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  1. 10 Team League. Tonight is the last chance to pick up players. I'm 8-3 no thanks to my QB's. I have Jake Delhome,Jason Campbell and David Garrard.

    Have been starting Delhome. Can not top 100 yards against Detroit. Are you kidding me. Campbell and Garrard have not exactly been lighting it up either. Would you drop all three. I have a chance to get Matt Cassel, Tyler Thigpen and Shaun Hill. Would you keep any of the three or what. Our would you drop all three and take chances with new blood ?

  2. Yea due to injuries too D J Hackett and Roy Williams.Stuck with Smith or C Henry, looks very windy in Cincy.D Driver in Chi town winds in the 30 mph range for that game too. Also have D Patten against very good Eagle D.

  3. I too on draft day took Steve Smith and on the way back down Roy Williams. Me on draft day :D .

    Me now :D Also in my work. 10 team league .Freakin Donald Driver sat on the board untill the 7th round.Got him sure as s-it.I thought I had the steal of the century..Yea right the Green Bay Qb,whats his name .out of 40 pases looks at Driver what 3 times.