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  1. I was thinking the same thing. I just wonder how much better the reg's are REALLY. What if this was all a placebo effect and the real ref's are gonna stink up the joint as bad as the scabs did. Oh what mess that would be.


    The first few "What the Hell kind of call was that" and by next week were all here again screaming for the scabs back.


    Welcome back Refs.


    Lastly, I wonder how long it will take the players to adjust their games to the real rules. No more assaulting the DB and getting PI. No more head shot sacks, and no more shoving players to the ground in order to get your arm in on a catch to create simultaneous possession. No more mugging in the trenches. They had also do some extra conditioning because they won't get the extra 5 minute breaks to spot the ball. Oh and I almost forgot, the coaches will actually be limited to 3 time outs and won't be able to stall for more time while chewing out an official.


    There's always going to be mistakes. They're human. However, they are FAR better at managing the pace of the game, commanding respect from both players and coaches, and knowing what the fracking rules of the game are. The calls have significantly affected the outcomes of many games, not just the Green Bay debacle the other night.


    I still don't understand why those stupid owners, who claim to care so much about their brand and player safety, couldn't just agree to grandfather in the 100 refs who were covered by the pension plan and have anyone else covered by the 401k. It could have been so simple. sheesh.

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  2. The game plan should change, however, there is seriously something afoot with Welker as a member of the Pats. I don't know whether McDaniels doesn't like him, Belichick has cast him out or what, but it was abundantly clear that while the offense was more effective with him involved, they don't choose to involve him.


    Welker's role in the past essentially took the place of a running game, and they seem to have found something of a running game. That may also account for his diminished role.


    Edelman pretty well sucks. Don't expect much there, although they seem intent on forcing him onto the field.

  3. This will go down in history as one of the least likeable teams ever. Johnny Pesky's funeral was this week and only 4 active players could manage to show up even though it was an off day. They all showed up for that POS Josh Beckett's fundraiser that night though. What a disgusting bunch they are.

  4. I agree with the sentiments in this thread, that this is something completely stupid and unwarranted to fight against...


    That said, I worked for a year for a hunting/fishing show, and got to see the stark difference between the good country folks who live off the land, and this despicable practice of breeding animals to put them in a pen on a resort so some rich guys can reduce hunting to shopping and dick-swinging.... I watched for a couple hours as they went through to pick out the Elk they wanted to shoot, and then propped the gun up on the fence for the easy "trophy"... One of the guys also has the record for the biggest of some African species by taking part in the exact thing done here... Wow, what pride you must have to have the money to pick out the biggest trophy :rolleyes:


    Anyone who's actually hunted couldn't help but find it despicable, let alone how a greenhorn views it.


    However, I know better than to let my emotional feelings about this trump the fact that this is not actually any less humane than hunting to thin out the numbers and help ensure the survival of the rest. I just refuse to paint it as if that's even a concern to them. I won't condemn or be an activist against it, but that doesn't mean I don't find it despicable the way they literally reduce it to killing, not hunting. It's insulting to those who live off the land the right way...



    That's not's waiting. No sport there.

  5. No, not Marchand, he's been pretty useless...but I've seen Chimera pull all kinds of crap and just skate away from it.


    Bergeron may not make the next game with the elbow he took to the about targeting a guy's head who has a history of concussions.


    Dale Hunter the ultimate goon is coaching up his players, and somehow managing to win the war of public relations as well.