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  1. My son came to me with this a couple days ago. It certainly has gotten the word out and Sheik, you know the Seal team idea is great, but given all the other tragedies around the world, a PR campaign is exactly what they need to move up the list of Issues To Deal With.

  2. While I did not know any of the details on it Gregg Williams D's have been accused of this before and that is now coming out. Favres comments on this being a pretty common practice I believe back up my statement that this is going on in other locker rooms as well. At very least it makes my comment less than a cheap and easy way out.


    Teams all over the league were videotaping in the same way the Patriots were, and yet when the Pats didn't stop after being told to, they had to pay a steep price. As well they should have, simply on the basis of arrogance. Another instance of exposing the ugly underside of the NFL, unfortunately.

  3. Things are in transition, DMD posted that the software is in the process of moving over 3 million posts. Once that's done the speed will return.


    I thought that was a Sunday's Wednesday now :wacko:

  4. Interesting local scuttlebut on Randy... Note that this is RUMOR. Stuff you hear on sports talk radio.


    What they have said:


    The people in the locker room loved him. The other receivers looked up to him and followed his lead.


    This was a big part of what eventually got him shipped out of Foxborough. His "buy in" to Belichick's mantras was not complete and deteriorated over time. As the players on the team got further and further away from what the coach wanted, he felt like he needed to shake things up. Part of that was getting rid of Randy, who was clearly being detrimental to the team in Bill belichick's eyes.


    My personal opinion is that Randy did not really recognize what was going on or did not care to change his attitude/conduct until after he got shipped to Minny and saw what a complete disaster that team was. Remember that he all but begged to come back to the Pats. he knew he had screwed things up.even if it was in very small adn subtle ways. The guy was a leader in the locker room and well respected by his team mates, but he was not leading in step with the coach.


    Who knows if he will come back. I would not hate to see it, but I hope that if it does happen that his buy-in goes to 100%. If that happens he could be a very dangerous player in the offensive mix they have currently.

    I never thought he was a lockerroom cancer in the traditional sense...more that his persona was so charismatic to the younger players that he tended to lead people astray as they followed his lead. As things deteriorated in New England, they had to tiptoe around him just to keep him from imploding. Million dollar talent and a ten cent head.

  5. I hear she was being heckled by Giants fans when she said it. Heat of the moment, after a tough, close loss. No big deal. If Brady dumps her, I offer myself to console her.

    This. She was being heckled getting into an elevator and some doofus from one of those tabloid shows got it on tape. It's not like she was giving an interview...and she's right.

  6. I hate the Thursday games. This just takes me farther from the game. I don't get NFL Network because the NFL caused their channel to get bumped into a higher tier with Comcast when they demanded more money for it. At least once a season I forget there's a game on Thursday and I miss getting lineups in. :wacko: