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  1. 2006 Tournament of Babes

    Fergie Twain Shakira Ashanti Rimes Clarkson Lopez Keyes
  2. Tournament of Babes 2006

    Tweeden Gulbis Finch Sharapova Klum Vergara Guerra Hurley
  3. Tournament of Babes 2006

    Cuthbert Alba Reid Portman DiScalia Hatcher Longoria Theron
  4. arena league

    I've watched since it started when I was a kid, never truely followed it, but if it's on I watch. It can be pretty entertaining. -DD21
  5. If you could attend any sporting event.....

    The night race at Bristol. -DD21
  6. calling all Hawks homers

    I will be unable to fill that roll, am I to assume this is dead. -DD21
  7. calling all Hawks homers

    Well done, you can only hope. BTW - to be honest most the guys here I respect as Hawks fans, obviously excluding 37, it's the local yokals that really piss me off. The people who say they should be favored because they won more regular season games, or that Lofa Tatupu is the REAL NFL defensive Player of the year. When you know dammed good and well they never even heard of the guy until pregame for the NFC championship game. Oh well. GO STEELERS!!!! -DD21
  8. calling all Hawks homers

    Fraz or Sky, Any updates. I know it's been hard wading through all the BS the Hawks fans have been dropping around town, but I was wondering if there was any new news. -DD21 BTW - I have a re-found and greatly strengthed hatred for the Hawks after this week, man, if one more stranger says 'Go Hawks!!!' I'm gonna buy a Steelers jersey. When they go 2-3 to start next year, Hawks fans will be harder to find than Storm season ticket holders.
  9. calling all Hawks homers

    I hope not, I turned down a spot in another high caliber league, because I hoped this one would be a go. -DD21
  10. calling all Hawks homers

    I would realy like it live as well, possibly set a time limit, like we draft for eight hours live and finish online. The true excitement is in the earlier rounds. I only have one live draft a year, this one being a live deal, might be the only way I can justify taking on another league, :doah: as I promised to cut down to five this season. -DD21
  11. calling all Hawks homers

  12. calling all Hawks homers

    Maybe we do a live start, or break it up into two days. The yearly rookie draft being live, would be pretty cool as well. Just a few ideas. If we set a time limit, and ENFORCED it, we could move quickly through the first half of a draft, with 16 teams the rounds would go longer and give people more time between picks. I guess I just don't want a month long draft. -DD21
  13. calling all Hawks homers

    .... and I was all excited about getting new people for the league, or league news in the 10 or so new posts while I was at work, just SeaSuck updates, lame. -DD21
  14. calling all Hawks homers

    I'd be interested, we're talking live draft, right? -DD21
  15. Major Problem!

    You had three guys tie with the exact same total points? That's amazing. Good luck, try the Friday Night Lights coin flip, it works in the movies. -DD21
  16. Real Advise here

    Wipe front to back, or back to front? -DD21
  17. Who Will Stay Undeafeated the Longest?

    I almost voted for Kanasa City. -DD21
  18. Help T.O. Get His Money !

    level 3 here. -DD21
  19. Better football through economic analysis

    I like the overtime auction idea, the cut and choose would be sweet. -DD21
  20. Who else hates the Seahawks?

  21. Who else hates the Seahawks?

    I've hated them for years. -DD21
  22. NY Jets IDP Outlook

    Yeah Rovers you better be right on Celestin!!! I just took him in the 20th round (of a 32 team league ) as my DB4, I NEED him to pay off. You can't afford to not have production from the 648th pick. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. -DD21
  23. Huddle log out problems

    Isn't that the thing next to your user name on the top left? -DD21
  24. Let's see your league sites

    Dynasty Wars II -DD21
  25. Just joined the Huddle.....

    I saw a draft where someone STOLE Forsey in the 12th round of a draft. -DD21