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  1. Taxi squad Vote #2 - Vote passed 28-11

    Here we go. The next 4 will decide what kind of league we want to be.
  2. Trade - Thunderballs / Sir Hugo - Processed

  3. Taxi squad Vote #2 - Vote passed 28-11

    One last thought. If we continue to make things easier in the world. What makes us want to work for it. I take pride in this league and would rather make it more challenging then less.
  4. Taxi squad Vote #2 - Vote passed 28-11

    I would probably benefit the most from this change. I want to earn my value by doing the research and putting in the time like a real franchise. In my opinion. When the NFL changes to a 54 man roster, then thats when we should adapt.
  5. Taxi squad Vote - Passed 25-2

    Just to clarify on the actually voting numbers. I agreed with the change in chat but never officially voted. I did officially vote no today in the taxi squad vote
  6. Taxi squad Vote - Passed 25-2

    Now that I’ve had a real chance to break it down. I’ve change my mind. I vote no. That’s what makes this league great and competitive. It’s about real live moves, cap management, player development , scouting and thinking 3 years ahead to win or lose. I know my voice is weak after not participating last year, but that’s what makes this league challenging to bring out the best. Peace to all and I’m good with whatever we all agree on cheers family
  7. Trade - Thunderballs / Sir Hugo - Processed

  8. Taxi squads

  9. I will take Honey Ryders offers: 2.13 2022 1st
  10. Trade: SHHH / Oddjob - Processed

  11. Tag Adam Thielen MIN WR
  12. 2021 Season Paid Status

    Payment Receipt for transaction #0L41013WBqI Your e-check receipt number is: BeskY40g Transaction type: e-check deposit Transaction Number: 0L41013WBqI Your e-check transaction is pending for 3-4 business days. Once it clears the bank you will receive an e-mail notification and the payment will be applied to the league's balance. James Stoner: $55.00 Total Payment: $55.00 Transaction date: 4/1/2021 Transaction performed by: Euchrestar10