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    detroit, well actually cow country near d-town
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    the lions winning a damn playoff game and we'll go from there.
  1. Who's the Worst player you ever drafted?

    Last year bye RD 1st - Peyton not worth 3rd overall pick but in a 2 qb set so went for it 2nd - K Jones 3rd - Jamal Lewis 4th - J Walker 5th = N Burlesson Ended up being 2 worst team in league Worst pick ever was Moss 1st year had the last pick overall and went with some rookie from SD due to reading all about how he was going to be the #2 WR and Moss #3. Can't even rember the dudes name
  2. Colts

    If the colts hit 15-0 they might think about it, but what's moRE IMPORTANT 16-0 OR the Superbowl win? I'd say the superbowl and can you imagine the peeved colts fans if Peyton or Dwight break a leg in game 16. They'll sit all their stars in the last weeks
  3. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    portis, Marvin, SA
  4. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    jones, smith, mcgahee
  5. League controversy!

    Bad rule, in this case put to a league vote. I mean what 2 years ago you have Dillon in your line-up go to the in-laws for dinner find out he was in a minor fender bender on the way to the game and Rudi got his first start and now you get hosed twice? Dumb rule
  6. Az - Hakim

    Same type of scoring, my boy for the last two weeks Wes Welker-last week 297yrds, this week 258yrds now if could only get me TD once in a while.
  7. Gates?

    he caught a TD
  8. From the CrockPot -Week 7

    That why I use NY strip in my chili, um um good
  9. KC-MIA

    chambers 77 yrd TD
  10. 1st/2nd round RB dissapointments

    KJ with cory back , it'll be like the end of 04'
  11. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    edge, witteh, fitz
  12. Joey Harrington

    I disagree if given a location that had an older bonafid starter w/o a WCO I think in a couple years he could preform well. I still think the Detriot situation caused him to get the mental blocks that he has now, take away the bad stituation I believe he'll do allright. JMHO
  13. Why does every one think the Boy's

    PD just to let you paying for each others membershios easier said than done, I ask DMD last year how to do it because I owed Bonehand on a bet. His answer due to outside sources running the site the only way it could be done is if the money is sent to the winner for him/her to sign up themselves. I know members prefer not to give out home addresses so this can lead to problems. Just telling you what I was told last year.
  14. Joey Harrington

    I disagree I knew this co-ed when I was in high school working at Excalibur in Vegas, but thats another story