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  1. Holt's Performance here on out

    I agree Holt should be fine maybe 5-10% decrease but Old Man 9 Toes and Go Whitety Go, will have a big dropoff IMO
  2. Worst draft ever!

    0-6 Manning and Warner Jamal and K Jones and S Jax Walker and Burleson and Bruce McMicheal and LJ Smith couple of kickers Bills Nice draft huh, people on the forum even made remarks about nice 6 team league. (its a 10)
  3. I See Bulgers Value Dropping...

    Yes, but I see S jax rising and Manning might have to throw the darn ball this game to win.
  4. ***PRIORITY NEWS****

    Hey even with a home page feature everyone could still chime in on the forum. If not I'd love some full recipes to try some out. Thanks Tjoli
  5. ***PRIORITY NEWS****

    Hey I think DMD should put it on the home page as long as you include a full recipe
  6. Is this the most brutal year ever for FF?

    First year that I'm in a new league that requires 2 QBs , so due to "excellent" advice I take Manning at #3, since Qb value is even higher. Than I get Jamal and K Jones with 2nd and 3rd pick, I'm thinking huh its a 10 team league how did I get so lucky. Than Walker and Burleson fall to me at 4 and 5, S Jax at 6 and Bruce at 7. Than to top it off I pull Bills at 8 , McMichael and LJ Smith at 9 and 10, Warner whom I thought was going to put up McCown numbers at 11, than a couple kickers with next 2 picks. I'm thinking holy Sheet this is my best team I've ever drafted, what to buy with my winnings. Now I'm 0 and 5 and pissed at the world, go figure.
  7. At this point I need Peyton, SJax, Curtis and Wilkins to outscore Edge by 39, Here's to Dreaming, 0-6 here I come. This will only be the 2nd year that I'll miss the playoffs in the last 10 yrs . 2005 the year of the sucks.
  8. gamecenter

    Who else is sick of the commercials on the gamecenter getting as bad as
  9. Does USC have a shot against the Texans?

    I've seen the Texans play and only one question really , what line play? that is if we're talking O-line
  10. Does USC have a shot against the Texans?

    Now the Texans vs Texas would be interesting
  11. NFL needs a toilet bowl

    oops forgot about the 9ers
  12. Did the forum set up change or is it my system, I no longer have the active members present section on the bottom of my forum screen
  13. Wheres the Who here section on the bottom

    Maybe everyone but me is out on the Vikings love boat
  14. gamecenter

    or that creepy burger king King
  15. huh is wrong with Jamal Lewis?!

    Sorry my fault he sucks because I took him this year. Uh that doesn't sound right, I mean I picked him for my Fantasy team. Oh shoot, that sound wrong to , oh just forget it
  16. Wes Welker

    My league player get points for kick and punt returns on top of receiving, My man Wes 130 kr, 70 pr, and 97 r yrds. If I finally win a week it will be due to him. BTW FU Jamal,Kjones, RMcMicheal , Wes is the new team MVP
  17. Wes Welker

    Yeah I know Randy and LJ Smith are my only 2 players worth a Sh.t this year and Im 0-5 needed Randy to perform this week for me.
  18. Wes Welker

    Yeah last pass of the game went to him imcomplete (per gamecenter, didnt see the play)
  19. With the 1st pick in the 2005 draft

    I wonder what pick he had. "With the first pick overall I take ME" , #2 pick is loving LT all the way to the bank.
  20. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare

    Pick 1 RB: J. Lewis Pick 1 WR: Jurevicious, Pick 1 Mon/Sun Nite RB: S. Jackson
  21. Alex Smith sucks...

    How about being both in my money league
  22. Lloyd owners

    Well I was pretty wrong on that one, did he even play?
  23. Lloyd owners

    I'm starting him this week mostly due to my WRs being Walker, Burlesson, and Bruce, but I think he'll have a good week. I'm not sold yet on IND secondary and if you watched to SF/ARZ game after Smith yet in he had 10 passes 1 was thrown out intenionally and 2 went to RB so 70% were to WRs. Of those 7 , 4 went to Llyod so Smith knows he's thier best WR and with that DEF, SFan will be playing catch up all day. So I'm predicting Smith to try 35-40 passes with 14-16 going to Lloyd. He catching 10-12 of those for 100 yrds and one TD.
  24. Saban on Ricky

    DAVIE, Fla. -- Miami coach Nick Saban has no clue how Ricky Williams will perform in his return to the Dolphins. Williams comes back next week from a four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy. Saban doesn't have a real sense of how the former rushing champion will perform. Saban detailed a typical conversation with the enigmatic running back Thursday, saying he usually gets short, to-the-point answers and nothing else. "Every time I ask him how he's doing, he says, 'Good,'" Saban said. "And I say, 'What's up, dog?' And he says nothing. I say 'OK, how are you doing?' or "Do you feel good?"' The typical response: "Yeah, I feel good." Saban's next question: "I saw you running in the rain yesterday. How did you like that?" Williams' reply: "It was OK." Saban listed a couple other questions, which apparently got the same sort of tough-to-read answers. "What judgment I am supposed to make out of that? I have no idea," Saban said. "Now when he gets back on the field next week, we will be able to see where he is and take it from where it is. We mapped out a schedule for him and he has done everything that we've asked him to do on that schedule every day in every way." Only point of interest here, did Saban really say What up Dog? and if so Ricky must think he smoken it up, too
  25. Unethical?

    I'll go out on a limb here, if it all of the players involved than its BS, but only one maybe not collusion. Ill explain and yes been part of in the past, both of us where high in the standings, I needed a new RB, he a QB (both due to injuries). I offered Green for Portis (this was in DEN days) he declined I countered with Green and Gonzo(only for 1 week he had bye week problems) for Portis and it went through. We both won that weeks games got Gonzo back and ended up beatting him in the playoffs. Funny part was this was on a league no money just for fun, didn't know him from Adam so the dummy could have kept Gonzo and there would have been nothing I could have done about it. BTW I lost in the SB so neither of us won long term.