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  1. Down go the Buckeyes !

    OK, now THAT one was a TD. -DD21
  2. Down go the Buckeyes !

    I don't think that was a TD, he spiked the ball down outside of the end zone. I rewound it about ten times and it looked very close at best, no one seemed to notice though. -DD21
  3. What a great scam!

    Vonage baby, 24.99, unlimited local AND long distance. Never had a problem, been with them for like three years. -DD21
  4. Who's the Worst player you ever drafted?

    ... for that extra note of irony, you should start Forsey the week we play, for that added sting, ya know. -DD21
  5. Who's the Worst player you ever drafted?

    I know tales of a guy who drafted...... Brock Forsey. I drafted Barry Sanders the year after he retired, my first year in FF. -DD21
  6. Dammit! My XBOX just bit it!

    What type of tv do you play on? Does anyone else play the system? What's your budget? -DD21
  7. Dammit! My XBOX just bit it!

    If you get a 360, they are making it backwards compatible with the XBox games, there are some titles that already work...... The List, so far....... -DD21
  8. may birthdays...

    5/26/1978 -DD21
  9. What's the worst movie....

    The only movie I ever walked out of is Jurassic Park II, the dinosaur got off the boat, I got up and left. I have never made it through the following DVDs...... Dragonfly Love Actually Just Married Boondock Saints Anchorman Meet the Feebles Boat Trip Thirteen Days .... and now to to unload some of these crappy DVDs I own. -DD21
  10. ROOKIE IDP Dynasty Consensus Rankings

    Vince Young. -DD21
  11. ROOKIE IDP Dynasty Consensus Rankings

    Vince Young. -DD21
  12. ROOKIE IDP Dynasty Consensus Rankings

    Vince Young. -DD21
  13. ROOKIE IDP Dynasty Consensus Rankings

    Lendale -DD21
  14. Virginia Tech pipeline to Atlanta

    Marcus Vick? -DD21
  15. 2006 NFL Draft Contest

    ----------------------------------- 1 DE, Williams, N.C. State 2 RB, Bush, USC 3 QB, Leinart, USC 4 OT, Ferguson, Virginia 5 LB, Hawk, Ohio State 6 DB, Huff, Texas 7 QB, Young, Texas 8 QB, Cutler, Vanderbilt 9 DT, Bunkley, Florida St. 10 TE, Davis, Maryland 11 DB, Williams, Virginia Tech 12 DT, Ngata, Oregon 13 OT, Justice, USC 14 C, Mangold, Ohio St. 15 WR, Jackson, Florida ----------------------------------- -DD21
  16. 2006 MH #6

  17. 2006 Tournament of Babes

    Johansson Shakira Alba Tweeden -DD21
  18. "Power" disposable razors...anyone use them here?

    Was given the power razor as a gift. I like it, it does make for a smoother shave. -DD21
  19. How gay are you?

    Dan is 30% gay. -DD21
  20. Vikings not going to match on Burleson

    I can't wait Minnesota will be coming to Seattle this year, hopefully this time SAlexander doesn't go all 'Al Bundy' on us and get 4 TDs in one half. -DD21
  21. Tournament of Babes Sweet 16

    Johansson Milano Shakira Beyonce Alba Hayek Sharapova Guerra -DD21
  22. '06 Prediction time......

    Galloway.... I read that last year he ran a lot of routes across the middle, and that this year the plan to do the same, so if that is the way they say it is, he'll be close tpo the same. Branch.... I avoid all Patriot WRs whenever I can, can't help ya here. -DD21
  23. Daunte Culpepper

    He will get drafted too early (a common theme, here). I wouldn't touch him until I had a full starting roster, and my backup RB/RBs, and maybe not even until I had a back up WR, depending on the number of starters required, and what I might be able to pull off the waiver wire. There will be many more reliable options for a backup qb. Let some one else draft him, and in Week 6 when that guy is 2-4 or so, trade for him on the cheap, and hope he's getting hot when you need him. -DD21
  24. Dynasty Rookie Draft Trade...

    give Curtis Martin and the 2.1 and 2.2 (picks 15 and 16 overall) for his 1.4. There is your winner. -DD21
  25. Tournament of Babes 2006

    Jolie Jameson Lohan Johansson Aniston Mendes Witherspoon McCarthy