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  1. 10, 000

  2. Randy Moss Trade Talk

    The Pats did their due diligence on Dillon before bringing him in. I don't know that Moss could survive the same kind of scrutiny. If he could convince them that he could be an upstanding, hard-working citizen in the same way that Dillon did -- and then prove it out...well I guess I'd welcome him.
  3. Shaun Livingston's Knee

    I didn't see it (nor do I want to from the sound of it) -- but it sounds like every possible bad thing that could happen did happen.
  4. I'm just getting over pneumonia myself and I now know 3 other people who've had it this year. Freaky. I got a shot of Rocephin in the ER, along with a Z pack to take at home. Man, that stuff is gold. It had knocked out my fever within a few hours.
  5. february 26 2007

    Congratulations! Now, he didn't do anything foolish like eat or inhale any of that poop, did he?
  6. Today was a bad day

    Max, frequent warm baths with NO soap in the tub will be soothing to his hiney.
  7. Today was a bad day

    My oldest had rotovirus when he was 13 months old. Nastiest, foulest smelling diapers that went on for weeks. Yes, keep the pedialyte coming, but in tiny, tiny increments. Try freezing it into pops. They used to make them, but I'm not sure they do any more. The Pedialyte can be a tough sell, because it tastes like nothing, pretty much. EDIT: You must, must, must take care of the little pooper's bottom. Slather on the Balmex or whatever you use for a diaper cream. When Nick was sick we ended up needing a prescription cream for his poor little bottom.
  8. Wireless Network Question

    We just ordered a wireless router yesterday. So someone's going to be needing to tell me how to secure this stuff, because I surely have no idea.
  9. James Cameron: maker of the movie 'The Titanic'

    Our friend moneymakers is reading the thread. Someone go wake DMD up and whip out that thread gun.
  10. Sledding down the Swiss Alps

    Very cool!
  11. Seahawks use franchise tag

    Tell that to the Cowboys.
  12. cops in boston

    The reason that teacher salary is so high is the large number of teacher's at the top end of the scale. Many teacher salary scales in the Boston area top out at ~$65k after FOURTEEN years on the job. They sure as hell don't start out there. Some districts offer longevity incentives that kick in after several years, but many don't.
  13. Anyone with Disney experience?

    You should check at Mousesavers to verify the pricing. Also, if you price the tickets online through it shows you that the break point in days is 4. Park hopping is important, especially if you have small kids, since you might want to do 1/2 day one place, go back to the hotel for lunch and rest and then off to another for the remainder of the day.
  14. Anyone with Disney experience?

    AAA...we're not just for changing Puddy's tires anymore!
  15. Anyone with Disney experience?

    Parkhopper discounts are relatively tough to come by. You could join AAA and order through them, that could save you a few bucks. How long are you going for? Your kids are pretty small to be going and could become pretty overwhelmed by it all. Don't try to do too much. You WON'T see everything..but they won't know they're missing out on anything so long as you don't get too stressed over it and you don't hype up all the things they're going to see before you get there. It's going to be crowded, so be prepared to wait in lines. Are you going to be staying inside the park or out? Strollers are an absolute must, no matter how energetic your kids are. You can get them through crowds faster that way, and if you've never been before, you'll be astonished at just how freakin' big the place is. Mousesavers is a great site as is AllEarsNet
  16. Girlfriend dragged me to a Damien Rice show.......

    Should I know who this is?
  17. Tim Hardaway

    I think it's funny that he thinks he's never played on a team with a gay teammate before. Highly unlikely. He just didn't know it, is all. It sounds a little "I think he doth protest too much" in a sense, doesn't it? There was an article just recently about the homophobia in the African American community and black men having sex with other black men 'on the down low' while maintaining heterosexual relationships as a leading cause of the rise in HIV rates for black women.
  18. Tiki-Coughlin drove me to retire

    I wonder if Tiki would have gone out so bitter if the tough coach in question was a Parcells or Cowher type. I think it has less to do with the coaching style and more to do with the man. I think this is all about Coughlin being a. . .jerk.
  19. Our first Webkinz just arrived today. They're all the rage with the elementary school set at my school. For those not in the know, they're small stuffed animals that you register online with a 'secret' code. You can play games at the site and build your Webkinz' room.
  20. I can't decide if they're stupid and they really believe that global warming means it will never be cold on a given day, or if they do understand and they think they're being clever.
  21. It's Beany Babies all over again

    Oh no. And at $11.95 a pop for the decent sized ones, the company is making a fortune, or they will be. You sign up at the website with the secret code found in your tag. It gives you 2000 webkinz dollars to decorate its room and take care of your pet with. You play games to earn more dollars, etc. There's emails and postcards to send, even an IM. It's got a kid like SIMS feel as you have to keep your pet happy, fed, etc. They're available at Hallmark stores, for one. Not sure what other types of places, but generally where you'd find the Beanie Babies.
  22. Tiki-Coughlin drove me to retire

    Don't you guys get it? He's NOT a player anymore. He's never liked Coughlin, so it seems. What loyalty does he owe Coughlin anymore? Besides, in his new role as a broadcaster, his job is to give his opinion on things. Do I wish he was a little more humble about his own contributions, sure. But Tiki will always be a favorite of mine.
  23. The Ditzy Chicks

    This is up to 6 pages?? It's an awards show, was someone actually thinking it means anything but face time on TV for anyone in the industry?
  24. Wow just got in trouble big time

    Spaceballs, Jimmy! I bought that because my oldest wanted to see it. We watched the first few minutes and decided the innuendo was too much, nevermind the language. When Nick was around 4, he was getting to be too tall to fit in the front part of the grocery cart, but he still wanted to sit up there. I hoisted him up and he bumped his knee trying to squeeze in. "Goddammit, I hit my knee!" he said in his best stage voice. So stupidly, I said, "What did you say?" Naturally, he repeated it.