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  1. Crabs/GSP Trade

  2. AWARDED - RFA21 - Jon Bostic WAS LB (GSP)

    no thank you .
  3. MATCHED - RFA21 - Robinson, Allen WR - Giant Sack Pack

    I'll match....but I am not smiling about it.
  4. trade - Giant/Longhorn

    Giant Sack Pack Year 2021 Draft Pick 2.11 Huntington Beach Longhorns $15 blind bidding dollar
  5. Trade: Fireflies/Giants

  6. Trade: GSP / Footlongs

  7. Trade - Giants/Huntington

    Huntington Beach Longhorns Year 2021 Draft Pick 2.11 $9 blind bidding dollars Giant Sack Pack Kupp, Cooper LAR WR
  8. Need FT Guy?

    Probably can’t keep all my #1’s and top RFA’s...any interest in these guys shoot me an offer (Giant Sack Pack): Allen “Mr” Robinson Deshaun “didn’t do it Sherlock” Watson Cooper “2 girls 1” Kupp Devante “Pappy” Parker Carlos “wazup”Dunlap Guy “what where my parents thinking when they named me Guy” Lawrence Marcus “March April” Maye But seriously....send offers....