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  1. Dude---Relax--It is just a game. I hope 2nd place pays something. So it was not a total loss. Now you take what you learned this year. And come back next year. And try to kick some ass. As far as a 10 team league. Your odds are better then once every 10 years. The cream always rises to the top. You should call the guy that won. Tell him great job. And try to bust his ass next year..........

  2. Sucks. Even if Ben goes. I have a feeling. Niners are going to be fired up. My choices are Fitz or Flaco. I think i'm going with Flaco. Yikes down 25 with him having Roddy . He has Brady too. Do not want 7 from Fitz again. I hate Fantasy Football. lol

  3. My Local and Money League. Does worst to first. For some reason everybody thinks this is fair. I'm sick of it. I say why should I get penalized for winning? It is always the guys who don't draft well that get the chance to grab the flavor of the week. I don't know what it will ever take to get it changed. The Commissionor always seems to be picking in the top three.

  4. Any Body rolling the dice with Mr Fitzgerald? My only other healthy rec is Robert Meachum. Can not afford to wait untill tomorrow. All this after shoveling 20 + inches of snow today. Yes its still snowing in MD. So will he play or not ya think? :wacko: