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  1. I have Holt, Driver and Booker, I have to play 2. Driver is in, I think. Yardage and TD's count. I would hate to sit Holt, but Booker has been so hot.
  2. Romo or Kitna this week, yardage = TD's count ..
  3. Defensive scoring options, help..

    Come on people, What kind of stats do you use for your ST's/defense's? Anybody?
  4. I'm looking to spice up our Defensive scoring for next season. Right now we use TD's for Defense and ST's, Turnovers are 2 pt's each, sacks are 1 pt. blocked FG' and Punt are 1 pt. Yardage is Under 70 rushing 3 pt's, under 150 passing 3 pt's and under 220 total yards 3 pt's. 20 points for a shutout and 4 pts for holding a team without a TD. People get are getting sick of teams giving up 10 pts and getting single digits for the week, while teams that give up 27 pts, get big numbers for the week. Any options?
  5. Jones or Taylor?

  6. Hugh, I need 2 out of the 4 WR's. WR: Torry Holt Roy Williams Andre Johnson Chris Chambers Scoring: We use 1 pt every 10 yards Rec. and 6 pt's for TD's. Thanks..
  7. Guys, It's playoff time and I need some help. I Need 2 out of these 4 WR's. Roy Williams, Andre Johnson, Chris Chambers and Torry Holt. Holt I always start, but I may be wrong this week. Please help me out.