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  1. One and done for the Pats?

    You have to take into account that Hitman is very bitter about the Pats and adjust your read of his posts accordingly.
  2. Dillon gets the $$

    I'm sure they're concerned about it to some extent, but he didn't fumble any more than James, Alexander, Barber or Tomlinson to name a few.
  3. One and done for the Pats?

    While I'd love to see it happen, if for no other reason than to drive the Pats-haters crazy , the odds are against it. That plus the fact that they've been given to stretches of sloppy play this year. Eh? Who knows? Maybe this is the year that Peyton breaks the Pats' curse. If it could happen for the Sox, then maybe it could happen for him too. The AFC playoff games should be terrific this year. It's too bad the AFC winner will have to play an NFC team. :oldrazz:
  4. One and done for the Pats?

    Bill, what kind of drugs are you using this afternoon? Did you bring enough for everyone? Drew Bledsoe should have retired a couple years ago. He's bad. Really, really bad. And it pains me to say that because he gave a lot to the Pats over the years and he deserves better than what he ended up with. He's never been the same since that injury that nearly killed him. The emergence of McGahee gave him a brief period of revival, but truly he should have been put out to pasture. The fact that they'd have made the playoffs if they were an NFC team has less to do with the unrecognized greatness of the Bills and more to do with the overall suckiness of the NFC.
  5. Dillon gets the $$

    To be honest, the Pats played pretty crappy last Sunday. Had the game been in hand, I would bet that the starters would have been benched. As it is, they played 3 quarters. Dillon came back in late in the game when Rohan Davey came into the game. Just long enough for a couple hand offs and a TD. He put up the best numbers in Pats history. I say let him get his $$. And write him another contract with lots of incentives. The Pats have been nothing but happy with Dillon this season.
  6. Pete Carroll to the 49ers?

    IMO, he'd have to be insane or stupid to leave. He's got a great program, plenty of money and lots of success there. His Patriots experience should be enough to remind him why he moved to college coaching. He was terrible here. His stint in NE included Terry Glenn hiding in the closet, etc. Those were some dark times.
  7. One and done for the Pats?

    The Steelers do have something of that Cinderella magic about them this year. But seriously the "red hot" Bills...I think that was more a lousy team falling back to earth, don't you?
  8. Corey Dillon

    Squeegie don't -- please don't -- put me in a position where I have to side with UT by starting up with that silly Steelers homerism thing of yours again.
  9. Feel free to move this topic

    FYI: The Red Cross home page says that they've received $43.7million in donations as of Thursday.
  10. Feel free to move this topic

    We went through the Red Cross site online. Very quick and easy. Just a thought, for some of you who work at decent-sized companies: check to see if your company will match your donation.
  11. Sarge sig line - any ideas

    It must be something of Rudy Galindo-like greatness.
  12. In my leagues that score 1pt/10yds rushing or receiving and 6 for a rush/rec. TD, Tiki is the man this year.
  13. On a Serious Note

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure your dad was comforted by your presence at the end and that he will be with you always in spirit.
  14. Richard Seymour

    I just had local radio on in the car, and they said they were still awaiting news. So, nothing.
  15. MNF - Philly / Rams

    So surely this means that Levens will be RB1 tonight and rush like crazy all over the Rams, right? Please?
  16. Bonehead FFL move of the day...

    Benched Droughns, started Julius Jones.
  17. Dilfer is starting?

    I think it pretty much caught everyone by surprise. Of course, I'm out of the running in the league where I had him, so it didn't matter to me anyway.
  18. The ESPN Knuckleheads....

    I heard them misname players a few times, but then again, I'm sick and fell asleep by 10:30, so who knows what happened after that.
  19. Reggie White Passes Away

    His poor family. Any word on the cause?
  20. Onterrio Smith benched

    Free Mewelde Moore....please? Seriously, the Vikes were on a hot winning streak with him in the lineup.
  21. Breaking news at While this is good news for the Sox, I think it's true that the market for Varitek wasn't nearly what he hoped it would be.
  22. Who got ROBBED out of a Pro Bowl spot?

    I used to feel the same way about Harrison til he became a Patriot. He's that kind of guy. Seriously, I think he gets a bad rap on the cheap shots. He does hit very hard and I love him for it. (Yes, Squeege I love Hines too, but I'm not sure about the Pro Bowl for him this year. He plays WR like a linebacker but he's allowed Plexiglass to overshadow him this year and I'm not liking that so much)
  23. 30 - 44 FF league

    You know, I think I told my husband that I was going to cut down on the number of leagues I'm in next year...
  24. Under 30 FF League

    Another league I don't qualify for.
  25. Randy Johnson Deal Dead

    I love to see anything that makes Steinbrenner's day just a little more painful.