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  1. Best move on day 1

    I like the Brown's move, if they had selected Quinn at 1.03 no one would've scoffed at it, maybe some would've said they could've traded down, but oh well. So now they don't have an '08 first, which they would've probably spent on a QB if they hadn't gotten one here. If they had traded their 08 1st and the 2nd rounder for 1.04 and taken Quinn would it be veiwed differently? -DD21
  2. Xbox 360 Live (online play)

    I'm on sometimes. digitaldan21 is my gamertag -DD21
  3. Cheney's plane diverted

    Since when in da heII is Singapore between Australia and the US? Why refuel about 10% of the way to your destination? Not expecting a warm reception at about the mid way point of the US via Singapore route? -DD21
  4. Anyone else apprehensive

    I'm benching FWP for Rhodes this week. -DD21
  5. 4th Annual HuddleBowl

    Paypal sent. -DD21
  6. lost semi's to a tiebreaker

    You also might want to look for negative adjustments for the guys you were playing against. -DD21
  7. QUICK WR help

    Heap & Boldin
  8. All I need are votes, thanks

    Thanks, any more?
  9. Last Call...

    Jones-Drew @ Tenn
  10. Line up Help

  11. Betts, McAllister and Bush

    Betts, and Deuce, unless you get PPR, then go Bush.
  12. Is anyone starting Vince Young today?

    Go with Vince.
  13. Booker or Jennings

  14. WR help...WDIS?

  15. Need one more starter

  16. The Mount Rushmore of Fantasy Football

    Shannahan, who gave us the greatest player in FF history, Denver RB1. Al Davis, because I believe he invented football. Al Gore, because he invented the internet. WW/DMD, kinda of a two face thing from Batman would be cool, and we all know why. -DD21
  17. My Reebok Employee Discount – 40% off NFL Gear

    I can't read. Thanks. -DD21
  18. Cbuck VS Moats

    Yup the second one was all him. -DD21
  19. Cbuck VS Moats

    You're right, you can't blame CBuck for that one. -DD21
  20. Cbuck VS Moats

    Yeah, well you don't hear me touting Koren, I had to start him in DWII, thanks Westbrook, you couldn't limp yesterday? -DD21
  21. Cbuck VS Moats

    Something in me says "Keg's wrong.". -DD21
  22. New TV Season

    Here's a few I've liked.... Kidnapped Smith Heroes Studio 60 Shark I have a DVR, and by golly I use it!!! ...and I'm excited to see 'The Nine', actually gonna skip CSI:NY to see it. -DD21
  23. Down go the Buckeyes !

    The BCS isn't out yet, is it? Isn't it like after six or seven weeks? -DD21