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  1. Late Season QB

    I'm thinking A. Brooks may have the best chance to play. Or is it Bolinger? I need help at QB and no starters avail in my league. I could use an alternative to Gradkowski for the rest of the season and possibly playoffs. Any suggestions?
  2. Late Season QB

    Good point. I feel you Bledsoe/Warner pain. Maybe I should've added Cambell to the poll? Any votes out there for Cambell?
  3. Jeremy Stevens

    He cost me my game this week when he dropped that TD from Seneca. He sucks knees in the nuts.
  4. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Tatum Boldin Tiki
  5. T.O. and Bledsoe

    1- My point is Philly can use just about anyone the way they used TO 2-You said "...before he got suspended." I clarified that he got himself kicked out of Philly. 3- Clearly he is not a top-5 anything right now 4- He's had, historically, the worst case of the dropsies of any receiver people would like to claim as a top 5 WR. Nice point-by-point rebuttal. I already told you I hate him. Now admit you love him.
  6. T.O. and Bledsoe

    You are clearly a TO apologist. He got himself kicked out of Philly. Philly has no trouble figuring out how to get the ball to Reggie Brown, Greg Lewis, Dante Stallworth and Hank Baskett - who are all looking pretty good over there right now. But when it was TO looking good, it was because he's TO and he loves him some him. The dude can't catch either. He dropped an easy TD two games ago. Hit him in both hands and both numbers too. He can blame it on the break, but he shoulda taken himself out of the game if he can't catch that ball. But he loves him some him. Anyhoo...
  7. T.O. and Bledsoe

    Like on a stationary bike? Or in the emergency room? Or at a press conference? Or getting sucked off by Michael Irvin? You gotta be kidding here, right? He's done everything BUTT play football this season. Hate him.
  8. Roy Williams Hurt

  9. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Rudi, TO, T. Jones
  10. GB homers: Driver update?

    I hear ya. I love when I make a lineup decision and can't get into the website. Five more minutes and I gotta call the commish!
  11. Driver may not make through the game? I've started him all year and haven't been dissappointed. Not sure what to do today. Any help? Thanks. And good luck today!
  12. GB homers: Driver update?

    How do you think this affects Jennings? Need to decide btwn Driver and Jennings. Last week, Furrey lit up the Rams, but that seemed to happen after Williams already started to dominate. I think Driver could be decent, but I have no idea what Jennings will do. Urgh.
  13. Westy or Portis?

    I'd go with Portis. He looked solid last week and has a lot of upside for sure thing. Good luck.
  14. Driver, Jennings, or Colston

    Roy Williams. My WRs: R. Williams D. Driver G. Jennings M. Colston Need one to go with Roy today.
  15. Can I bench RBrown?

    I'd go with Brown. I think Harrington may actually help his value.
  16. Match-up hell!

    I'm rolling wiht McGahee this week as a flex. Over options like Colston and T.Bell.
  17. Fantasy Advice Thread

    Need some help this week: RB: McGahee AT CHI or T. Bell vs. BAL WR: Driver vs STL, Jennings vs STL, or Colston vs. TB Thanks!
  18. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 5 Edition

    Need some help this week: RB: McGahee AT CHI or T. Bell vs. BAL WR: Driver vs STL, Jennings vs STL, or Colston vs. TB Thanks!
  19. Menudo's Quick Picks

    Need some help this week: RB: McGahee AT CHI or T. Bell vs. BAL WR: Driver vs STL. Jennings vs STL, or Colston vs. TB Thanks!
  20. Team with the most manlove

    Drew Bledthoe + Fairy Glenn = most manlove and that doesn't even consider who loves him some him and Tuna the lesbian-look-alike.
  21. What's The Value Of Card's WR's and Edge

    I think the system has the WRs going deep and on crossing routes a lot. This forces the QB to wait for them to make their breaks. No doubt, Warner has stunk at times. But he seems to be waiting for WRs to get to the spot and that's taking forever. The 3rd WR in this system gets a lot of looks, b/c he's usually on a shorter pattern, just like in STL and now in DET. If the QBs in these systems get time, it makes for great numbers for all, but that's a big if. If the QB get rattled easy or is too big of a Rosie O'Donnell to take a big shot while delivering the ball, then the sacks, ints and fumbles pile up. It remains to be seen if Leinart will have the nards to be patient and step into throws with a big ugly about to drive him into the turf. I'm no OC, but that's my $.02....
  22. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Julius, Holt, FWP
  23. Driver Questionable?

    After what Kitna, Williams, and Furrey did to the Rams last week, I have to think anyone/all will do well in GB this week. Why wouldn't they? Weather (not sure of the forcast) may be the only factor.
  24. Houston Texans select DE Mario Williams with first pick in the draft.