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  1. I got a married woman pregnant!

    Homewrecker. Congratulations!
  2. Peyton hosting SNL this week!

    As much as I hate his commercials because they're on 24/7 during the football season, I do think they showed that Peyton might actually have a personality. I bet he'll have a few good moments, but he shouldn't quit his day job.
  3. who needs a grill?

  4. Standardized Testing...

    Eh, acing the Miller Analogies still looked better than doing 'meh' on the GRE, I'm sure.
  5. Standardized Testing...

    I took the Miller Analogies for graduate school instead of the GRE. Avoided that whole 'math thing'.
  6. Standardized Testing...

    Standardized testing isn't the be all end all that NCLB has made it out to be. There are unintended consequences to everything and unfortunately it's all about the testing now. Irish, I wrote a long post that got eaten by the stupid computer. Long story short, are you familiar with Brain Gym? The OT at my school has been using some of the techniques at school. There are some that might be useful for your kid who's freezing up during testing to help break through the fight/flight response he's having.
  7. Can my landlord charge me?

    $10 is a steal. You oughta buy him some beer too or something. Especially since this was that really heavy, wet snow. Widowmaker snow. I bet he was kidding though. Now, if he were trying to charge you $50, that would be different.
  8. Watch out, you bandwidth hogs

    And you know who you are This could be a hugh problem soon with Netflix trying to bring their downloadable movies program online. Yipes.
  9. Halliburton loves America

    Does this change any knowing that most of the work Halliburton does for us is related to the military? Do you really want to hire a foreign company to service our military interests, such as they are?
  10. Watch out, you bandwidth hogs

    FiOS is lovely if you can get it. Verizon doesn't seem committed to finishing the job of stringing the fiber optic cable at all. They spent nearly 2 years stringing cable in NH, only to abandon the whole state altogether because they couldn't negotiate a contract state wide. Talk about a colossal screw up.
  11. Breaking News

    Interesting angle. I've always figured him for a future in politics in the future...wonder if he deep sixed those aspirations with his recent venture into unwed fatherhood...
  12. Breaking News

    Beer, I think it has more to do with their evaluation of the talent available to them both in FA and the draft..and their needs. They had the money to spend this year and so they did. Historically, the Pats have always spent up pretty close to the's just that they don't typically give out hugh contracts. So in that sense this is a little different. I think they lost out on 1-2 guys in last year's FA because of the structure of the contracts offered (Derrick Mason, for example). And speaking of that...I bet Mason wishes he'd gone to the Pats now rather than the no man's land he's in.
  13. How many times a day you come here?

    this could be hugh....
  14. It's on the Globe website now too. I remember reading a year or two ago that Brady was feeling a little 'constrained' by his clean cut image. Way to take care of that, Tom. Suppose he's Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Danielynn's daddy too?
  15. So anyway...where did you hear this rumor and how reliable is the source?
  16. Is this the modern day version of marking your territory?
  17. Wow, I left for a meeting tonight and came home to a nicely set up wireless router. Hubby is in the midst of buying us Super Mario Brothers and the origina Zelda right now. FYI, buy Wii shopping points direct from Nintendo or at Walmart. The price is better. They charge an extra $5 at Amazon.
  18. I've entered the 21st century at last

    He set it up that we need to enter a password to use the network, is that enough? Also, I live on 2.5 acres here and I can barely see my neighbor's houses through the trees. I don't think anyone's going to be using my 100' network out in my front yard.
  19. Hippies

    Feed the mayo to the tuna!
  20. I've entered the 21st century at last

    I'm sitting on the couch, watching NES Zelda, web surfing. When does football season start??
  21. Hippies

    You're like the Michael Keaton character from the movie Night Shift. I'm probably the only one here who remembers that movie. He was an 'idea man' too.
  22. I like Wes Welker

    Like Nick, I totally disagree that not having Branch is why the Pats didn't make it to the SB this year. They scored plenty, however the D couldn't hold up. I suppose you could argue that the Pats having short drives is what caused the D to tire -- it's a valid point. Still and all, the Pats D couldn't stop anything in the middle pretty much all day and I really think that was the nail in their coffin.
  23. I like Wes Welker

    The reports I saw yesterday said that it was a trade between Miami and NE for Welker, not an offer sheet. Miami gets a 2nd and 7th, the Pats get Welker.
  24. I like Wes Welker

    He's young and up-and-coming. Troy Brown might finally be ready to retire and Welker is a Troy Brown kind of guy, only faster. I like the move.
  25. Boston Herald Reporting

    Kyle Brady has also signed, according to the Reiss' Pieces blog.