help!

    I have a security update waiting for me to install right now. Think I'll skip it. Then again, I only just installed service pack 2 for XP this weekend. They've finally stopped supporting SP1. So many people had trouble with it I just never installed it.
  21. The Pet Food Dilemna

    A friend had to have her dog on a special diet for a while. She was told that to cook hamburger for the dog, she should boil it, in order to get the fat out. I never would have considered doing it that way and I suppose that rinsing it after cooking would work the same but
  22. The Pet Food Dilemna

    Yes, but you do know that Hill's DRY Prescription m/d was just added to the list of recalled foods, right? My cat eats the i/d.
  23. The Pet Food Dilemna

    My cat has been on prescription cat food for a few months related to a digestive problem he's been having (he's 14yo). I'm deeply suspicious that Science Diet is somehow involved here. He's been eating it exclusively for a couple years without difficulty. Now I see they've recalled one of the SD prescription foods. That stuff is $$ too. I was contemplating making cat food for him...but he eats dry food, not wet. Might be worth a go.
  24. A question of character.

    Were I in such a situation, I would: Consider confronting the private forum bully Absolutely take that person's behavior into account when dealing with him Consider letting it be known if necessary that a person might be two-faced; probably only if someone else on the board was getting involved in a new league, etc. I might not spill the beans per se, but I might drop a word or two about how above board a potential new league member would be, etc. I might be bothered enough by that person's behavior to have private conversations about that person with other members of the league. Probably have to get a new private forum for it though. Sky, does this hypothetical person thinks he's being funny? Is he a humor one-trick pony that got a rise out of people for doing it at first and just can't let it go?