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  1. The Bruins shouldn't lose to the Caps, but anything could happen. The Bruins absolutely played their way out of the funk they were in in the second half of the season and have been rounding nicely into playoff form. McQuaid is still out after that dirty hit Chimera the last time they met, and I'm sure the Bruins will want to say a hearty hello to him when they meet.


    I'd like to see the Pens get bitchslapped like the whiney punks they are. Yeah, that's right you heard me. From Lemieux on down they can dish it out but they can't take it. There, I said it. They're a highly skilled team, they don't need to behave like that. Really, I'd like it best if neither of these teams could advance, but anyway, Go Flyers! :boxing:


    Though I'd love to see Ottawa prevail, I don't think that happens.


    Florida/NJ? I struggle to care, honestly. Florida played the Bruins tough this year. NJ plays the most boring hockey to watch.


    In the west, I'd love to see St. Louis win through to the finals.

  2. Gopher - 422

    Dirty Sanchez - 363


    Gopher got the Q, Z, J, and X and scored big on all of them. I couldn't fight back with my bad racks. This needs to be best 2 out of 3 next time to avoid losing rounds in games like this.

    Good game and good luck, Gopher.



    As the victim of 4 U tiles at once, I concur. :)

  3. Dirty Sanchez - 403

    Czarina - 341


    On to the Elite 8!


    You're a tough opponent. In my defense, I did get saddled with a rack of tiles that looked like a Hawaiian word (that featured 4 U's) but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I was playing from behind from the get go. Good luck!

  4. Czar and I started this morning and she is at work now. Waiting to finish her ass kicking of me. She is up 125 to 68 after dropping a 66 point 7 letter word :bash:


    We're almost done...Unfortunately, I can't play during work or I'd be able to move the game along more quickly. I'm readily available on weekends, though, so bring it on.

  5. LOL, from the Tom Brady nut hugger / Jets fan hater. Who takes a 2 hour lunch? Someone who works a chit retail job and had the day off. Us white trash work weekends. Feel superior now? You have a real job, me, I'm white trash. That'll make you sleep well tonight. That after all, IS the penchant of Pats fans. Kick em when they;re down, kick em all around. So revel baby, revel. I was up at 6, and working spring cleanup on the property from about 6:45. By noon, I was hungry and thirsty. I had a few brews.


    A red dot on yer forehead is sorta hard to ignore. Unless I got that wrong. Especially when the mouth under the red dot makes racist comments and curses you out for no good reason at all, but hey, I may not be open minded enough about this stuff as you MASS libs. I mean when someone who is from another country makes a derogatory skin based comment, it was very low of me to respond in kind. I should have bowed and thanked him. Groveled a bit perhaps. I suppose you would have just smiled.


    I still wish I had kicked his az.... and now, I might add a couple of others to the list! :brow:



    Dude, you need a hobby or something. Seriously.

  6. There was a paper trail showing how they not only ignored repeated warnings to stop but lied to the NFL about it. So now they're the example. You play with fire, sometimes you get burned. I'm not saying that other teams didn't have similar bounties going on, because I'm sure they do. But they've either stopped or have been smarter about it. Reminds me of the Pats and the videotaping. It was a pretty widely practiced thing and they were all told to stop. Whether everyone did or not and the Pats didn't, they got caught. :shrug:

  7. The thing I find interesting is that CHEETOs come in all colors and cultures and I don't think that this particular guy's behavior is necessarily characteristic of the fact that he's got a red dot on his forehead, but you seem to find it important enough to mention repeatedly in your anecdote. And drinking at lunch time (who takes 2 hour lunches??) then picking a fight? Sorry, but I think the reason the comment stung so much is that it's possible that there's a splinter of truth in it.

  8. I have to wonder how much weight he puts on his family here since the money should not be the only criteria or even the most important one. Playing in SF as opposed to TEN or DEN means a whole lot more taxes and a far higher cost of living so even if SF matched offers from TEN and DEN, it would really be no where near as much. Manning has twins and a wife so where would they be happiest. Going to TEN sounds like a career move that locks the family there for the forseeable future. Moving to SF could just be a 2 or 3 year thing and then Manning can go anywhere including back home to Louisiana for that matter.


    Have to think that at this juncture in his career he wants another ring and that should have SF in the front though. TEN is not likely to get there soon.


    The fascinating part of seeing where he goes is what he brings. Right now it is hard to argue that he wasn't a monumental difference maker given the Colts went from perennial contender to the worst team in the league in just one year without Manning.


    Manning gets to call the shots, the question is what he values the most - money, post-season career or super bowl ring now. His ties to Tennessee in college are big, but really he was there for four years of his life but grew up 18 years in Louisiana and lived in Indy for 14 years. The weather is going to be worse in DEN and Manning has been a dome QB all this time. Old guy really want to play in snow and in thin air? I thought the weather gave ARI an advantage but apparently not nearly enough.


    My guess now is SF. The money won't be quite as good, particularly with CA taxes, etc. but he gets his best shot at another ring for a decent weather team and plays for a team that has a great defense - something he has never had and that means he can win games without scoring 35 points. Moss, Crabtree and Davis are there which could be interesting at least potentially. He won't likely remain on as a part of the organization but he can go work for nearly any NFL team he wants after he retires.



    You have to admit that the reason the Colts absolutely fell apart without Manning is because they either couldn't afford to have a decent back up QB on the team given what they were paying Manning. Then there's the school of thought that has to do with that Manning family attitude. He'd never agree to exist in a situation in which there was an up and coming QB of the future waiting for his shot.

  9. Yeah, not to be indelicate but this really sucks ass.


    Is anyone else using Chrome and dealing with the double-quoting of posts? Really annoying. Also when I click on a URL it opens twice.


    I use Chrome and haven't had these problems. It must be you.;)

  10. While it would have been fantastic grist for the mill, I don't know why anyone ever really thought Peyton Manning would have wanted to come to NY anyhow. It's in no way, shape or form a fit for him. And it's bad for the Manning brand to have them both in one metro area.