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  1. On-line Dating sites?

    It’s not about pinching pennies, it’s really about being comfortable. You can wear whatever you want for breakfast, and the date itself isn’t a big production. If it’s not a good match, it’s over in an hour. If it is a good match, then you plan the big production second date… “second” being the operative word. Meeting someone you only know about via their on-line persona is a risk, because if either person is painting a picture that isn’t quite accurate it’ll only be realized when you actually meet. Meeting for breakfast is actually more comfortable for the woman IMO, because it’s broad daylight. Seriously, if it’s a good match, you go do something and if you hit it off the second date will be much more comfortable.
  2. On-line Dating sites?

    This makes sense when you’re younger, but after 30 life situations complicate things immensely, and after 40 it’s much different scenario. A chance meeting would be the most comfortable, because you’re face-to-face. When kids are involved, there’s less free time to put yourself in situations to meet people. The whole concept of finding someone who lives near you that’s looking for a relationship is statistically improved by doing the on line thing, and it really doesn’t surprise me that KevinL met his wife on line when they went to the same church.
  3. I recently went through the same deal. Dryer went out, so I ponied up for the efficient front loaders. The only issue I’ve read about is the washers. When they spin, they tend to walk and vibrate like heck. From what I’ve read about these washers, connectors can shake loose over time. Other than that, they’re quiet and much more efficient. Also, I’ve found using less “HE” soap is better (I don’t fill it up to the line on a full load).
  4. On-line Dating sites?

    I am not a woman you bastage. They're all the same... just stay away from sheep. I love you too... you know... in a non-ghey mannish way .
  5. On-line Dating sites?

    They are worth every penny. Meet a woman in a bar and she could have a thousand things going on in her life. Divorced, separated, kids, wants kids, the options are many. Pick your list of search options and have at it... rejection isn't a variable. If you send a woman an e-mail and get no response... meh... she was prolly a biatch anyway. Spin the wheel, just make sure you play the game correctly. I'm not new to this, so here's a few tips: 1) "Athletic and toned" is a safe bet she's thin. "Slender" is fairly safe, and even "about average" can be safe (you'd be surprised how some women think they're about average when they're pretty hot, and how others are fat and think they're about average)... curvy = fat. "A few extra pounds" = really fat. Best to look at the pics she's posted and whether or not you can see the lower half. 2) Always set up a breakfast date for date #1. It's not threatening at all, it's cheap, and if it works then you pony up for the big show some other time. If it doesn't work you're out in under an hour, and if it works you have the rest of the day to go do stuff. 3) Don't lie about anything... you don't have to. 4) Send e-mails with depth. Don't be the generic nimrod that likes walks on the beach and cuddeling... be a man.... it's what they want. The more attractive a woman is, the more she needs confidence. 5) If you're normally sarcastic, be sarcasitc. If you have no sense of hughmor, get one... you'll need it. 6) Post recent pics of yourself. You are you after all, and if you're a poser it will fail you. Lastly, try many sites out... the investment is paltry when compared to getting strange... I mean... er, meeting "the one"... I actually mean that. If you want to find the one you'll represent it. If you want something else, represent that... she will too. It's a fun game sometimes, but you gotta like drama.
  6. Is this lying?

    Unsure what the big secret is, but whatever you told your friend, you did so because you chose sides. If town mogul finds out you narced him out, that's pretty much the worst case scenario. If your friend is smart, he'll keep whatever you told him under the hat and knows who his enemy is, and who has his back. It doesn’t matter if there was a lie told here, cause you did the right thing.
  7. Greatest American Rock Band

    I like it. Born to run was the second album I had growing up, so I've always been a Bruce fan. LZ III was the first... damn I wish I would have kept that album cover. LZ made some sort of deal with the record company where they could do whatever they wanted with the covers. I'm pretty sure Pearl Jam has the same deal, because a lot of their CD's are out of form factor. Back to the topic, I really can't believe Van Halen is leading this. Agree the guitar was "revolutionary", but the lyrics were idiotic. I'll change my mind again after reading this and give a tie to the Doors and Pearl Jam. No love for Neil Young? I really don't like the Crazy Horse twangy guitar, but Rust Never Sleeps is prolly in my top ten favorite CD's.
  8. Greatest American Rock Band

    And all the while I mistakely thought the topic of this thread was "Greatest American Rock Band".
  9. Greatest American Rock Band

    Hard to compare Springsteen to Van Halen… it would be easier to compare Springsteen to Dylan or Neil Young. I saw Bruce on the Tunnel of Love tour with great seats, and it was some of the most heartfelt music I’ve ever heard. But while he may be one of the greatest poets, prolly not the greatest rocker. Morrison has him hands down though he was kinda weird. CCR, while awesome, is more voice than band IMO. Again, hard to compare to Van Halen for in your face guitar. It would be easier to compare KISS to VH, but KISS was all show and very stupid lyrics. Alman Bros are the only "country" band aside from Skynard that I even listened to. The band is awesome, but neither can be compared to metal... too different. The right answer is Led Zeppelin IMO for the #1 spot, but since it's only an American band, I think I'd change my answer to the Doors. At the time they were very different, and the sugar coated "she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah" was mainstream, and then drugs came with the Doors and the Dead. There's a few good Dead songs, but not my cup O'tea.
  10. Greatest American Rock Band

    That little fa@@ot got his own jet airplane… the little fa@@ot is a millionaire. Kicked off the "I want my MTV" push... back when there were a grand total of 10 music videos and the whole concept was new.
  11. Greatest American Rock Band

    Do you believe mainstream R&R now has more punk or grunge influence? Bands like The Killers, Death Cab, Modest Mouse and the Long Winters seem to embrace the non-glam essence of grunge. I'm not into punk so I'm not sure of its place in today's mainstream.
  12. Greatest American Rock Band

    Not really. My point was that they made the music popular... not that it was already popular. Revolutionary music like Elvis and the Beatles have their own influences, but changing the music scene to something new doesn't happen often. The rock n roll transition from hair bands to grunge happened quickly, and the front runners in making that happen would be Nirvana and Pearl Jam IMO. There has to many bands that had some input, but Nevermind and 10 busted it all loose.
  13. Greatest American Rock Band

    I disagree. As the hair bands were churning out the same ol garbage, grunge was different and Nirvana and Pearl Jam made the music popular.
  14. Greatest American Rock Band

    As far as influencing music, Pearl Jam and Nirvana are tied, but Elvis was the friggin Man hands down.
  15. Michael Vick

    Saw a pic of one of the "winning" dogs on CNN.COM today... . I hope Vick gets what's coming to him.