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  1. Sounders game was the single best sporting experience of my life.


    Just saying; my wife had a great time and she doesn't understand or enjoy soccer.


    Some things out of town people have enjoyed are...

    EMP/SF museum

    Space Needle


    Seattle Aquarium


    Kinda depends on what you are into I guess.


    Also Huskies suck. :wacko:

  2. I think Holmes becomes the #1 target for the jets after the bye week, his first action as a Jet saw him getting about equal targets to the the two previously starting WRs. He's a better talent than either Cotchery or Edwards, and that'll shine through.


    Braylon - 11 targets (5/70)

    Cotchery - 10 Targets (5/46)

    Holmes - 9 targets (3/41)

    LT - 7 targets (5/13)

    Keller - 5 targets (2/14)


    Small sample size, but it's all we got. League sizes differ, but a guy getting about 10+ targets a game is usually startable IMO.

  3. I have to say FX is becoming one of my favorite networks...


    Sons of Anarchy, Sunny in Philadelphia, Rescue Me... honestly I watch more of their original programming than I miss, the only one I can think of that I don't watch is the one with Glen Close in it.


    Terriers will be Tivo'd for sure.

  4. Do you find out if they are identical twins when they are born or can they find that out early with the medical equipment they have now?


    I'm like Kid...I like Alexis, don't like Elianna too much.


    No way to know if they're identical before they're born. We've even been told it may take a while after they are born to be certain one way or the other, outside of running a DNA panel, and we won't be doing that, just wait and see. :wacko:

  5. ... but my lady and I are having twins, and we're working on names, and when we go to family the advice always seems, well tainted.


    Here's what we are thinking of going with right now...


    Alexis Jade Overton

    Elianna Reese Overton (el-E-ahna)


    If the phonetic spelling is askew I apologize, but want to give anyone who would like to respond an idea since it can evidently be read about 25-30 different ways LOL.


    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated, so I can put this issue to rest and get back to my draft prep.






    Edited to add last names.

  6. Brutal Legend is a fun game, very cool if someone is into Rock, great soundtrack. The game has lots of different elements (driving, RPG and brawler) and it pretty funny too. I actually beat the game just to find out how the story ended, that is pretty rare for me. I usually play guitar games, football games and racing games, which I find have a higher replay value and therefore personally are better bargains for me. I hate paying $60 for a game I play for a few hours and get bored of.


    I have Uncharted 2, but haven't opened it yet. It looks cool, but Brutal was too fun to put away.



  7. Ok, I got the game as a gift from my fiance, but I don't think my current pc will run it, due to the video card requirement...


    Recommended System Requirements:

    Operating System:

    Windows XP or Vista


    2.6+GHZ Intel or 2.4+GHZ AMD


    2 Gigabyte Ram

    Video Card:

    NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX or higher.

    ATI X1800 XL series or higher

    Hard Drive Space:

    12 Gigabytes

    Sound Card:

    DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card and drivers – 5.1 sound card recommended


    Line by line...


    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @2.4ghz

    5gb RAM

    INTEL G33/31 video card

    Almost 100gb of HDD space

    RealTek HD Audio?? I dunno, I've never heard of audio not working but I guess it has a minimum. I use a speaker mounted underneath my monitor


    I got the PC last summer (2008) from Dell, so it's not very old, if I need a video card are there any recommendations?


    I'd rather not return the game so as to avoid hurt feelings, and I because it looks pretty cool. :wacko:


    Thanks for any help. :D




    *Also if there is any info you need to provide a useful answer please let me know, I'll do my best to post it up here, I'm not too PC savvy so I don't know if there is anything else needed.

  8. Start...

    1 QB

    1-2 RB

    2-3 WR

    1-2 TE

    1 PK

    1 D


    I honestly wasn't looking for a rate my team, I knew all along there were no WRs on my team. I honestly thought Mason and Walter would be there long after they were picked, I spaced on BMarshall and would've taken him had I noticed he was still out there. QBs scoring 6pts per TD is kind of a big deal as this league also pays weekly high score, and one of those could win you back the $100 buy in, if the waiver wire has been active that week ($5 per transaction). Having a viable backup QB can keep you in the running for some pots. Winning 2-3 high scores can pay better than winning the Super Bowl, so high risk/ high reard picks ie, Reggie Bush can be more useful.


    Thanks for the comments though, and everyone who was at the draft knows I didn't think I outdrafted anyone by any stretch of the imagination. I wasn't fully comfprtable taking Brady, but he can score 40-50 points and that can get you some serious coin with even a mediocre surrounding cast. I'll probably need to do work to get better than 9th place WR production from my team, but I don't think anyone in my league doubts I can get something going at WR. :wacko:



  9. This league has a few scoring oddities...


    6pt Passing TDs

    15pts/ 100 yrds Rec for TEs

    D's score a bunch, with little disparity between the top 10, about 1ppg from 1-10 or so.

    .5 ppr for all positions

    Small bonus for carries, .1 points per carry


    Draft order resets every odd numbered round. I hated making most of the picks I made, but there was not WR I felt like taking so I didn't. :wacko:


    1.09 9. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Williams, DeAngelo CAR RBSun Aug 30 8:15:19 p.m. PT 2009

    2.04 16. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Brady, Tom NEP QBSun Aug 30 8:15:53 p.m. PT 2009

    3.08 32. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Witten, Jason DAL TESun Aug 30 8:17:21 p.m. PT 2009

    4.05 41. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Brown, Ronnie MIA RBSun Aug 30 8:18:32 p.m. PT 2009

    5.02 50. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Bush, Reggie NOS RBSun Aug 30 8:19:48 p.m. PT 2009

    6.11 71. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Moreno, Knowshon DEN RBSun Aug 30 8:23:28 p.m. PT 2009

    7.06 78. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBSun Aug 30 8:25:11 p.m. PT 2009

    8.07 91. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Jones, Thomas NYJ RBSun Aug 30 8:27:56 p.m. PT 2009

    9.05 101. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Bryant, Antonio TBB WRSun Aug 30 8:29:44 p.m. PT 2009

    10.08 116. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Henry, Chris CIN WRSun Aug 30 8:32:44 p.m. PT 2009

    11.09 129. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Chambers, Chris SDC WRSun Aug 30 8:41:10 p.m. PT 2009

    12.04 136. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Jenkins, Michael ATL WRSun Aug 30 8:45:18 p.m. PT 2009

    13.12 156. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Meachem, Robert NOS WRSun Aug 30 8:48:40 p.m. PT 2009

    14.01 157. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Crosby, Mason GBP PKSun Aug 30 8:48:48 p.m. PT 2009

    15.05 173. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Bennett, Earl CHI WRSun Aug 30 8:51:36 p.m. PT 2009

    16.08 188. Bonney Lake Blue Ballers Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB DefSun Aug 30 8:53:43 p.m. PT 2009




    Full Draft


    I've never waited like that for anything but PKs and Ds, and to be honestmy strategy coming in was to go WR/WR. Oh well.



  10. Yes, Rainn is extremely funny. Last week, I was traveling for business and in my hotel watching "Incredible Hulk" on HBO. Well, Rainn was watching it too, and he was typing funny comments throughout the movie. It was kind of cool. It was like sitting and watching the movie with a much funnier than me, famous guy, making comments. :wacko:


    Tried searching for rainn wilson and twitter basically came back with nothing? :D

  11. I'm on the PS3, and I really like the game. I will not buy Madden so this is my football game for the year. I play online some, not much, I seem to get paired with idiots too much. Either guys who must do nothing but play all day because they can score at will or guys who will throw four hail mary's and quit if they don't score on their opening drive, just kinda lame.


    I'd be open to an online dynasty, but honestly not 100% sure how it works, with the recruiting and everything else.


    I do enjoy the game, and created a pretty in depth team on teambuilder called Colbert Nation feel free to check it out, I tried to get all the correspondents in there, the two girls are even kickers. :wacko: