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  1. Trade Advice Needed

    Culpepper will finish up with more points ( I THINK) by the end of the year I think Farve is worse off than Culpepper and looks confused. I think Andre Johnson will get hot around the playoffs
  2. Arrington or Henry

    uhhhhhhhhh.. Henry will get you 4-5 pts.
  3. Trade advice

    Colbert has done nothing this season and Kevin Jones will get better as the year goes on. I like Corey Dillion, and its going to get cold up in NE.
  4. Ugly! Dilfer, Warner, or Leftwich.....

    Dilfer I think Indy is going to get ahead which is going to go with big upside with Dilfer
  5. I am taking a huge gamble. Here is the options R. Droughns or M. Moore I am going with Moore. ( GAMBLE OF THE WEEK) Here is where I need the most help. My wide recievers. We play 3 each week. 1. Owens I need to fill 2 and 3 Here is my options Antonio Bryant Bobby Engram Robert Furgerson Travis Taylor WHICH 2 have the most upside? Keep game and need advice I will respond to your post. Thanks
  6. Tiki vs. Ike Bruce

    Tiki will get the ball alot, but Chandler was eyeing Holt last week Tiki
  7. Seasons Greetings

    My team ended up in a tie last week 132-132. The other team had the better record so he got the win. Out of the playoffs I needed one more yard from Jason Whitten on MNF to beat him by one point. Im done with all this fantasy frustration. I will keep active and help give advice when I can. Have a great holidays and I will see you next year.
  8. RB WDIS

    Thats a tough call but I think Goings. NO has the worst defense, but Pitman might get the bonus points for rec. ITs a toin coss but I think Goings with the matchup
  9. I like Goings...... what do you guys think>?
  10. This guy does not run the ball. Period NO GROUND GAME He loves Bulger and he loves stats. I got Faulk and Bulger I think I am going to bench Faulk from now on
  11. Which defense...

    I would go with the Buffalo Unit. They have been playing well
  12. Nick Goings?

    Need help Bench Marshall Faulk for Nick Goings? PLease advise
  13. Ahman Green's Injury

  14. Favre or McNabb

  15. E.Smith, M. Faulk or N.Goings

    Thanks guys this question is for my 3rd back 1. McCaliister 2. Martin 3. Smith, Faulk or Goings