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  1. Playoff Contest

    I would like to get in... thanks
  2. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    2010 or so .. Arian Foster in like the 7th round. $$$$$ . A season for the ages. Also Curtis Martin. Put up some stats.
  3. raider fans should be proud

    Not every team can win all the time like the Chiefs.
  4. Gas Grill

  5. fantasy NASCAR top 25 rankings

    I like Stewart #1 overall. JJ is going to find it very hard to repeat. I like Martin Truex to move up a little this season.
  6. Caption this photo

    No not naked.Must see movie if you like her. My caption. If J-Lo had a set like that I would of never dumped the bit-h.
  7. Caption this photo

    Jessica Biel looks good enough too eat.Did anybody watch her movie Summer Catch.
  8. Hypothetical ranking question

    Watch Micheal Turner.If he goes to another team.Turner would look good in the silver + black
  9. Books that will never be written...

    Just say no to Drugs. Nicole Ritchie How to beat the Saints. Bill Parcells
  10. Can you help me? Life Insurance

    Wow-Lots of great advice.Thanks to everybody.Still have a week to make a choice.
  11. Looking to get Life Insurance for me +wife.I have a good Insurance company in USAA.The lady I talked to sounded like A used car salesman.Could somebody explain the difference to me. Term life Insurance and what she called permanet Insurance. Thanks in advance.
  12. Irvin is Incredibly Stupid

    This comeing from Michael Cocaine Irvin.
  13. Clear the Air

    Why do you put up with him?
  14. Priest Holmes

    Priest would look good in silver@black.