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  1. Some would say that Eli has dragged the Giants to the playoffs. They were the 27th ranked defense. Their secondary is in shambles. The WR corp has been injury-riddled. They don't have any great TE's, but here they are in the Super Bowl. Several of Peyton's teams were way better than this Giants team and never sniffed the Super Bowl.

    I think comparing this year's teams to teams of even just a few years ago has become apples vs. oranges. This league is SO pass happy and defense free that it just doesn't fit. When PM was lighting up the world, you still needed a D to win. Not so much anymore. It's arena ball now, relatively speaking.

  2. Saw it last night. Major plot flaws. No understanding of aviation. No understanding of wolf behavior. If you could suspend your incredulity on both matters it was then just a stupid movie. This should mark the end of Liam Neeson's career, not that his acting was that bad, just that he should have had the bad judgement to be associated with this project.

    I think the sequel to Taken will accomplish that.

  3. I'm a lifelong Pats fan and I'm having trouble seeing them win this game. Gronk is a beast, but that injury was NASTY looking. The Pats D has stepped up impressively in the last few weeks, but they're clearly not as good as past years. Brady has been a bit rocky because the team has leaned too hard on him being the savior week in and week out. We really made it to the Super Bowl because Harbaugh is a dumbass who didn't use his time out. Not much to bank on for confidence.


    The Giants have a much more balanced team. Aside from Eli Manning, I think it's a pretty likeable squad. I just can't stomach that Manning face and Manning attitude. Blech.

  4. First of all, on large campuses, the campus police hold jurisdiction to an act that was committed on campus. The State College police have already said that they wouldn't have been able to do anything, as they would have turned it over to the campus police force. Paterno passed on the information, which McQueary has admitted was limited and vague, he received to the person in charge of the campus police. He was told it would be taken care of. Months later, he questioned why nothing had taken place, and he was again told that it was being taken care of. Was that enough ? No, it wasn't, and Paterno has admitted that in hindsight he wished he had done more. However, those acting like he completely turned a blind eye and did nothing are wrong. Some are placing him in the same category as Sandusky, which is sad. He didn't handle it perfectly, but, I don't believe that he was part of some large cover-up, as that isn't his character.


    Every single player that has played for him, coaches that has coached with him, and those that have played / coached against him who have spoken up, have nothing but positive things to say. Hundreds of them are coming out now and speaking of how much they respect the man. I will take the opinions of those who knew him over my own and others, who are all assuming they know exactly what did or didn't happen (myself included).


    Like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but, saying good riddance and calling him an a-hole, when you have no idea of what exactly occurred is extremely classless.

    Just imagine how you would feel if it your son was put into harm's way by the inaction of someone else, no matter how great a guy he was in the rest of his life? Would it really matter to you how much money he donated to some stupid college then? Would it matter to you a bit how terrific a coach and a role model he was, if when the chips were down, he didn't take the one action that would have saved untold pain to a large number of young and impressionable boys? Paterno himeself said he regretted not doing more.

  5. Seemed like a good man who made one horrible decision. Not sure a-hole is appropriate for a man most of us didn't know, especially on the day he died.

    He did do a lot of good. But that "one" bad decision allowed quite a lot of bad to happen.

  6. "We hear this each year," said league spokesman Brian McCarthy. "The concept of playing the Super Bowl on a Sunday has worked well for 44 years and we don't anticipate moving away from this tradition. Fans expect to see the Super Bowl on a Sunday, the day on which 89.2 percent of NFL games are played."


    Could a Saturday Super Bowl be successful? As the NFL's former senior vice president of special events, Jim Steeg worked on 26 Super Bowls during his tenure and is now a well-respected sports consultant based in San Diego. "Most people for the Super Bowl come in Friday and go home Monday morning," Steeg said. "I remember seeing a study a couple of years ago that said the average length of a stay at a Super Bowl was 3.3 days. So people pay for four days and stay for three. If you switched it to a Saturday, that one less day could decrease revenue, which might not be good for the local community."


    "Remember, a lot of things take place Saturday night, like the Owners' party," added Rodney Barreto, the chairman of the South Florida Super Bowl Committee. Baretto has been the host chairman for two Super Bowls (2007 and 2010) and is currently leading the charge to bring the game back to South Florida in 2015. "Obviously, if it came down from the NFL that they were changing the Super Bowl from Sunday to Saturday, we would adjust," Barreto said. "From an organizers perspective, I like having the game on Sunday because most people show up to town on Friday."


    Read more:


    I think the bolded part pretty much sums it up.


    Fair enough, so how about starting the fricking game earlier in the day, then?

  7. I think Tebow is just a pawn of the religious right. He's a controversial figure as a football player anyhow. Because of his openness about his religion, whenever anyone criticizes him as a player, the religious nuts have had a stellar campaign of making it be about his religion rather than his football. Say something loud and often enough and it becomes true in the public mindset.

  8. Old, Old, news. And to the furry boots comment...he is a spokesman for Ugg Boots now. :wacko: The men's line isn't all furry looking, though, or so I'm told.


    I don't think Tom gives a crap what any of you think. He won't be able to hear you from here: Tom's New House

  9. I predict they release Scott. LT is an ass plain and simple. His local car and fake grass commercials sucked balls.

    I thouht LT was an ass when he played for San Diego, too. He's just an ass that does a lot of charity work. In this case, love the actions, hate the actor. :wacko:

  10. I watched the link at which suggested that several players were less than friendly to the media (hello, Bart Scott), that Santonio Holmes was escorted off the premises by NYJ staff and that there were some coaches "in tears." LT is apparently happy to speak with anyone who cares to ask him, but then he pretty much said he was likely to retire after the season.


    Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fellas. :wacko: